Chrissy Teigen Went After Donald Trump On Twitter

Even though calling Donald Trump a twat on Twitter is about as meaningless a victory as finding the Planned Parenthood shooter’s GOP voter registration (Suck it, Fish, this is my post.), Chrissy Teigen couldn’t be more proud of herself for goading a retweet out of the self-tanned king of Moron America. I’m not going to bother embedding the tweets, you can go back and click that link if you want to see them, but here’s what basically happened:

Donald Trump: I’m having a secret meeting with black people.
Chrissy: You’re a twat for telling everyone.
Trump Supporter: Trump wife pretty. You no nice pretty not face. Bad mouth words. *returns to cartoons*
Chrissy: Yay! I won!

So, in conclusion, arguing about anything on Twitter or any other social media is a giant waste of time unless it somehow leads you here, to these semi-relevant topless photos, which we somehow turn into food and pajama pants. Good talk.

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Photo: Fame/Flynet