Chris Brown should stop talking

October 29th, 2009 // 96 Comments

Seen here performing in New Jersey this week, Chris Brown has been actively posting to his Twitter and fired off the following message to the blogosphere:



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  1. Jules

    I refuse to believe he posted this . Someone hacked his account. No one is that DAMN stupid.

  2. Jules

    Oh, I get it. It was a joke. Good one fish.

  3. BoBo

    Anyone else reminded of Freddie Mercury?

  4. Can't say that I give a shit

    pic 8, the face before he crushed Rihanna’s larynx

  5. Ala

    Haha I found that hilarious.

  6. Death of a nation

    Yeah it’s convenient for the newcomers from Mexico to flood this nation bringing nothing with them but swarms of children and no education. Most of them don’t even speak English nor do they intend to. I have nothing inherently against them as a people and the are here because the thieving scum of Wall Street stole their money from them in the 80′s when they were prosperous. Now the same cabal has done it to The good ole USA. Ever heard of the glory and power of derivatives?
    Television is mind control, certainly even you dear Jasmine @43 are awake enough to know that. Reality tv, sports, mindless sitcoms hell with laugh tracks so you know when to laugh, Gross cartoons for the kiddies to watch!

    Anyway, sorry I digress. Chris Brown beat on a woman and it the old days his ass would be hanging from a tree, not making more millions. Have a nice existence and congratulations on your takeover of this country. There is nothing left anyways. It has been plundered and is now in rapid decline.

  7. Megan

    Hilarious! I truly appreciate the superficial commentary on this one!!!

  8. Stephanie

    Atleast he punched her for the legitimate reason of being a confrontational cunt..i’d have punched her for her stupid makeup and hair alone. Not to mention that sonar capable dolphin forehead.

  9. I didn’t know Chris Brown made music.

    I thought he was only famous for beating up his singer girlfriend.

    Did she get him a record deal or something?

    Maybe that’s why he beat her up, because she didn’t come through on the deal the first time!

  10. Christina

    Didn’t Rihanna Push him, just sayin’…

  11. Kristin

    chris brown for the win. rihanna wants to act like it never happened… make that money nug

  12. Kanye West's vagina

    After reading through the comments on this post, I can safely say that the combined IQ of the people who posted is lower than my IQ. And I’m a fuckin’ vagina!

  13. please think before you speak (an act)

    First of all for those commeneting on what is outside the quotes, your commenting on the stupid commentary of thesuperficial.

    Second open your eyes and realize if you see a problem with asssault (which I do) it’s being disregarded throughout all class and status’… Assault gets you a night in jail because the country cannot afford to care. To be honest I’m surprised he go a felony charge and not a misdemeanor.

    Third, everyone wishing him harm…you’re half the problem. That would not make any woman any safer. If you got a problem with something going on in the world make a real attempt to fix it, apparently you have not got the message that nothing good comes from beating someones ass.

  14. Dear Racists Bastards:

    (Including number 39 that needs to be removed)
    You are whats wrong with the world…And number 56, no Chris would not be hanging from a tree for hitting a black woman, he would have had to glance at a white woman for that. And yes he’s making millions, How much money did ur great grandparents make off of asians building their railroads, and blacks being forced to do everything for them.

  15. American person

    I am not a racist #65 firstly. Chris would be hanging from a tree for being a blatant social menace and in the elder days the same thing would have happened to any miscreant, regardless of color.
    He is making millions for nothing. What does he do? Compose immortal music? Really? Does he deserve millions for what he does?
    My mothers family was from Europe and so was one of my Dad’s parents.
    I am from up north and the slave thing was ended earlier. Don’t forget how teh Irish were treated as well. Don’t forget how the railroads and coalmine owners treated WHITE appalachians. I am aware that they criminally exploited convicts, mostly black, for horrendously dangerous situations and worked them worse than animals. I had nothing to do with that. Neither did you. You were never a slave. That ended 1.5 CENTURIES ago so please come up with something new please.

    Blacks were used for picking cotton and railroad and mining work. They came from Africa with no “formal” education. They did not build this nation. They were used as animals. I am personally ashamed at the perpetual inhumanity of our specie. Stay tuned, things are going to get ugly on this planet. The world has been nearly conquered by the globalists, whether you are too ignorant to realize it or not. In other words, there is little hope for the less than rich in this world.

    Now take that to dreamland.

  16. K

    This post was fucking hilarious

  17. Shakespear

    Shitstain is too polite for the punk-ass, he’s a yeast infection stain.

  18. frank johnson

    WHAOH, he has a hot body…delicious

  19. Dank

    If that isnt the worlds gayest pose i dont know what is

  20. Amy

    Some of you guys are fucking retarded. If Rihanna was your mom and this asshole did it to her, would you still say he deserves rspect? The guy beat the shit out of a woman. I dont give a shit how much of a bitch she was, you just dont do it and if you do, your as big a douchebag as Chris Brown. You say that Rihanna is trying to get past it? Please, she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Its like being raped, you dont forget it. Please pull your heads of your collective asses.

  21. CB is a pussy

    Chris Brown’s a pussy; like Kanye West, a man in a cage opposite one of those fairies wins every time. They fight women because they’re cowards.

  22. Turd the third

    Its a clear demonstration of the cock-brain postulate

    Big cock -> small brain
    Big brain -> small cock

    I guess he must have a really hhuge cock (lets ask Rhianna…)

    A small bit of wisdom from Professor Turd….

  23. don

    I didn’t know Curious George could type.

  24. Grousey

    yo cut Chris off. This is what yall need to be listenin to……..

  25. ACriminalSmile

    Someone said, “Rihanna pushed him, that’s all I’m sayin’.” Okay, so she deserved to get the shit beaten out of her because she pushed him? That’s hardly fair or just. If she pushed him and he pushed her back, I’d still think he was a child, and so is she, but he didn’t just push her. He beat in her face. He bit her fingers. She had to go to the emergency room.

    That’s like saying that if a guy pushes me, I have the right to shoot him in the kneecaps. Seriously, get some goddamn perspective.

  26. Sylfi

    Does anyone notice that he’s gotten chubby?

  27. I think he looks like a Douche Waffle. I’m sorry but he really needs to change his outfit.

  28. Gaunt

    I actually laughed out loud at this post. Good job, brother. Hilarious (and accurate) commentary!

    #9 = There’s no way this was actually deleted by mods, because if that function existed on this site, there would be no such thing as:

    #23 = The world’s biggest cunt-tard.

    #19 — On a side note, thanks for making sense. Unlike most everyone else.

  29. spinal

    @ 51 – Only sensible comment on this thread so far.

    Do any of you people think he REALLY wrote that? His publicists would rip him a new one and take the comment down before it ever hit the media. It’s obviously a (very hilarious) hack.

    And it’s also funny how the media now select only the most menacing and angry-looking photos of him. Before the Rihanna incident all the pap and publicity shots made him look cute and innocent. Now he LOOKS like a wife beater. Typecasting at its finest. Haha.

  30. Wow he has got an some weightage and really hard build.

  31. dfddffddddfdfdgdjosdu0ous0p


  32. This post is the dummest post I’ve ever seen. Nasty azz ppl like you need to get a life and stay off the blogs. He only tweeted about his concert and the jokes about domestic violence on either side is totally disrespectful. Get a life and even more get a real job!!!

  33. Mr.Q

    Forgive me…But what the fuck is soo funny!!!??

  34. Mike

    Dude, you are soo late on that tweet it’s from like two weeks ago. LOL!

    Also it was towards MTO/TMZ because they kept blogging about his tweets. So you just fell for it. WHAT A LOSER!


    @85: It’s from Monday 10/26, asstard:

    Not exactly two weeks ago. WHAT A LOSER!

  36. I lol’d hard at what you wrote. Hilarious. And Chris Brown looks disgusting. Why is he wearing skinny jeans, who told him that was okay for him to do…

  37. For Real

    This is so strange one can only wonder if it’s some sort of hoax. Or if Chris Brown has a deep seated hatred of his publicist who will have to do damage control to save his “career”.

  38. Lauren

    Dear Mr. Superficial,
    I love you.

  39. kateri

    .. and then there are the bigger bitches like #23 who probably are not even female.

  40. jojo

    omg that is soooo meee!!! RIHANNA HAD IT CUMMIN BIAATCH!!!!XXX

  41. jojo

    btw pic 7 is soooo cutee!!!! i love him <3. ok he cocked up but hes sorry and the topic is getting sooo borig now… xxLUV MA BABY XXX

  42. the fact this guy even has fans is beyond me. He’s such a flaming D-bag

  43. baby girl

    W3ll f!rst th!ngs f!rst why !s 3v3ryone go!ng @ft3r h!m th3r3s probobly m!llons of oth3r c3l3bs who b3@t th3r3 g!rl but just dont g3t co@t3 @nd who knows m@b3y sh3 k33pt on p!c!n @t h!m unt!ll h3 sn@p3t,po!nt is th3r3 mov!n on so why dont you.^_^

  44. baby girl

    wh0 l!kes R!H@NN@ @n@y wh@y sh3 is th3 on3 wh0 mad3 @ll th!s dr@m@ f0r3 CHR!S BR0WN^-_-^

  45. The name suits you. Only a superficial idiot stupid and ignorant enough to know that you obviously will not bash. However, I think we have the right to freedom of expression. I think some people do not deserve that right, but I think it’s just me.

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