Chris Brown’s stepfather denies hitting his mother

February 12th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Chris Brown’s stepfather Donnelle Hawkins denies he ever hit his wife Joyce Brown Hawkins despite Chris’s claims to the contrary. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Donelle says he doesn’t want to be a scapegoat for his step-son’s actions:

“I never once raised my hand to his mother,” Donnelle says. “It just never happened.”
“I believe that Chris is making these allegations because it is a way of not accepting responsibility of his own actions. Somebody has to be at fault, the scapegoat, and who else but me?” says Donnelle. “He blames me for taking his mom away from his dad, even though it didn’t happen like that. Whatever issues he has, whether he thinks they come from me or not, he needs to get help for, get counseling.”

Okay, sure, that sounds plausible. Except for one small detail:

Donnelle, who is blind after accidentally shooting himself in the eye during an argument with Joyce Brown Hawkins, says Chris is blaming the wrong person.

So, let me see if I got this straight: You didn’t beat Chris Brown’s mother, you just argued with her. While holding a gun. Wow. Somebody should name a church after this guy because, clearly, there’s been a terrible misunderstanding. There was no abuse, just armed weapons. Are you embarrassed? I’m embarrassed.

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  1. Never heard of this Chris Brown clown till he beat Rihanna’s ass. Just another lame R&B fake ass rapper wannabe. Now the dude’s playing the “deny everything” game, deflecting blame on others and refusing to take responsibility for his villainous self.

    They should cut off Chris Brown’s hands. Doesn’t matter if his stepdad beat his mom’s ass he’s dirt who should have his hands severed, like all wife beaters. Do that and domestic violence will cease, fixing a major problem in America. No need for thank yous, kids, just trying to help solve the world’s problems.

    PS: Da Man has a steak knife dripping gravy Chris Brown it’s time to step up to this!

  2. Lori #22 your excuse sounds like that of a battered woman who is codependent on a wife beater and willingly absorbs multiple ass whuppings. Such news should not be kept in secret. Domestic violence should be widely reported, the perpetrators outed, their hands chopped off and faces punched in with their own severed hands.

    PS: Ewww there’s a herpes sore on Rihanna’s lip she is not hot!

  3. vann

    an allegedly real video about rihanna before the incident

  4. lawrence

    I learned this news in another place. A hot debate heats up at Let us check what pinions other celebrities and wealthy guys’ opinions are about this story.

  5. Black Dragon

    Whitey sure love gettin in a man’s business. This is a matter between a man and a woman you don’t know what she did to upset him. Jealous to see a young black man make it so young? Eat your hearts out! Go get a life. Leave our young men alone your’s have enough problems.

  6. Danielle

    actually urs have more probs!!

  7. scabbeus

    They should get back together!

    This is going to make great entertainment. Can you see it: she goes back to him, gets knocked up, gets slapped around some more, leaves, goes back, he punches her in the stomach at 8.5 months, she delivers a Nadya Suleman type child, he apologizes, she goes back, he beats her because his dinner is not ready, he apologizes, Sharpton supports them, she goes back, another beating, when finally she burns down their trailer with him in it.

    Moral of the story: girls, is a man beats you – leave and never go back. Regardless of how many shitheads excuse the criminal, cowardly behavior.

  8. Massa'

    The ape class does not have the ability to control their emotions. This is what seperates them from humans. They act mainly on instinct. The negro ape is a scavenger, which means it takes what it needs to survive from others that worked for it. This can be seen in most ecosystems, as there are always scavengers, such as hyena’s, remora’s, etc…..and in urban settings, the negro ape steals, pillages, rapes, murders, etc… from the white man, and in recent years, guilty white liberals have simply started giving the apes what they need to survive, all while the ape systematically decemated and destroyed every urban inner-city in the country. The country is being over run by these apes, and their ability to spontaneously reproduce has them growing in even more alarming numbers. It seems that AIDS and the Sickle Cell are not doing the job they were designed for, so something else has to be done to stop this plague on humanity…..

  9. ohcry

    Hey, Black Dragon, how about instead of complaining about white people airing your “dirty laundry”, why not quit making so much dirty laundry to begin with?!

  10. Well I guess NOW is gonna have to rescind its Man of the Year award to Chris Brown…

  11. This is the end result of liberalism and PC. George Bush was a liberal in sheeps clothing and now Barry the magic negro will finish us off and turn us into the Socialist States of America.

  12. Jrz

    The dude’s name is Donnelle?

  13. #61 – I didn’t here the right wing nuts saying a thing about W when he was misunderstimating the economy except “well he kept us safe…” Just not from our own greed, I suppose…

  14. Hmmm

    Wats that on her lip…gross

  15. Damn – I was with him until that last “gun-wielding” bit — but nonetheless — Chris needs to take responsibility for his own life and actions — not seek sympathy for problems in his youth. He beat on his girlfriend. He choked her. Allegedly. He did these things – not his dad.

  16. RichPort, That is about the only thing GWB did right. He did nothing to secure the borders and let every illegal in that wanted to come, put our Border Patrol agents in jail for doing their job, didn’t say a peep when Barny Frank started the whole home loan debacle (which pretty much put us on this road) and abandoned the free market economy which has worked pretty well for the past 200 years.

    The Government is never the answer to anything. There is not one Gov agancy that runs efficantly.

  17. I’d dispute putting the onus on Barney Frank rather than financial institutions that saw fit to leverage at 30 to 1 and create untested and unregulated financial tools for short term wealth despite internal memos stating the extreme risk likely, but I will certainly agree that the argument can be made convincingly in either direction. That said, you forgot to mention the treasure trove of material W gave to comedians. Where were you conservatives when Bush was tripling the deficit?

  18. Apes in the White House

    This whole economic downturn is the result of pc liberals who forced banks to give high risk mortgages to minorities who had no ability to pay. The left decided home ownership was a “right” instead of something you have to work and save for. Not only that, the minorities were too stupid to take fixed mortgages and took 3-year ARM’s and then got forclosed on when they couldn’t pay off the higher interest. That and they spend all their money on Fast & Furious Cars and gangsta clothes anyway.

  19. #68 – Great regurgitation. Rush would be proud. Reality Check: most ARMs went to caucasians. And wasn’t it YOUR boy W who pushed the “ownership society”. I swear you clowns can’t get your heroes’ lies straight. At least TKT has a point to make… But thanks for playing.

  20. realtor

    #68 has pretty much got it right. I’ve been a realtor for the past 10 years and have seen buyers get loans with no money down and, with increasing frequency, not even cash for their closing costs. Some even got loans in excess of all costs – and walked away from the table with a check! And once this bandwagon got rolling it wasn’t just limited to minorities. Well now all the chickens have come home to roost.

  21. gangsta

    Is that Will Smith rapping his hand around Chris Brown?

    I didnt know they were dating.

  22. Obummer


    Wrong! It was actually a plan implemented by consumate failure Jimmy Carter back in the 70′s, and then regurgitated by the Clinton’s in the 90′s. Bush had nothing to do with it. It’s the “entitlement” mentality that pc libs have brainwashed all you Obomites with that led to this fiasco. Although I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at least the Clinton’s made a modest effort to conceal their corrupt dealings, this Monkey in the White House now is definately transparent, everyone he appoints is a criminal, and every move he makes is dripping with corrupt Chicago political scandal….

  23. yup

    @13 Made me laugh..

  24. bootlips

    The world laughs at coons.

  25. Mike Hawk

    The reason he hit her is because she’s a Nagger. His mom was a Nagger too, makes perfect sense. Nobody likes Naggers.

  26. LMAO

    lol @ all the racist white internet warriors.

    Mannnnnn… you insecure losers sound like a bunch of black guys jilted your spineless homo asses

  27. ted

    I don’t think criticizing and laughing at typical negro behavior is racist. We laugh to compensate for our frustration of having to deal with their inability to function like human beings.

  28. Beastman AIDS

    I have AIDS

  29. @77

    Really it doesn’t seem like a race issue, Just seems like Men like you in general black or white can be a bunch of pigs. I think its a Men issue. Ignorant male ego causing hate and discontent. Evolve or DIE…Please

  30. lori

    WHATEVER,” Da woman” who do you think you are? D

  31. lori

    WHATEVER, Dr Phil. “Da woman” sounds like a narcassistic serial killing FREAK! Good philosophy solving ALLEGED violence with violence. Yeah you sound stable lol. Maybe you should get off the internet and take some lithium.

  32. petahater

    Go CHRIS BROWN! I’m not even a fan of his.
    I think Gay Z and Kuntye West are paying people to believed that Chris Brown beat Rihanna so her herpes infested lip can pass as a “my boyfriend punched me in da face lol”

    On a more serious note, I love how Rihanna is looked at as the martyr. I bet the cunt hit him too but it didn’t matter because she’s a woman and gives women a bad name, making us feel like the “weaker sex”. Women can defend themselves. RAWR CAVEMAN strength isn’t the only kind of strength there is. Those women who beaten up, allow it to happen like dumb bitches. Sorry but sympathy is something I find insulting to give to someone and wouldn’t give it to this cunt.

  33. Wombatish

    They look kind of trashy in that photo.

    And by kind of, I mean pretty damn.

  34. bbboy

    A man posted a story about her at ^^^m i l l i o n a i r e l o v e s. c o m^^^forum, he said he was her boy friend many years ago when both of them were young, the most important is: He was her first man!! I am stuned!!!

  35. bbboy

    A man posted a story about her at ^^^m i l l i o n a i r e l o v e s. c o m^^^forum, he said he was her boy friend many years ago when both of them were young, the most important is: He was her first man!! I am stuned!!!

  36. jBiGGz

    u ever heard sumthing so racist , u where like “TTHAT WAS RASCIST”, anything having to do w/ chris brown , white folks are letting out all their black hate from the election out on this issue, dats just my opinion i could be wrong

  37. aa

    fuck our white people

  38. DJ

    B you are fucking white racist faggot , an you should shut your mouth because obviously you lack intellectual capacity in the quantity that is needs to properly reason. This became evident after your stereotypical view on black people. GD FUCKING PUNY ASSED WHITE BOY.

  39. So from the perspective of this story, Chris has already achieved most of his people (the loss of another successful person).

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