Chris Brown trying to win Rihanna back

February 23rd, 2009 // 112 Comments

Chris Brown is trying to work his way back into Rihanna’s good graces. He supposedly called her on her birthday and even sent gifts, according to NY Daily News:

“Chris called Rihanna to wish her a happy birthday,” an insider tells us. “He’s absolutely trying to get back into her good graces. He knows he’s very much in the doghouse right now, and is doing everything he can to show her how sorry he is.”
But Brown seems to think a few well-placed birthday gifts can salve his ex’s wounds. He has already sent the “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer a diamond bracelet and necklace, an insider tells us, as well as an iPod Touch. Plus, Brown’s mom, Joyce, who is said to adore Rihanna, sent over a bouquet of flowers.

Holy shit, an iPod?! That totally makes up for everything. Rihanna should be the one apologizing to Chris for getting in the way of his fists because, seriously, we’re talking about the iPod here. You can’t just buy one of those in a store. No way.

Photo: WENN

  1. PSW

    An Ipod Touch for a multi-millionaire. I hope it was the 32 GB model…

  2. bundywatch

    #43 He will do it again, because if he doesn’t have self control over whatever resentment he’s carrying at this age, he won’t ever have it. But no one “deserves” to be beaten if they stay – it’s never that easy. If we all had total recall of pain no woman would ever have a second child. And so many young women still think the power of their love can change anything because fairy tales die hard. It’s frustrating,as shit when people believe their abusers when they swear they’ll never do it again. They think of the other aspects of the person that they think they know, the times the person was nice to them and they can’t believe the abusive part was really and truly him. Maybe it was a one time thing, and maybe they shouldn’t have done whatever the hell it was that set him off? So maybe they should try again. After all, the pastor says you’re supposed to forgive. And he does want to change, he said so.

  3. ItsFullOfPoop

    47-You know,when you can’t even figure out how to spell teh word “mention”,you really need to just sit the f*ck down and shut the f*ck up.

  4. Anonymous

    She’ll go back to him.

    Women really aren’t very smart.

  5. Spenceer

    He is busy with his online dating thing, His profile was seen at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ yesterday.

  6. Mike Hawk

    He wants her back so he isn’t just a one hit wonder. That is to say, he wants a few more big hits to get off. He needs to work on his beats, he’s sure there will be a swelling of his popularity, if she could just open her eyes a little and see his potential. Pound for pound, this kid can really bust it out.

  7. bootlips

    Neegers always blame economics for their monkey behavior. It ain’t money. It’s the negro culture.

  8. Mike Hawk

    I hope she gives him another shot.

  9. Dan

    If they get back together, I’m going to kill both of them and you.

  10. Kristie

    This is really sad. It’s not surprising that she might take him back. Most abuse victims do but I hope for her sake and to send a message to her fans abuse is not love. They both need serious help and getting back together is wrong for both of them.

  11. Kristie

    This is really sad. It’s not surprising that she might take him back. Most abuse victims do but I hope for her sake and to send a message to her fans abuse is not love. They both need serious help and getting back together is wrong for both of them.

  12. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    Nigga be goin’ to prison. Maybe bitch be sendin’ him some cookies… Cuz dey be, like, back together now, dawg….

  13. i don’t think there’s anything you could buy to win her back this time!

  14. kissi

    im still a chris brown fan regardless…im not saying wat he did wasn’t wrong and very ike turner, but ppl really shouldnt juss up and flip on him like that. i mean really no one’s perfect. as far as radio goes i think its so dumb that they would juss stop playing his music… cuz for real there are tons of things said in lots of music about killing, suicide, people being on drugs, selling drugs, hoes bitches and sluts and all. why dont we stop playing everyone’s music. I HOPE CHRIS GETS HELP AND RIHANNA’S FACE CLEARS UP NICELY SO WE CAN ALL JUST MOVE ON.

  15. billabong021

    Wow, I really hope he gets ass fucked in prison







  16. phoring

    Did he jailbreak the iPod touch? She should get back together with him if he did.

  17. the voices

    The fact that he thinks you can just buy a woman back with shiny things is testament to his personality i.e. complete shit-stain.

  18. bootlips

    shitskins will be shitskins.

    You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

  19. PostmortemG


    You *DESERVE* a beating for typing that. Wait… your baby-daddy probably beats you good anyway, right? Now on to a more serious matter:

    Where’s that damn seal? I know I’m not the only one who wants the dismembered seal back.

  20. me

    He’s got some serious monkey mouth going on.

  21. justifiable

    #64 Kissi, let me see if I can put this in a way you’ll understand: Cuz, like, peepul are, like, disgusted n shit that he used his grrrlfrendz face like a punchin bag n dont liek wanna reward him by playin hiz tunez.

    And if someone tunes up on you or your sister or your mom for no reason other than they have no control over their impulses, I want you to remember that no one’s perfect. It’s a real bitch that prisons are full of imperfect people with slight character flaws like his. And that cemeteries are full of other people who were on the receiving end of those imperfections.

  22. sam

    He’ll get his career back. It will probably take some time, some therapy, a “come to Jesus” moment, a lot of press about how he has changed and seen the light, and a People cover story.

    If there is anything the entertainment world loves it is a comeback. A lot of other people have screwed up this bad or worse and come back. He has talent — and more importantly, people can make money off of him. And money rules.

    I’m not saying this is right, but that’s the way it is.

    And he’ll probably get Rihanna back too. Not that THAT would be right, either… but that’s the way it is.

  23. Angry Beaver

    If he’s really sorry, then he’ll plead guilty to battery and spend some time in jail. Nothing says you’re sorry like getting fudge packed and beat on by a bunch of bull queers. Guarantee it’ll make him a more sensitive guy. Well, at least his asshole will be more sensitive.

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  25. Someone please take down the flag

    Between the economic meltdown engineered by Wall Street and the illegal system there really doesn’t seem to much to motivate me anymore. Other than my burning hatred for the wretchedness of humanity. Truly a lousy group of fucking apes we are. So when we finish this planet off where do we go? And with what, the space shittle? hahahahahahahhhahhahahh

    Inside jobs and prison camps and 6000 people worth $42 Trillion

  26. Jmal

    Chis and Rihanna both are are young and both could grow from this. I don’t know of one REAL relationship where one person hasn’t done something that by all accounts, the other person should have thrown them to the dogs. The strength of those relationships is in that both parties make the decision to heal, learn, and grow from the mistake. So easily do people forget what REAL love is: (1.)Above all, continue to love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. 1Peter 4:8 (2).Hatred stirs up strifes: but love covers all sins. Proverbs 10:12 (3).Realize that whoever brings a sinner back from the error of his ways will save him from death, and many sins will be forgiven. James 5:20

  27. cady

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  28. No Limit

    rihanna needs to move on and chris brown is gay.

  29. No Limit

    rihanna needs to move on and chris brown is gay.

  30. juanito

    The classic couple. She is acting like a truth latina women.HIT ME, HIT ME BUT DON’T LIVE ME. and J-z better get out of some one else relationship.A can even believe I’m writing this shit.I NEED TO GET A LIFE

  31. Anon

    Yes, that’s what they (abusers) do. It’s called the honeymoon phase.

    Weird wording in the article as well. In the “doghouse”? Really? This is much worse than that.

  32. 1 MILF Hunter

    Chris Brown + Rhianna = Mike Tyson + Robin Givens without the lisp.

  33. Danklin24

    Ah Fish, still using that photo as a punch line for a joke even though you totally bitch slapped the LAPD for leaking it?


  34. justifiable

    #81 Good call, anon. “In the doghouse”? That’s what you’re in when you give a woman a thighmaster for Valentine’s Day. When you send her to the hospital with facial contusions you should be in the canine equivalent of Gitmo – aka Michael Vick’s doghouse.

  35. Fuck this piss ass hat ol’ shit. How about he tries his
    shit on a man. The Double Mint Gum dancing mother fucker would get his ass handed to him by me and my dog. Fucking pussy dick shit! Lick my taint and tell me how cool the weather is outside! What a cunt!

  36. sin

    He will never own up to what he did. He is a black man and he can not tell the truth. He will blame the system, her, his surroundings, his race,the people around him but never himself.
    He needs to go to prison and be someones bitch for a year. Then let’s see him hit anyone again. Thatis, unless he likes it up the ass and the taste of jizz.

  37. RPG

    Anyone got a cockmeat sammie for old Richport’s Ghost? Dude sounds lonely.


    Nice try Chris {gotta do something to save my ass} Brown!


  39. Cornelius

    #43, Mike: “If she takes him back she’ll deserve the next beating he lays on her. Trust me he will do it again. May even take years but he will do it again.”

    - Well, Tina Turner went back (repeatedly?) to Ike Turner. And I’m pretty sure Bobby Brown whooped Whitney Houston’s ass several times.

  40. Cornelius

    #43, Mike: “If she takes him back she’ll deserve the next beating he lays on her. Trust me he will do it again. May even take years but he will do it again.”

    - Well, Tina Turner went back (repeatedly?) to Ike Turner. And I’m pretty sure Bobby Brown whooped Whitney Houston’s ass several times.

  41. pissed OFF!

    I just got thru watching last nites TiVo’d episode of “The Closer” and I’m fucking disgusted. A male & female cop on the same squad used to date and did not have a good breakup and resent being forced to work together. He takes a nasty verbal shot at her and she hauls off and slaps him – hard. He’s furious and wants to put her on report and their superior tells them both it never happened, it’s gonna be ignored. If he’d hit her that would NOT be the case! God dammit, IT’S NOT OK FOR ANYONE OF EITHER GENDER TO HAUL OFF AND HIT SOMEONE.!! If we women expect equality and respect, and want to stop domestic abuse, we should be able to show the same restraint we demand from men – anylthing else is wanting to have it both ways. It makes no never mind about physical inequality and whether they can deck us and we can’t deck them with one shot – you keep your fucking hands to yourself. I’m furious for the writers for showing this, and if any of them are women, well shame shame shame on them,

  42. wow

    There sure are a lot of racists posting on here. Chris Brown may be a piece of shit, but some of you need a head check just as much as he does.

  43. booyaka

    you can tell he’s a cheapo just look at his nasty watch

  44. Pepe

    If she takes him back, the next flowers he will be sending are for her funeral..

  45. 360eyerollerama

    @92 Yeah it’s a well known fact that white guys never hit their wives and girlfriends and then act all sorry and try to make it up to them. Josh Brolin was arrested for spousal battery against Diane Lane. She called the cops and then decided she didn’t want to press charges. Wow they must both be n—-grs according to bootlips logic!!

  46. linda

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  47. Apes in the White House

    Why should there be legal ramifications to this whole situation? Local law enforcement doesn’t press legal charges when two dogs get into a fight, or when a wolf or coyote attacks someone’s livestock. Why should it be any different for these two farm animals? It’s a waste of taxpayer dollars to have law enforcement involved. They should be treated like any other wild animals.

  48. aussie driver

    #97 Then by rights you should be put down. You’re clearly quite rabid. Fuck off and don’t come back.

  49. CakeSniffer

    Look at the guy. What the hell did she expect? Seriously, she’s either really stupid or this is what she wants. Face it, they’re a couple now and forever.

    And if her father is alive and ambulatory he’s not doing his job.

  50. CakeSniffer

    It’s not the iPod touch per se that matters, but rather the gigabytes of cheesy take-me-back-girl Boyz2Men-like R&B that he put on there to express hisself.

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