Chrissy Teigen is Everything That’s Right About The Internet

As far as the site goes, I haven’t paid much attention to Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Tiegen which is a crime because she’s a hot chick who’s somehow so naturally funny I’ve contemplated wearing blackface and learning the piano. (That was a warning shot, John Legend, and yes, I realize you’re more of soft, beautiful caramel.) Fortunately, I’ve been watching from afar which I’ve always felt is the greatest compliment you can give a woman. Tell me there isn’t something chivalrous about silently watching someone 24/7 and then leaving a dead bird on their doorstep. “Blake Lively loved it!” I wrote in my diary June 15, 2011. Anyway, here’s Chrissy posing for who has a ton more pics if you’re into looking at attractive women cooking without pants on. I’m probably taking a gamble here.

Photos: Esquire/