Chris Brown’s stepfather denies hitting his mother

February 12th, 2009 // 89 Comments

Chris Brown’s stepfather Donnelle Hawkins denies he ever hit his wife Joyce Brown Hawkins despite Chris’s claims to the contrary. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Donelle says he doesn’t want to be a scapegoat for his step-son’s actions:

“I never once raised my hand to his mother,” Donnelle says. “It just never happened.”
“I believe that Chris is making these allegations because it is a way of not accepting responsibility of his own actions. Somebody has to be at fault, the scapegoat, and who else but me?” says Donnelle. “He blames me for taking his mom away from his dad, even though it didn’t happen like that. Whatever issues he has, whether he thinks they come from me or not, he needs to get help for, get counseling.”

Okay, sure, that sounds plausible. Except for one small detail:

Donnelle, who is blind after accidentally shooting himself in the eye during an argument with Joyce Brown Hawkins, says Chris is blaming the wrong person.

So, let me see if I got this straight: You didn’t beat Chris Brown’s mother, you just argued with her. While holding a gun. Wow. Somebody should name a church after this guy because, clearly, there’s been a terrible misunderstanding. There was no abuse, just armed weapons. Are you embarrassed? I’m embarrassed.

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  1. Chris Brown

    I’ll be the FIRST to beat all you worthless bitches

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  6. b

    Black people in the united states are trash, and will always be trash. They should make examples of these brain dead fools and hang them.

  7. ph7

    Sounds about right. Let the lovers get back together.

  8. Cindy

    to b: then leave the US then if you are so racist. If not then dig a hole and crawl into it you worthless piece of scum…

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  10. p0nk

    never raised a hand to her. a .38 maybe, but never my hand.

  11. Joe

    Look at the way she’s digging her fingernails into his neck. Fuckin bitch is askin for it.

  12. Tell him Cindy girl. Besides…what’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

  13. Sam

    So from the perspective of this story, Chris has already achieved more than his folks (successfully harming the OTHER person).

  14. It's Me Fuckers

    this isn’t a black and white issue. Only fucktards turn it into a race thing. It is a “man” beating up a woman issue. If any woman ever deserved to get beat it was my mother but my father never raised a hand to her. No one should be able to lay their hands on another person other than reasons of affection. End of story. This guy is a douche and no matter what she did, he should never have put his hands on her. No one deserves to be treated like that. Ever.

  15. Danielle

    fucking overkill of these twos bullshit fight. He’s a douche and we all know it. If this has happened to her before then she deserves whatever she gets if she stays with him. Now if she had the balls to leave him the first time it happened then I would feel sorry for her, but she keeps instigating the situation by going back to this super fucking ugly talentless fag…….who the fuck is he anyways???

  16. Rick

    #14 – nobody wants to hear from the child of a real cunt.

  17. lolly

    what a douche bag…chris brown needs to choke on a dick

  18. Mark

    So that’s her face after she was beaten, right? Because…damn.

  19. Haywood Jablowme

    OMG… There’s the herpes!!!! Right there!!!!!!

  20. Haywood Jablowme

    OMG… There’s the herpes!!!! Right there!!!!!!

  21. truth

    Fuck all the touchy-feely people preaching about this. There are *lots* of people who deserve to be hit.

  22. Lori

    One other detail is that Chris made the statements about his stepfather WAY before this incident. What does he think that Chris is clairvoyant? Dumbass! Anyway whatever happened I think Chris and Rhianna’s personal life should stay that way-personal, it’s wrong that his music is being stopped. Chris is talented. I’m not saying he is right but if I fought with someone at home should I lose my job???? I feel for both of them, innocent until proven guilty I thought, not in the media.

  23. Andrea

    I read that Rhianna had become best friends with Chris’ stepfather so it’s entirely possible she hit herself.

  24. social worker

    You have to use the appropriate standard. Yes, Chris Brown’s stepfather hit Chris’ mom. Yes, the domestic violence was so bad that the only reason his mom is alive is that his stepfather is the worst shot ever. But – and this is the key point – the stepfather was physically present in the family home, a landmark achievement for black men. So let’s not be negative about this story. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

  25. nipolian

    Spenser Pratt, Nick Hogan and Chris Angel are three women that I think it would be OK to slap around.

  26. Ang

    Brock – Brooke? – Hogan is a guy who should be hit, although it would be very risky.

  27. Entertainment Tonight

    We called to get a followup on this but there had been a fight and the stepfather had strangled himself accidentally with a telephone cord.

  28. Supa

    Make yo momma proud Chris. Beat her ass as well.

  29. Let the truth be spoken

    Actually 6 is right. I have nothing against Africans. But African-Americans are scum.

  30. Cam

    Don’t want to get smacked up,..don’t date a rapper,..they’re all uneducated scumbags who do drugs and beat women,….

    It’s like saying “I didn’t want to get wet so I jumped in the ocean” Duh…

  31. short hairs

    AMEN #21 !!! I couldn’t agree more. …Can we start with you?

  32. Danielle

    HOLY CRAP I just checked out Rhianna’s music for the first time….it’s horribly pathetic, I can’t believe people are really into this shit….you people are very, very sad!!


  34. fitzwilly

    Rhianna is your typical black woman. All mouth and attitude. Chris Brown is your typical black boy. All mouth and attitude. Put them together and violence is the only outcome. The only positive is that the violence is toward each other and not at some innocent, law abiding, honest, god-fearing white person.

  35. Ein

    I’d hit her too.

    With an iron bar

  36. Sam

    Poor people! Insist in violence in this days is just futile! Surrender you all!

  37. D-Ice

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  38. mai-tai

    #34 is right, y’all. Chris should have drank too much, wrecked his car speeding, and caused a massive, gaping head wound that left her brain dead for the rest of her life. Oh wait.

  39. Daniel

    Wow, this picture, they look like a new fresher, younger Bobby and Whitney

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  43. alyssa delgado

    That’s wat rihanna gets but………………… chris should of never made her bruses in her face ….. hello dummy she is a singer…….. dumb asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  44. Bri

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  46. Molly

    Oh, I never would have guessed that his STEP-FATHER beat his mother, too.
    This is just so typical.
    And no, not typical of black people.
    Typical of Americans in general.

  47. Rap Music Producer

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