Chris Brown’s manager claims she didn’t text him

It’s statement day for Chris Brown’s managerial team. First, is Tina Davis, Chris’ 40-year-old manager who allegedly slept with him when he was 16 and was the “other woman” who texted him the night he attacked Rihanna. Surprise! Tina denied these allegations in a statement to TMZ. Here I thought she’d confess:

The relationship between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown is that of manager and client. There has never been any other relationship. The rumors in circulation are false. There are no emails between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown of the type which have been described in media reports.
If the source of the false rumors is identified, legal action will be taken. Given the nature of the legal issues affecting Mr. Brown, Ms. Davis will not be making any further statements.”

Coming off the heels of that statement, is another one from Chris’ co-manager Joyce Hawkins who wants it known Chris is not firing Tina Davis, according to People:

“Reports that Chris is looking to replace his team, including Mark Geragos, Tina Davis and Mike Sitrick, are false,” says the statement from Joyce Hawkins. “There are only two people who could make a change at that level on Chris’ behalf: his business attorney Kenny Meiselas and me – and neither of us were the source of this information.
“To the contrary, Kenny told the media outlet that broke this item, that the information they had was false. So there is no room for doubt or misunderstanding, let me state unequivocally, that no change is planned or being made with respect to Mark Geragos, Tina Davis or Mike Sitrick. We are very pleased with the work they are doing.”

Oh, yeah, Chris Brown is pleased alright. Very, very pleased. Because Tina Davis had sex with him. Too subtle?

Photo: Getty