So You Shamed Chrissy Teigen For Getting IVF. What’s Next For You?

If you follow Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter, you know she doesn’t need any help defending herself. And if you’ve ever read a comment section here on any one of our posts that feature her, you know that for some reason she gets an inordinate amount of hate from unfuckable keyboard raiders who are terrified when a gorgeous woman has opinions, because that makes one million and two reasons why she’ll never touch their dick. But the hate doesn’t stop in our comments. She’s constantly barraged by dummies on Twitter, too. In fact, here is the exchange between Chrissy and a human ass pimple who had the balls to shame Chrissy for getting pregnant via IVF:

That would be self-professed troll and schoolteacher (goddammit) Linda Wampler, whose bio currently reads, “Three successful careers past. Enjoying Prez Trump and new beginnings! Love annoying obnoxious celebs with MY amendment rights granted by our Constitution!” She’s also from Florida which means she bought the Deluxe Fox News Identity Starter Kit. And since Chrissy’s already effectively shut down her awful intrusion into a complete stranger’s struggle with fertility, let’s comb through her Twitter feed to see what other predictable trash she’s horfed up.

Refugees = infidels, huh? I can almost see you reading that out of an Ann Coulter book. Also, you love your “amendment rights” but want people who say things you don’t like to shut up?

Big football fan. Would not have guessed that one.

And, oh shit, look at this, it’s Big Lindy Wamps calling out reverse racism before it was cool! A classic from 2009! Enjoy the several seconds of fame you get from having the entire internet call you a disgusting animal. You deserve it.

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Photo: Getty, LOVE Magazine