Chris Brown’s stepfather denies hitting his mother

Chris Brown’s stepfather Donnelle Hawkins denies he ever hit his wife Joyce Brown Hawkins despite Chris’s claims to the contrary. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Donelle says he doesn’t want to be a scapegoat for his step-son’s actions:

“I never once raised my hand to his mother,” Donnelle says. “It just never happened.”
“I believe that Chris is making these allegations because it is a way of not accepting responsibility of his own actions. Somebody has to be at fault, the scapegoat, and who else but me?” says Donnelle. “He blames me for taking his mom away from his dad, even though it didn’t happen like that. Whatever issues he has, whether he thinks they come from me or not, he needs to get help for, get counseling.”

Okay, sure, that sounds plausible. Except for one small detail:

Donnelle, who is blind after accidentally shooting himself in the eye during an argument with Joyce Brown Hawkins, says Chris is blaming the wrong person.

So, let me see if I got this straight: You didn’t beat Chris Brown’s mother, you just argued with her. While holding a gun. Wow. Somebody should name a church after this guy because, clearly, there’s been a terrible misunderstanding. There was no abuse, just armed weapons. Are you embarrassed? I’m embarrassed.

Photo: WENN