Chris Brown to Oprah: ‘Bitch, get my back!’

September 4th, 2009 // 81 Comments

In his Hey, Please Buy My Music issue of People, Chris Brown takes a swing at Oprah for having a domestic violence episode of her show – dedicated to Rihanna:

“I commend Oprah on being like, ‘This is a problem,’ but it was a slap in my face. I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school. She could have been more helpful, like, ‘Okay, I’m going to help both of these people out.’”

Chris, she did it for the same reason you slapped on a bow tie and went on Larry King: Marketing. Also, dancing at a school for Oprah doesn’t really give you a free pass to rearrange Rihanna’s face right before the Grammys. I understand where you might think it does, but I also understand you wish you could order a solid gold pizza so your friends will be all like “Day-amn!”

Photo: Turner

  1. Que

    Que friendly.

  2. Boo boo

    Have to give it to the superficial…that was one of the best descriptions ever. I hate Chris Brown, hes a waste of space.

  3. stupidass

    Dear Chris Brown,

    Please eat a bag of dicks.




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  5. lizzy

    what a fucking idiot. this loser thinks because he performed at oprah’s school that she would ever condone or allow there to be excuses for what he did?

    please shoot him. self-absorbed, ignorant, good for nothing moron.

  6. Game on

    Oprah would have taken his side if he would have slapped a white woman. Come on Chris, beat down a cracker and see the love you would receive from the black community.

  7. Taz

    I will NEVER buy your music! You are a fuck face! Any man that hits a woman is a big sloppy pussy!

  8. Skeeter McPeeter

    Did he really use the expression, “a slap in my face”? LOL, that is cringeworthy right there.

  9. clarkehead

    How transparent can this guy possibly get? He’s in total damage control mode, in his powder blue sweather and matching bow tie, feigning sincerity on Larry King. You can put a bow tie on a pit bull, but it’s still a pit bull. He’s a thug who hits women, he knows it, and he doesn’t want to pay for it.

    Fuck him. I hope his career goes right into the shitter where it belongs. Men can’t beat up women and get away with it.

  10. Racid

    #6 – Yep

    Also, Orca has no problem throwing her current guests and previous guests to the wolves. Remember, people, they call these creatures talk show “hosts”. A host is supposed to be gracious to their guests, not back-stab them or blind-side them. Remember that “Million Little Pieces” idiot? Orca shred him up on camera because SHE looked bad supporting him in her stupid book club.

    So I’m with Brown on this. I’m sure she was all smiles and sweet talk while he gave his time to her. I would be pissed, too.

  11. KIKI

    10. As much as I hate this weasel, I may hate Oprah more for what she did to James Fry. That was it for my Oprah worship. Chris Brown is screwing up his career big time by messing with the “O”. Maybe he should get with Megan Fox and they can go down in flames together.

  12. Hecubus

    I have to agree with the poor guy. I mean, I saw that episode and it was just so one sided. The pro wifebeating side just wasn’t represented at all.

  13. The Black Community

    It’s a shame this boy hadnt got his ass beat yet. Don’t really care what shit he is trying to sell now but if his ass gets beat I’ll buy that record.

  14. Mr. Brooks

    He’s a shitstain punk. He wouldn’t dare hit a man; he’d hurt his dainty little hand trying.

  15. Big Show

    I like the Ike Turner mustache. His publicist needs firing because this is all clearly their fault.

  16. Mama Pinkus

    his whining reminds me of the pinheads who ragged on France for not participating in the Iraqi war debacle. HEY, I SAVED YOUR LIFE – NOW HELP ME ROB THIS LIQUOR STORE.

  17. Cass

    I feel so bad for Chris Brown! He is just a kid that reacted poorly to some bitch that was in his face. He should not be black balled! Why are men expected to sit back and let a women scream, yell, scratch and hit them and they can’t return fire? Mind you, he went way too far. But what was he suppose to do? If I was a man in that situtation I would have slapped the bitch too! I am a chick and if I hit a man i would expect a man to hit me back! Ya’ll keep in mind Rhianna seems like a dramatic bitch and I am sure everything got blown out of major proportion. Of course he is doing damage control! What would you do? He is SO young and is career is going down the toilet. He is an amazing talent! I hope he gets back on his feet.

  18. Oprah's sycophant

    Come on 18, did you see her face? It sounds like you like the beat down yourself.

  19. I like when Chris Brown says something is a metaphorical “slap in his face”

  20. Name No

    @ 13, Funny! Maybe #18 Cass can represent the pro wife beaters. God forbid you get in a mans face.

  21. ROUGH before dishonor

    I heard Phil Donohue is head grounds keeper at O camp…

  22. Cass

    did you see her not even a week later?! With him no less?! She didn’t look THAT bad then. Media hyped the shit outta that one. He is not a monster and She is no angel. yes he did go to far but I am still behind him. I don’t get hit because I would NEVER put my hands on ANYBODY man or woman for ANY reason unless they hurt my kid, then that’s a different story

  23. MMM bop

    Who is he trying to be in this get up? Malcome X?

  24. Ram Punchington

    Nice bow tie and Joe Jackson mustache!!

    Go Fuck Yourself.

    Punchington Out.

  25. OJ Simpson

    Leave Chris Brown alone. Shit.

  26. mjisburied?

    Chinese Americans call this the Year of the Sparkling Wiggle, thanks Obama Kool Aid drinkers , THANKS A BUNCH !

  27. McBiff

    Just another faggot that’s bitching cause their career is over

  28. McBiff

    Just another faggot that’s bitching cause their career is over

  29. cringeworthy

    It’s funny that he thinks he was helping Oprah out by singing at her school. (Was he paid?) I do believe SHE was helping HIM out. It is not wise to mess with the O. His sense of entitlement disgusts me.

  30. douglas

    you can take a boy out of the hood………….

  31. missywissy

    Dude, Oprah doesn’t give a shit about you. I agree with #6. I went to one of her shows and she is a first class racist bitch. Her staff treated everybody absolutely like cattle and the shit stuck to cattle’s asses.

    Why doesn’t Chris Brown just get the fuck knocked out of him, and we’ll all feel better? This whole thing would go away and justice would win for once.

    To people who say “Don’t mess with the O”…. Why not? Is she a Clinton?

  32. douglas

    In the words of a wise man…..Easy E.

    She said somethin’ that I couldn’t believe
    So I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy ass weave
    She started talkin’ shit, would’nt you know?
    I reached back like a pimp and slapped the hoe’

    Can anyone smell a Chris Brown remake of this classic???

  33. Warren Piece

    “I was like… she was like… like I’m gonna… like…” Jesus! Stop using the word “Like” as a space filler, or becuase you’re not smart enough to think of another word.

  34. Warren Piece

    “I was like… she was like… like I’m gonna… like…” Jesus! Stop using the word “Like” as a space filler, or because you’re not smart enough to think of another word.

  35. Doesn’t Chris Brown know that people don’t ‘do’ things for Oprah. SHE does things for people. If you think that Oprah would give you her blessing and have your ‘back’ you don’t understand the magnitude of the situation.

    1. “Poperah” (prounounced POPE RAH, ie, OPRAH and the POPE combined) is at the top of the media food chain, humanitarian food chain, women’s issues food chain, you Chris Brown are at the bottom, the very very bottom of the food chain.

    2. Oprah is smart. She knows when to support and when to steer clear of abusers.

    3. Oprah is not going to pardon you or absolve you of your ‘sins’ because you sang at her school. I’m sure you were nicely compensated for your appearance.

    Why do you think people owe you something Chris? They don’t.

    You are yesterday’s news. Old hat. Bottom feeder. There is a place that men go when they can’t control their anger. JAIL.

    “According to a report filed by a probation officer for Brown’s sentencing, approximately three months before the February incident, Brown and Rihanna had a “verbal dispute” in Europe that escalated into physical violence, with Rihanna slapping Brown and Brown responding by shoving Rihanna into a wall.”

    “And a mere three weeks prior to the February incident, Brown broke the driver’s and front passenger’s windows in a borrowed Range Rover that he and Rihanna were riding in, following an argument that the two had in Rihanna’s homeland of Barbados.”

    Sorry Chris but your behavior is criminal. Rage. You need help. The true test will be when Rihanna falls in love with someone else, someone better. Let’s see how you handle yourself then. That will be the truest test for your intent.

  36. Whether a man hits a woman, or a woman hits a man, it means the same. A complete loss of temper. Inability to control temper leads one to all sorts of unpleasant outcomes.

  37. Name No

    4. Ha, ha @ Fish, that was great!

  38. Uhm, who cares?

    People seem to forget that Rihanna, who I think is over dramatic and will over react towards anything, also assulted Chris throughout the relationship.

    I don’t get how women complain about sexism, when women too, can abuse men and expect not to get in trouble just because they are women. I see men abused and cry by their wives *(nd mind you, girls can also hit), and people ridicule them calling them sissies or even pussies. This is rediculous and truly hypocritical.

    Rihanna, in my opinion, is the kind of girl that “gets in your face” and doesn’t think before speaking OR acting. It’s funny how people look at the horrible deeds that this young man, whereas there totally brush the fact that Rihanna is also at fault.

  39. rayyman

    I’m with Chris on this!.. chill Oprah

  40. Cass

    THANK YOU #38!!! That is what I have been saying!

  41. The 'A' Man

    Why cant Chris beat the shit out of Oprah??? Problem Solved!!! I hate them both!!!

  42. Banquo

    Oprah doesn’t want to get too involved because then people might find out that she goes home and beats her man into submission so she can gnaw some of his flesh off. Then she feeds him milkshakes and Monte Cristo sandwiches to plump him up for her next humanflesh hunger.

  43. Vee

    Honestly; I think that if Rihanna was white or even Asian Orprah would do a bit of pardoning. Sorry; but as nice as Orprah seems (no denying she has done good things) she’s very pro-black, no matter what.

    And if a white person critisized this guy, he’d be crying racist.

    Honestly though, this guy should dissapar. He’s screwing himself even deeper in the hole. He honestly has very little hope (except by ghetto/ghetto-wannabes who think he was allowed to hit his girl, and delusional girls who feel the same) to get back in the game.

    As for Rihanna beating Chris, do we have any proof? Like does he have any bruises, scars or broken bones? If the does that’s one thing, but come on.

    Even so, I do feel a bit bad for Rihanna, domestic abuse is never nice or ok with either gender as the victim. But now it’s time to just shut it down. Say not to Chris Brown and he’ll (hopefully) eventually just get the idea and leave.

  44. Uhm, who cares?

    @#43: I understand what you’re saying, but we do indeed have proof. Not physically, but by witnesses and bystanders.

    And Chris is digging a deeper grave for himself by doing interviews on NATIONAL T.V.

    And domestic abuse is never ok or acceptable, but as I stated earlier, it isn’t Chris’ entire fault and too many are turning a blind eye to his situation and simply jumping into conclusion with “zOMG, WOMAN BEATER” you know? People are going nuts over this.

    I mean, have you seen interviews with Rihanna dealing with this problem? No, because people know that she was also apart of this and she knew something was going to happen.

    Obviously, this problem has been building up for sometime now and something triggered it.


    People who are bashing on his way of talking on T.V., you try going on national T.V. and try replying to questions regarding to abusing your ex-gf. You’d be pretty damn nervous too with the thought that there are millions of people out there that hate you and your career is totally failing.

  45. Tina Lee

    @43. Unfortunatly Oprah is not the Queen she thinks she is so there would be no “pardoning” of Chris Brown no matter what. She would, however, let him on her show to explain his side of the story to help save his career IF the woman in question, Rhihanna, would have been anything but black. I don’t understand why he thinks that Oprah should save his career anyway.

  46. Randall

    Oprah is the devil who will haunt your dreams and rape your soul.

  47. Jamie's Uterus

    I have loathed Oprah from day 1. She’s a total phoney and will do anything for a buck.

  48. ACriminalSmile

    @44: Sorry, no. That’s completely untrue. There was ONE reported incident where someone said they saw Rihanna “slap” Chris Brown, and that he pushed her into a wall and threatened her, but there are no confirmations of this happening.

    Also, during the car incident, Rihanna yelled at Chris and then tried to get out of the vehicle. She did not hit him. Though, if my man got a text from an ex, I think I’d be doing some yelling, too, if that text message were an indication that something was still going on between them. Who knows though.

    Sure, she may have overreacted and said some things. But being yelled at by a woman does NOT give a man the right to beat the shit out of her, no matter what she says, and vice versa. She was trying to LEAVE the vehicle, and he closed the door, boxed her in, and pounded her face in. That is not right in ANY situation, so your defense of this monster is bullshit.

    Watching someone blame a victim is really, really sad. It’s like saying that a girl who tells a guy, “fuck you, I’m not having sex with you” deserves to be raped because she “got in his face.” Idiots.

  49. Uhm, who cares?


    When in my comments have I defended Chris Brown? All I stated was it was both their faults, meaning I chose no sides, and looking at both sides, and as I stated in earlier posts, “…domestic abuse is never ok or acceptable.” or did you simply ignore that line? :P All I said that DEFENDED him was to imagine your self being interviewed on national T.V. before you bash anyone else of this matter.

    How do you know that these incidents are true? Did you see them for your self? Sure they got pictures, but the pictures can deceive so can the word of mouth.

    Please keep an open-mind before calling others an idiot, and please read properly. :P I did no such thing towards you to call me any names what-so-ever. It’s completely immature and rude.

  50. stop hating!

    man, this site is sure full of hate. i guess no young 20yr old black man can make a missed, pay for it and reform according to he is forever guilty huh?

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