Chris Brown’s BET Awards performance nixed by Jay-Z

June 30th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Chris Brown had a chance to perform at Sunday’s BET Awards, but producers supposedly backed out at the last minute after Jay-Z and Al Sharpton pulled some strings. NY Daily News reports:

One source says Brown’s absence came at the insistence of the Rev. Al Sharpton. “Al made such a fuss to the BET executives that they pulled Chris,” says our insider, who adds that Jay-Z also had a hand in the decision. “Jay is a big name in the BET community, and he was very vocal about his displeasure with Chris attending the ceremony. He didn’t want Chris anywhere near the awards so close to the court’s ruling.”
Brown isn’t taking the public dis on the chin, either. “He’s furious,” a pal of the singer tells us. “BET asked him to perform and waited until the last minute to tell him it was off. He’s pretty shocked and outraged right now.”

Producers were also concerned it would’ve been “bad taste” to have Chris Brown perform since the show was quickly revamped to honor the life of Michael Jackson. Personally, I don’t think Michael would’ve minded. Except, wait, Chris Brown’s over 18 now, isn’t he? Never mind.

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  1. bakinmycake

    with that storm trooper necklace he might be better suited for the Nicelodeon awards…

  2. bakinmycake

    with that storm trooper necklace he might be better suited for the Nickelodeon awards…

  3. bakinmycake

    with that storm trooper necklace he might be better suited for the Nickelodeon awards…

  4. :)


  5. Bob

    Hey look, someone’s so goddamn awesome they were not only first, second, but also third!

  6. Jeezy

    I’m glad they didn’t let this little bitch ruin the award show.

    Go fuck yourself, Chrissy Brown.

  7. gotmilk?

    i don’t think it matters, no one watches that shit anyway.

    just like good old Al to be sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

  8. JJ

    Why the fuck was Al Sharpton involved in entertainment awards to begin with?

    Oh thats right he has to stick his nose in every goddamn thing remotely relating to black people

    I bet had Rhianna been a white girl he wouldn’t have given a flying fuck if Chris Brown performed

    • gala

      iam ashame of jay-z for doing that because he probably has not always been a saint. forgive this man and move on. al sharpton calls himself a man of god if anything him and jay-z should have been mentoring chris how to be a better man rather than trying to keep him down. We all have a sin in some way think about if that was you would you want to be forgiven if you truly meant it from your heart.

  9. me

    i wore a storm trooper necklace . . . in the 3rd grade . . .

  10. Aunt Bee

    “Yoo Hoo…Andy? Have you seen my tablecloth?”

  11. Oh yeah? what about the brawls between the nimcompoops in the audience?

  12. Mayor Bee

    uh! done stung myself…bye world!

  13. misty

    @10. Hahahahaha! That was great!

  14. sims4life

    it is so sad to see these black artist not getting along,I could not stand JayZ ugly ass until B brought him back out,Chris Brown would have been the best to represent Micheal Jackson better than any body.I wish that Chris Brown didn’t mess with that stank,fake,using,gold digger Rihanna,she is running this bull in the ground she set him up for a fall and as long as Chris make a cd I will be buying it.

  15. I wish we could nix the BET Awards…

  16. George (Stormtrooper #378172)

    Chris, you wore the necklace I gave you!!!
    I still love you and I am so sorry about hitting you last time.
    I was just crazy because I had been demoted for not being able to shoot Luke Skywalker from ten feet away. My aim is better now and I may be assigned back to Earth soon.

    George (Stormtrooper #378172)

  17. le fag

    I wish we could nix Al Sharpton… can’t stand his ugly mug, always in some black person’s business! Anytime something goes awry with a black celeb his nasty ass is there by their side…. and he ain’t nothin’ but a preacher…

  18. Newcastle

    Chris Brown is a punk and needs to be punched in the face repeatedly for wearing stupid shit like that.

  19. wow…first of all, BET Award Show? WHO GIVES A FUCK? Thats about as reverse racist as it gets.

    Second, Al Sharpton having a say at an awards show? Do these people have no spine? They should have told that fat pig to step off and go find another black girl to shit on (Tawana Brawley) and blame white kids for it.

    How is this guy even relevant, or better yet, still alive? Hes an embarrassment to the human race and blacks everywhere…yet like the sheep and ignorant, lost and naive followers they are, they treat him like hes a king, along with jesse jackson, louis “blacks come from UFOs” farrakhan, the new black panther party, the nation of islam and every other reverse racist group and person out there.

    FUCK THEM…Its like chris rock said…I love me some black people, but I HATE a fucking nigger.

  20. Tom K

    Who the fuck would want a convicted felon (yes, just because he was not sent to jail does not mean he does not have felony record) to give tribute to anybody?!!! Especially a fucking woman beater! I don’t care how talented that little chimp is. If BET or anybody allowed that to happen it would just prove that black people are retarded and have no moral compass.

    Congrats to Joe Camel aka Jay-Z for not allowing Chris Brown anywhere near the awards show.

  21. Shep

    The person I really feel bad for is Chris’s current gf. You know she’s going to take it on the chin in the way of a punch from Chris Browns fist. The guy deals with his anger ala Ike Turner……. it’s obvious

  22. haha

    it’s so interesting to see the comments on a predominately black website (, which all defend this asshole, while superficial and perez commenter’s want his ass gone

  23. Outraged? He might hit someone again. Tsk tsk.

  24. Melissa

    Hank III – I’m going to have to agree with you whole-heartedly.

    On a similar note, I was at work the other day thumbing through the magazines and papers, trying to sort out the old and shitty ones, when I stumbled upon a Muslim newspaper. Holy CHRIST!!! They had three pictures of hillbilly racists one the cover (the guy who shot up the Holocaust museum recently, the dipshit kid that wanted to shoot Obama, and some other stupid ass that killed two people and carved a swastika into his forehead… cuz that hasn’t been done before, right?) talking about how hate crimes are on the rise and shit. Then I flip through it, and all it was was a paper dedicated to bashing white people (although they dissed the prez, too… I don’t get that one) and selling black folk books. I was both nauseated and amused at the same time.

    Anyways, back to the topic. I have no issues with Jay Z, but fuck those other two worthless pieces of shit.

  25. mom to five

    Oh, but it’s ok for some jerk off to sing about fucking all the girls in the world? Fucking hypocrits.

  26. lori

    Enough with the pedophile jokes. It’s tasteless and cruel, especially now that he’s dead. Also, nothing was ever proven, so just let it go. It’s not funny. It never was.

  27. ['

    you guys are fucking haters chris luv u and jay z is a nbig lipped punk

  28. Carolyn

    Dumbass necklace and the diamond earring looks fruity on him too. Whatever happened to Randal? I haven’t seen his name lately, or have I just missed it?

  29. frank

    stop with the pedophile jokes. its not funny. its beyond tactless, even for you.

  30. Fen

    It’s so funny, the same people that are hating on Chris, is probably the same people that was hating on Michael Jackson. You people are pathetic! You praise a man that disrespects women in his songs, but yet you talk bad about Chris Brown. I’m talking about Jay Z, a man that was said to be known for paying groupies for sex, sense when do you have to pay a damn groupie for sex, but apparently, his ugly ass does. This is man that reports say slapped a women on camera, but you judge Chris. Yet they gave an award to a convicted felon TI, who was already on probation when he got in trouble, a man who has been in and out of jail so many times. And Al Sharpton, a disgrace to black people, a man that doesn’t stand for a damn thing, but what he can get out of somebody. Not to mention, you damn haters that sit at home and hate 24/7, which let’s us know yall don’t have any lives of your own and are avoiding fixing your fucked up ives! As for you hating as men, Maury wouldn’t have a hit talk show if it wasn’t for yall no good asses, but you judge Chris Brown. And you simple minded women, how many times have yall taken a man back after he has treated you like shit, how many times have you put your hands on your men when you found out they were cheating. Chris is not the only celeb that has made a mistake, the entertainment world is full of convicted felons, people in trouble with the law, and one’s who have fucked up lives period. Chris Brown is not the problem, haters, celebs, and just plain hipocrits are. You don’t want to fix the shit going on in your lives, instead you sit around all damn day and jude others. There should have been no problems at all with Chris paying tribute to Michael Jackson. Chris this, Chris that, yall are the ones that need help sitting up worrying about him. Karma is a mug, and alot of yall including Jay Z, Al Sharpton, and BET will see.


    Fen – I don’t know who you are but, you speak TRUTH!

    The only thing I would add is that “any” educated and mature african-american should be ashamed to identify themselves with a Amos&Andy network like BET, which “these days” is for rump-shakin, drug-takin, uneducated fools! I find it difficult to believe that Tiny and Tanya are referred to as “successful/idependent” woman! Where would they be if they weren’t baby-momma’s of hustling, rapping street thugs? I don’t watch or subscribe to BET because I have to much respect for MYSELF. Someone needs to start a reading, writing and arithmetic campaign so these fools, can read their contracts, sign on the dotted line with intelligence and count their money – instead of hiring “the man” to do it!


    As regards J-Z, nixing Chris Brown and all y’all complaining about Rihanna…. “let he who has not sinned, cast the first stone!


    and Al Sharpton…. an opportunist, who is”fleecing the flock” like most minister’s who “pretend” to be Chrisitan.

  34. Abi

    good. I’M GLAD!!!!!!!!!! myI want his ugly face banned from t.v and laptop screen

  35. Abi

    good. I’M GLAD!!!!!!!!!! myI want his ugly face banned from t.v and laptop screen

  36. starr

    that’s unfortunate. BET are a bunch of bitches for taking jay-z’s and sharpton’s side…smh

  37. Pissed off

    If Jay-Z and Al Sharpton have that much pull why don’t he say something to some of those gangsta at the show. Why don’t they prevent them from performer they can’t because they are cowards. Chris Brown would have turned the BET awards out, beside Tyrese them doing a tribute to The O’Jays that would have been the best thing on the awards. What Jay-Z was scared somebody was going to slap the shit out of his wife for that performance she did. ( they should have that wanted be ballerina shit she did) And then he brought his old ass out there and did what, nothing. They need to let this go with Chris Brown apparently it wasn’t that much trauma to her, she done went and found somebody else. But Chris will return I hate this happen to him. And Al Sharpton is there because he thank the family need him and the only one want him there is Joe Jackson, but hey pimps of a feather flock together. Al need to sit down and quite perming his hair now he want be any other award show. Jay-Z you are a whore ass you should beat the shit out of your wife for her performance.

  38. wow itz so sad how some of u peole call bet uneducated and drug this dug that when that channel has set the stage for all of the music channels you watch today nd as far as the chris brown situation goes get over it did he beat you no so make sure ur not smoking anything and thinking that u were in the car with rihanna and chris brown when that happened so stop judging and leave it uo to god…yes al sharpton is retarted sometimes but he has to stand up for us nd sometimes hez to effing nosey but dnt hayte on him nd i hate jayz period so no comment on him sorry beyonce

  39. Courtney

    Ok So Everyone Can Forget About When Hova Pushed The Lady In Her Face But You Cant Forgot When Chris Brown Hit Rihanna. Everyone Who Said That Is Like A Hypocrite. Jay Z Is A Hypocrite. Don Cornelius and Bobby Brown Same charges Were still On The Stage. Lil Wayne, Baby, Snoop Drug Charges. T.I got An Award And He In Jail For Possession Of Illegal Weapons. Michael Jackson Died. That Was The Whole Point Of The Tribute. Chris Brown Would Have Really Made The BET Awards Show So Much Better. Death Of Autotune Sucked. Im Not Saying Forget But Yall Need To Forgive. No Ones Perfect And You Cant Sit Here And Say You Are. We All Make Mistakes Yall Need To Forgive Chris Let ByGons Be Bygons And Move The Hell On. Jay Z Need To Grow The Hell Up And Before He Points Fingers Make Sure His HAnds Are Clean. Everyone Is Being so Hard On Chris. Give Him A Break EveryBody Messes Up. everyone Deserves A Second Chance. Stop Thinking Rihanna Is So Innocent, Cause She Isnt. If i Were Chris Brown’s Sister i Would Have Whooped Her Butt Myself.. Im Not Even A Fan Of Chris But Jay-Z Went Too Far With That. That Was “Mad Childish” Of Him. Its Not About Respecting Rihanna Its About Respecting Michael Jackson.

  40. marlon johnson

    Jay Z, you nasty fool, and Beyonce, I am ashamed of you for marrying such an idiot. Jay Z, stay off the stage, it’s over man, you do not have it, as in you stank and can’t perform, period,Chris got you beat 1000 times and will eventually take your bitch. You niggaz make me sick to be a member of the human race

  41. jenisebaby

    well i got 2 say is WOW all yall know yall need 2 stop .yall gurls need 2 shut up cuz its noy lik when chris came out yall was all ova him n yall guys get ova it rihanna wouldnt ev want yall or go wit yall plus sometimes she looks lik s man herself him u know wat i mean. n really every cleb makes a mistake n a lot of males do cuz a lot of rapper n rnb singers have been charged wit sum with n there fame life. so jay z shut n gone so where cuz it is not lik u havent hit a woman b4 plus u have been in jail many times b4 n u r no hona u is just nun now cuz the new skool bout 2 but u out.cuz compared 2 the rappers we got now u aight nun.n al Sharpton this had nun 2 do wit u just needed 2 make ur self useful 2 sum n thats not rite.yall just need 2 let it go cuz the BET awards was so lame i turned from it n started 2 watch MTV.cuz chris is lik the best dancer closes 2 M.J n would have killed it n would have made JAY Z look lik crap plus he would put him out n show him out n ever sooo.yall just need 2 stop n let it go cuz yall makin this man life a living h3ll. n y just gettin on chris cuz Rihanna is just 2 blame as chris

  42. Darth

    Awww! He doesn’t have much luck lately! Karma?

  43. LearnToSpellPeople

    @38…BET did not set the stage for all these music channels we watch today. Although BET first aired about 19 months before MTV they didn’t really start doing music videos until the mid 80′s after MTV, which aired the very first music video ever “The Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star”. I also agree with the reverse racism remarks. If I was black I would be ashamed of BET. Hell, I’m hispanic and I’m ashamed of the spanish networks. All they show is novelas and gossip shows. Nothing intelligent except for the news. It’s sad how in today’s society being dumb is cool and being smart makes you a nerd. I’m an ex-gang member myself, but now I realize, I’d much rather hang with the nerd. At least he’s got a future. I find it sad that some of my friends laugh at me when I use “big words”, like being intelligent is something to be ashamed of, and I make it a point to tell them that. The only reason I even bother being around them is I’m hoping one day at least one of them will “feel me” and leave the gangs alone. No luck as of yet. So sad.

  44. FACE

    The fact that some strings had to be pulled to get this punk off the show is yet another reason BET shouldnt exist.

  45. FACE

    oh, and number 43 is wrong as hell. BET was mostly videos in the early 80s. I remember when Video Vibrations and Video Soul dominated most of the airtime. I used to turn to BET to record videos by black artists that racist MTV refused like Rick James, Jesse Johnson, Cameo, and Teena Marie (even though she is white).

  46. Jasmine

    I personally think that Chris Brown should have performed, His ex ruined his life dont let that incident ruin his career. He made a mistake, he is young and can learn from his discrepencies. Forget Jay-Z and wack ‘ol Al Shapton. The BET awars sucked because it looked like it was thrown together(understandable) Mike would have appreciated him performing he would have made the show AND forget BEYONCE she sucks. Chris is undeniable talented and just like snoop, lil kim, Mike, and whoever else got a case dont stop them.

  47. Jay Z and Al Sharpton – what a laugh to have them making moral judgements. Jay Z you should be happy that people did not knock the dirt in your face. Your music was very disrespectful to women and a lot of people would not even think about you until you were conneced to Beyonce. Your lyrics did not show respect to women or the black race. the use of the “N” word is not acceptable, whether it is used in music or in everyday life.
    Why is jay z so concerned about rihanna? is it money or lust, he needs to focus on his own life and his “wife”.

  48. Real talkk

    I cannot believe Jay got CB pulled from the awards??? and Al Sharpten?
    Are you all serious??? CB is very talented…

    Jay is a hater and should be focus on why his mrs B is not so excited to have a child with him. What Jay is about 40+. This is sick I will no longer watch BET because of this. I was in Vegas anyway when all this went down and heard the BET show was a Hot Mess!!!!! BET let the Drug slinging, disrespectful, and hypocrtic Jay Call the Shots… OH MY!!! That is what’s wrong with Blck Folks now. Look at Brittney Spears she still has her supporters… Jay Z the same hypocrit that supported the Mike Tyson fights and look and Tyson history. Jay Z was almos sent to prison too. I am Furious about him and his overrated wife throwing their power around like they are GOD. Then Al Sharpton he what? Oh my goodness, that is why black people can’t get ahead because of people like these Douche Bags!!!

    I don’t blame Chris for being pissed. And as far as he an Rhianna I wonder why in the heck his Mug Shot was not released??? Where is his mug shot???

  49. dina

    this yrs bet awards sucked! more than half of the show was boring. and did jayz fuck rhianna or some shit..doing alot to ‘take care’ of her..maybe so she wont say shit. chris brown wouldve been a good performer. and why did he get yanked out..atleast he pled guilty to hitting that crazy ass biotch…unlike the child molester.ahh the whole thing was fkd up.

  50. That stormtrooper necklace makes chris look real sensitive , and @ 49 yeah the awards sucked this year

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