Chris Brown’s manager the ‘other woman’ who texted him night of attack

March 10th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Here’s the latest, not to mention fucked up, development in the Chris Brown/Rihanna brouhaha: Turns out the woman who sent Chris Brown a three-page booty call text the night before the Grammys was his 40-year-old manager Tina Davis. The two allegedly had a relationship when Chris was 16, according to TMZ:

Law enforcement tells us the text message to Brown talked about hooking up later — and it totally pissed off Rihanna. She slapped and hit him and he then brutally fired back.
The detective’s affidavit refers to the text message as being “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

So, let me get this straight, Rihanna takes Chris Brown back and doesn’t even make him fire his manager. Seriously, who is this guy?! Then again, judging by all the twists in this story, I’m betting the answer is: Rihanna brother.

You heard it here first.

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  1. hollard

    Yo chris brown is just doing what he was supposed to do. Its in his DNA, he is black remember? He would be doing the same thing if he were a white trash living in the trailer: beating the shit out of his woman.

    Rhianna is an idiot for going back with he him. Why are you woman so damn pathetic?

  2. hollard

    Oh wow, Im going to get flamed for those errors but at least i didn’t reply preaching how i was “FIRST” etc.

  3. He was bonin’ the manager at that age? C. Brown keeps it ral!

  4. fact

    If it was from his manager, it was about his business and the bitch had no right to go off. She got what she deserved. They might still have a future together if she’s learned her fucking place.

  5. Rick

    I knew this would happen. As time passes, the details emerge and it becomes clear that the only thing Chris Brown is guilty of is being forced to shut the bitch up. His personal life, his business life, Rihanna wanted to control all of it. Bitches like that don’t understand anything except a fist.

  6. Sad


    Since you’re obviously the same person, here’s a piece of advice: LEARN TO FUCKING READ. It was a text from his manager asking to hook up. The police confirmed it. She propositioned him for sex you dumb, fucking Neanderthal assclown.

    Seriously, how sad and pathetic is your life that you had to make not one, but TWO comments, on a gossip site about how “bitches need a fist in the mouth.” Which confirms that the only vagina you ever touched was your mother’s – on your way out.

  7. Wha Wha What???? A 20 yr old jumped to conclusions? NO WAY!!! and then, as a black woman, threw punches and slaps? and didnt expect to get a fucking beatdown?

    Shes either retarded or knew it would happen and just wanted to get a few in before she got hers.

    If you hit someone, expect to get hit back, regardless of race, size, gender & age. Follow these rules kids, and you wont find yourself in a stupid spot, getting your ass kicked unexpectedly.


    If you hit someone, expect to get hit back, regardless of race, size, gender & age.

    This bullshit excuse that you should “never hit a woman” doesnt float when they throw the first punch…ESPECIALLY if they are black or weighmore than the man.

  8. Really Sad

    #6 – learn to count.

  9. Veronica

    um..everyone who has commented here is PSYCHO!! She shouldn’t have hit him, he shouldn’t have beaten her to the extent of which he did..and his old nasty manager shouldn’t be sending him inappropriate shit..I don’t know if she overreacted or what, but i do know that the media twists just about everything so stop over analyzing..we’ll probably never know what really went down..And why is race being brought up?

  10. Still White on the Outside

    CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!!!!!!!??!??!?????????

  11. #6 sad, I think I am missing something. Did somebody get deleted??

    #1&2 should be deleted godammit!!

  12. Kim

    NEWSFLASH: At the time of the incident they weren’t married or even engaged. If you want monogamy, get married. Until then, go find somebody else if you think the person you’re with isn’t devoted or attentive enough. But don’t go starting physical fights because you demand marriage-level commitment without being married. Why don’t black women understand this?

  13. Woman

    What are you saying. That black women deserve to get the worst of it. I hope some brother didn’t write some of these posts.

  14. #13 do you mean brother or “brutha”?

    Nevermind. I don’t care. I agree with Veronica.

  15. Danklin24

    Who is what guy??

  16. dude_on

    Still… nothing says I love you like a good ass whipping.

  17. Pete

    Doesn’t matter who it was who was texting. It’s HIS phone. Just because you’re a guy’s girlfriend doesn’t mean you can go through his PRIVATE stuff and then throw a psycho fit. He should have let up after a few pops, but otherwise this wasn’t his fault.

  18. Mr. Sensitive

    He should have urinated on her face when she was passed out on the pavement.

  19. Dingus

    Urine is sterile, after all

  20. OMG!

    Word on the street is Rihanna gave him herpes & the other chick was telling him so… and he got pissed & beat the crap outta her. IDK if that’s true.. just what seems to be circulating on the street!

  21. OMG!

    and.. Yes that means he was cheating on her.. (not surprising in the least)

  22. KKK Grand Wizard

    They’re both just young. I was making the same choices when I was that age for sure. The bottom line is that he was foolish in choosing a manager that had legally sexually abused him.

    Rihanna was as wrong for slapping him as he was in roughing her up. White people do that stupid shit to (thanks dad!). I say ditch the manager and do a few hours of counseling if they want to save the relationship. Regardless of what kind of magical snatch his manager has she is a bitch-predator-vulture that needs to be put in her place. She’s making money off by being a sex offender.

  23. hi

    She assaulted him first and she got what she deserved. he should file a lawsuit against her.

  24. Jane Goodall

    The North American Street Ape is not responsible for it’s actions, same as Travis the Chimp was not responsible. Wild animals cannot be set free to live amongst humans and be expected to behave like humans. The best thing to do is keep the Apes in zoos where they can be observed and in medical & biological testing facilities where they can possibly be useful to humans.

  25. TheRage

    so she DID hit him first. then she deserved to get hit back! why isn’t HE pressing charges? fools.

  26. STFU 24

    Again with the medical testing joke… you are so repetitive! Give it a rest already

  27. Anthropologist

    There are limits to human behavior in terms of an individual’s ability to learn and aquire wisdom. Not all people are as capable as others. We should, as Frist does quite frequently (now bordering on obsession), take in an African American type human and show them love and try to understand their points of view for a change.

  28. Boy thats the best,,,nothing like when youre 16 and hitting mature poon…lucky bastard…

  29. RichPort's Ghost

    Why do porch monkeys look as evil and pissed as King Kong in everyday situations, but they look as docile and harmless as Curious George when they’re in court? Not that anyone’s buying it, but I find it amusing that they think they can sway juries with simple facial expressions.

  30. Make Love, Not War

    Don’t just hit her. Hit her in the shitter.

  31. I think his been doing that to the mature broad #30…

  32. The National Geographic Channel

    The North American Street Ape can be trained to do many things, including imitating the singing of a human being. It can be trained to do this when it is as young sixteen months old, provided that it has frequent sexual intercourse with its North American Street Ape manager.

    When the North American Street Ape is provided with a tiny speaker phone in its ear, it can do a credible imitation of the role ofThe Commander In Chimp, as long as it is provided with a constant flow of verbiage for it to parrot. However, when confronted with a situation as complex as reading queue cards or a teleprompter, it will stumble and make frequent errors, as the botched inauguration of the present Commander In Chimp, for it cannot read.

    When providing positive reinforcement for the operant conditioning of the North American Street Ape, sexual reinforcement is the preferred mode of primary reinforcement, as in allowing the North American Street Ape frequent sexual congress with a donkey, sheep or sow (like Rihanna).

    If the sow is of the same species as the North American Street Ape, niglets may be born. It is usually most convenient to abort the useless niglets before they are born, but occasionally they are used in medical experiments.

    When the niglets are used up, they may be disposed by drowning them in a canvas bag in the nearest toilet. Sometimes the sows eat their own niglets after warming them in a microwave.

  33. me

    Negro women look like apes in bad wigs. Even Rihanna has the ape thighs. Chris Brown had every right to punch out that neeger. It’s the way they operate. Stop demanding that shaved monkeys act like human beings. It’s never gonna happen.

  34. lisa

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  35. BackSeatDriver

    I saw da hol ting yo. Der I wuz jus chill in da back when wha!? A fone caul cumz tru ta Criz. An he’s like Yo, d’up? Den Riri says, to me watch dis yo! She grabz da pone an starts giddin all crazaay bitch on his ass. Da look on hiz faze wuz pricelez! Criz was all like WTF? Riri den sez she wuz gonna be wit me all nite an I tasted like heaven. Yup. I do! Heehee! I almos peed in my armani yo! Den she slapz HIM! I wuz all like oh shit, she did not. I tried to stop Riri frum doin it agin but she FlavaFlaved him good! I wuz thinkin no way dis bitch is gonna be wit me tonite. I wuz pissed! WhaT?!? Yo gonna hit dat but not dis? No way! Brutha ain’t gonna sit down no mo. Criz was gonna smak dat like no tomorra, I grabed hiz hand and sed, NO. I’m gonna lay down this one. Watch how itz dun…you mite lurn sumtin. Tha docta iz IN…the clinic is open. Den it was ovah and dun like dinna. On da table…the way itz supposed to be.

  36. Balack Oboombox, the socialist pig piece of shit

    See Bitch, I mean Rhianna, it was bidness, you stupid hoe. Now why you make my choke you?

  37. pzee

    Its so sad that people feel they have the right to judge someone elses life. Love is strong and unless your in that situation you won’t understand. If she wants to be with him after he beat her up that her choice it affets no one but her. Chris aint a bad dude we all get pissed and loose I’m a girl and have slaped the dog shit out my 6 ” 4 man because his dna got the best of him……let them do them!

  38. pzee

    Its so sad that people feel they have the right to judge someone elses life. Love is strong and unless your in that situation you won’t understand. If she wants to be with him after he beat her up that her choice it affets no one but her. Chris aint a bad dude we all get pissed and loose it I’m a girl and have slaped the dog shit out my 6 ” 4 man because his dna got the best of him……let them do them! Omg your concern is good but we all have to make mistakes and grow from them ….no one is perfect…..well I am …but no one els! Lol

  39. pzee

    And one more thing, I am a North American Street Ape just like Chris and Rihanna, and you do not have the right to judge me.

    Ooooo hooo hooo haaa haaaa haaaa! Ooooo hooo hooo haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!!! Eeeeeeee eh eh eh!

  40. venssadas

    TEXTED is not a word. It is TEXT.

    Read the sentence again, TEXT fits fine. Stupid Americans.

  41. me

    I drove by my old neighborhood and could hear 4 young yard apes acting like nlggers. They were loud, taunting the cars, and laughing like there was no tomorrow. I would love it if the white man took everything away from the monkeys and let them fend for themselves. The monkeys wouldn’t be so joyous when they realize they have nothing when left on their own.

  42. saltinesareyummy

    @38-40 Holy sh!t, you’re black???? i thought i saw grease dripping from my monitor.

  43. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    so many replies on here remind me why I am a lesbian men are just disgusting and anonymously like this they show their true colours.

  44. *V*

    Wow..I didn’t realize how many racists and sexists there were reading of you are disgusting..

  45. *P*

    @ #45: I think you’re all wet, but thank you anyway, Vagina!


  46. forgiving him for cheating AND beating??? oh rihanna…

  47. Brittney

    I belive if you put yourself in a man’s posistion you deserve a man’s whooping.

  48. Me

    You white HONKEYS are all the same…. Talkin shit about black people being apes…. Your just mad because when u get ur hair wet, it smells like dog piss. Stay off the internet…. o i forgot u white faggots are too busy molesting little boys, smoking crystal meth, and serial killing. In other words, go kill yourself.


    rasicts i will pray for you, remember in the bible it stated that Jesus had skin of bronze and hair like wool. Does that sound like a white man to you. we are all his children. now be very careful how you respond to this. FEAR GOD! and only him. GOD BLESS

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