Chrisopher Walken for President website a hoax

cwalken_pres.jpgI guess it was too good to be true. According to Christopher Walken’s publicist, the site announcing that he’ll be seeking the U.S. presidency in 2008 is a hoax. His rep told Entertainment Tonight on Monday that the site is “100% not true,” adding “[It] sounds like someone got a little too excited over his role as secretary of the Treasury in ‘The Wedding Crashers’ and now they want to make him president.”

Saying I’m disappointed wouldn’t be fair to my emotions. A more appropriate description would be to say that I’m so furious with rage that I murdered a Starbucks employee when he couldn’t tell me who was responsible for the hoax and refused to bribe Christopher Walken into actually running for the Presidency. Plus, he totally screwed up my caramel macchiato and that’s not okay.