Chrissy Teigen & Brooklyn Decker Are Your Most Important People On The Internet

Thanks to having only four The Crap We Missed this week, and God smiting Pennsylvania for its wickedness (sorry) with a flood yesterday, The Most Important People on The Internet will return next week. And don’t worry, it’ll have all the gems from this past week, so you’re assholery wasn’t for naught. But to make it up to you, below is Chrissy Teigen and Brooklyn Decker demonstrating the Vagina Raspberry because we live in a bold, new era of social media that other species from across the galaxy should really want to get in on. And on the complete opposite end of that spectrum, here’s me fielding questions on Tumblr like I used to with Formspring before those meddling kids ruined it with their stupid mutt:

Shove Your Questions In Me – Tumblr

- The Superficial

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