Chris Brown to Oprah: ‘Bitch, get my back!’

September 4th, 2009 // 81 Comments

In his Hey, Please Buy My Music issue of People, Chris Brown takes a swing at Oprah for having a domestic violence episode of her show – dedicated to Rihanna:

“I commend Oprah on being like, ‘This is a problem,’ but it was a slap in my face. I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school. She could have been more helpful, like, ‘Okay, I’m going to help both of these people out.’”

Chris, she did it for the same reason you slapped on a bow tie and went on Larry King: Marketing. Also, dancing at a school for Oprah doesn’t really give you a free pass to rearrange Rihanna’s face right before the Grammys. I understand where you might think it does, but I also understand you wish you could order a solid gold pizza so your friends will be all like “Day-amn!”

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  1. KIKI

    @ 50, Nobody is saying that this will not blow over. It will. he is just an idiot for the way he is handling the fallout of his own mistakes. Big assed Oprah should not have to bale him out. That’s all.

  2. Yuri

    # 50, How the hell you gonna play the race card on black on black on another black story????????????????????????

  3. Tom K

    #50 shut the fuck up!!!! Getting too drunk at a party is a mistake, smoking weed and getting caught is also a stupid 20yr old male mistake, cheating on a test is a mistake, but kicking your girlfriend’s ass and biting on her fingers and beating her till her mouth filled with blood is not a fucking mistake and is not forgivable! No wonder the black community is all fucked up, with a thought process like yours. Also fuck this race card shit it doesn’t work so suck a white dick.

    Also #6. Please I’m white and you and I both know If Rihanna had been white or for example Miley Cyrus his chimp ass would have been in jail right now and there would have been a lot more pissed of mothers and fathers and white people out there if he didn’t go to jail, but Rihanna is a black girl so it’s a ” eh, who cares?” attitude.

  4. Stacy

    Have a great weekend everyone! I’m off to the beaches of Thailand, then banging the geekology writers Mom. Good times all around.

  5. Stacy

    Have a great weekend everyone! I’m off to the beaches of Thailand, then banging the geekology writers Mom. Good times all around.

  6. missywissy

    Is Chris Brown using the Menendez brothers’ stylist? I think Superficial should do some side-by pictures.

  7. You Must Be High

    There is no excuse for a man to lay a hand on a woman. I don’t care how much of a bitch Rhianna was or still is. Anyone who defends this piece of shit is a moron.

  8. Sally

    @ 49 – you are a turd and you are defending Chris Brown. Why? Oh poor thing he has to go on TV and feel embarrassed. He hardly seems remorseful and yet you still need to defend him?

    He smashed in Rhianna’s face – her entire career is built on her looks + singing. He could have ruined her life (if he left scarring). If we see pictures of Chris Brown with a smashed in face then maybe your argument may have some validity. Until then STFU.

  9. Sally

    Cass – beating someone is never a solution to any problem. Nor is physically intimidating anyone. If someone assaults you (of either gender) – run away, leave & call the cops. If Rhianna assaulted Chris Brown he could have left the scene, called the cops, but no, he decided to hit her repeatedly in the FACE. He deserves everything he gets.

  10. Rhialto

    Didn’t he watch ‘The color purple’?

  11. Darth

    She was ‘beaten’ purple in that movie?

  12. That cunt got what she deserved for singlehandedly ruining music for the last year and a half. You go Chris. Difference here is I would have punched her within her hairline, so it wouldn’t be so obvious.

  13. Kkb

    I feel bad for Curious George. Without the Man In The Yellow Hat, how can he possibly be expected to know the difference between right & wrong?

  14. ACriminalSmile

    @49: Yes, you’re right. Pictures of Rihanna’s face swollen, bruised, purpled, and lacerated can be deceiving. And those bites to her fingers? Probably a random dog that flew in through the car window, right? I’m sure Chris Brown didn’t MEAN to hit her, he was just trying to slap the dog away.

    Except there’s the part where he confessed to beating her, keeping her from leaving the vehicle, and biting her.

    But you’re right. Totally deceiving. I can see how facts and evidence would trip you up.

  15. L31

    Hi is “only” 21 an such a MORON! What a shame!

  16. Rihanna is a big ass bitch and deserved wat she gets .. nigga shouldve done threw that bitch under a passin truck .. worthless cunt!!

  17. Josh



  18. Well I think this is not what a man should do to his lady..I mean c’mon wake doubt she desreves some1 better than him..
    Colon Cleanse

  19. Lily

    He should just stop trying. The guy has to stop faking and trying to fix his rep, it won’t work. His career is ruined thanks to his idiocy.

  20. m??n

    time she hits a guy//hehehe
    she should be on
    probation also 4/her anger//
    Y iz she better than him?>?
    no one really carez bout them…boring
    #25..datz sum funnyzhit..hehehee

  21. Del

    This guy just deos not get it.

  22. Stephanie

    Rhianna + Oprah = Both Aquarius bullshitters inside their own heads. No one owes Chris Brown anything and HE doesn’t owe anyone anymore apologies. The End.

  23. o!

    Oh, and fuck you ‘fish fag for censoring posts that merely state the obvious, douche.

  24. He could have ruined her life

  25. Marshanda

    First of all it’s none of your business on what they do. If Rihanna and Chris have there fights whatever. You know becuase at the end of the day they are still going to run back to eachother. And love does hurt sometimes. But really, i don’t think many people understand the true concept of what LOVE really is. But yeah, SHUT UP EVERYBODY.. It’s not your business on what they do… That’s like me getting into with my dude i love so much, but everybody is calling themselves jumping in it. SHUT UP! It’s not your business to say anything. AND DON’T NO BODY ON THIS EARTH HAS A HEAVEN OR HELL TO PUT ANYONE IN GROW UP!

  26. This dude just does not get it.

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