Chris Brown talks about dating again. Oh, good.

November 17th, 2009 // 46 Comments

Hopefully the point of asking Chris Brown when he’s going to date is to alert potential victims, but this is MTV so let’s assume they want to film it:

“My whole dating thing, I’ve been kinda chillin’,” he told MTV News. “I mean, I’m Chris Brown. I’m not saying it like that, but it’s just, like, girls are gonna be around. I love women. But I would say I’ve just been chillin’. I haven’t really been trying to get into a relationship or trying to date anybody. I’ve just kinda been working on me. Like I said, just really getting me straight.”

If by “I’m Chris Brown” you didn’t mean “I have a shitload of money and women are gold-digging whores who’ll convince themselves it’s Rihanna fault for sticking her ear between my teeth,” you’re doing it wrong.

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  1. Smile

    The humanzee Oliver is single *hint, hint*

  2. pappy smeary

    that boy be crazy he should date white girls, they be good at keepins they mouth shut if you gots to hit them… TRUST ME

  3. dino

    hope he doesn’t pull an OJ

  4. Luis

    he should be in prison dating a guy with a 10 inch cock…lol…ouch

  5. Anexio

    Oh come on people, I seriously think Chris Brown has paid enough for his indiscretion.

    None of us were there that night. None of us could hear the screeching yap of that bitch Rhianna just saying the same stupid thing over and over and over.

    Sometimes a man just has to take control and that’s what the mighty Chris Brown did. Now everyone is trying to take his balls away and guess what? It ain’t gonna happen.


  6. devika

    very impressed with your stance on this, superfish.

  7. Yeah, what a dumb N-word.
    Relax liberal hippies, I meant nincompoop.

  8. judgemental whore

    Wow, I didn’t think anyone existed who could make Kanye West look coherent. Incomprehensible and entitled, thy name is Chris Brown.

    (Bonus: I love how in the photo he has his mouth open like he’s ready to chomp on that nearby girl’s ear. OM NOM NOM.)

  9. stupidass

    well, let’s hope chris brown get back to business soon. i mean, all these bitches aren’t just gonna punch themselves, you know?

  10. White E

    The apes always go for the blondes it seems. Can’t say I blame them. I would imagine this girl’s family are very proud.

  11. Fuck Him and Fuck U

    @Anexio. Ur exactly the type of gullible, silly, bitch that Fish was talking about. Hence the hilarious and I quote, “women are gold-digging whores who’ll convince themselves it’s Rihanna fault for sticking her ear between my teeth.” comment. He won’t stop. As soon as another chick pisses him off he’ll become pimp smack-a-ho again, except since the next chick won’t be famous or as famous as Rhianna she’ll keep her mouth shut and accept the beatings along with appologizes as long as he gives her money/gifts. Also, Im convinced he’s a closet gay (as are most abusers frustrated about their sexuality) Proof in point…..

  12. Superbiggerevil

    I’m hoping the next woman he tries to slap around is a 5th degree blackbelt or a secret gun nut! Would love to see this fucking primate being wheeled in to ICU with his balls ruptured.

  13. laurente

    #7 you scare me
    He should pay for what he did over and over again
    this is not some little thing
    he will do it again
    the anger is still there underneath the smiles and the bs Hollywood I am a Star look
    You should never forget
    women beware
    it doesn’t matter what a woman does NO ONE deserves that kind of horrific beating
    this guy is disgusting pig

  14. laurente

    #7 you scare me
    He should pay for what he did over and over again
    this is not some little thing
    he will do it again
    the anger is still there underneath the smiles and the bs Hollywood I am a Star look
    You should never forget
    women beware
    it doesn’t matter what a woman does NO ONE deserves that kind of horrific beating
    this guy is a disgusting pig

  15. anon

    this monkey belongs in a cage

  16. KR

    Anexio: seriously bro, get professional help.

  17. donnerpartyoffive

    Pretty sure dude (read:anexio) was just trolling, or he’s just incredibly stupid. It could go both ways here. As far as Chris Brown goes he’s a despicable person, it’s like he has completely put the whole thing behind him. The complete lack of shame and humility is disturbing and then talking like you’re God’s gift to women definitely doesn’t help. He’ll get his though, if I can figure out how to work this voodoo doll.

  18. He hasn’t payed enough because he still doesn’t care. He will do it again, he will buy his way out of trouble, others will still try to justify his actions.

  19. chrissux

    this guy gives black people a bad name

  20. AteIsEnough

    I”ve got you straight already…you’re just a f**king jerk-off that thinks he’s somebody or something. Really, you come off as a ignorant bitch to the people that really matter. Oh, but yellow looks great on you though – dick!

  21. pappy smeary

    @22 im pretty sure their parents do that (i.e. anfernee hardaway)

  22. El Franco

    Oh, he’s a poor excuse for a human being, for sure. No question. But now that everyone is armed with the information of how much a low-life Brown is, if a silly woman decides to hookup with him, she does so with full knowledge and can’t claim ignorance and the fame-seeking flake shan’t be pitied.

  23. p0nk

    i hope he finds someone who will make him a g’damn sammich this time.

  24. Rancid

    People, relax. He is obviously gracious enough to take pictures with fans. The girls look thrilled. He’s being cool and people here are ripping on him?

  25. pappy smeary

    i think he is dreamy… **blushing while batting eyelashes**

  26. sue

    He is not the first black man to hit a woman and he will not be the last, Ike turner did , Tyson did it and lord know s who else. so lay of the young boy he will learn from his mistake. Keep your head up, good luck.

  27. Prison Mike

    This guy is such a douche.

  28. Tia

    He doesn’t to a damn thing against black people… where do you suckers get off? Your white males… quite a few as a matter of fact has bludgeoned their women often, try Googling a few of your Hollywood greats one especially that won three major awards. Get off of Chris Brown’s d***. Or is the problem that many of you want to really be on it and this blogger probably is getting her rocks off by his pictures nightly. Get over it, his fans have fools.

  29. Sue are you serious?

    #29 sounds like an ape. I hope one of your kind beats you relentlessly. Isn’t Jane Goodal looking for you?
    If that pussy had done that to a woman in my family he would be laying out in the woods somewhere feeding buzzards.

  30. Chicken Fillet

    Looks like he’s giving that girl pleasure… she looks satisfied dats for sure.

    2 in the pink, 1 in the stink?
    Or in the case of the kinda girls hanging with this douche, it’s all stink no matter where you you’re fingers.

  31. Hey looking like a dumb .. I just don’t like him . Totally worthless…

  32. Sam

    Women are so stupid. Look at that bitch in that first photo, she’s like swept away and shit.

  33. Stephanie

    Inappropriate or promotional comments may be removed.–The Superficial. How about living up to your policies? Racism and hate are SO much classier than a teenage boy losing his cool with a jealous girlfriend. It’s nice to see how far this site lets the comments go when everyone is riding the writer’s jock. I’m sorry this makes you all so bitter, but maybe you should….get over it? Looks like Rihanna has. How about you all pick the worst moment/decision you made at Chris Brown’s age and pay for THAT the rest of your life?

  34. disgusted

    It’s amazing how some of the females here (would love to know their ethnicity) are actually supporting little chrissy and her attack on what’sherface.
    Dear Stephanie, no man or teenager beats a girl up unless he is an animal. If something like that happened to a guy’s sister his first reaction would be to destroy the mother fucker.
    That’s how caucasion types think.

  35. ardgelina

    @38 …. that’s how Caucasian types think? No thats anyone that doesn’t have some kind of stupid crush on Chris Brown thinks. I’m not “Caucasian” and i think he is gross and anyone that thinks it was her fault needs to die…. respectfully of course! It really pisses me off 2 see stupid women comment on this situation and say she had it coming and she is crazy or gave him a std…. wtf so u can beat the bloody hell out of someone for that? He should have gotten jail time!!!!!!

  36. JC

    When is he going on his “Chillin’ and Woman Beating” tour?

  37. Racist-o-meter

    I like how some of you are bringing the fact that he’s black into the situation… there are white rocker’s in 3somes, raping, and beating chicks all the time… what punishment or judgement do they receive? NONE… What about your dear Hollywood actors and actresses doing God knows what? Are they not human enough to deserve to live? Would you refer to them as apes and monkey? He’s paying his debt to society. You judgmental bigots just need to GET OVER IT. I’m sure you have a felon cousin somewhere.

  38. Criminal on the loose

    He should have his hands cut off. he did try to kill Rihanna when he strangled her until she chocked.

    He is a menace to society.

  39. Michelle

    You can bash the guy for beng a woman beater, but what the fuck is up with all the bullshit ‘ape’ and ‘monkey’ comments??? I agree with #41, why aren’t people crucifying the rockers and actors that also use women as punching bags and worse? I’m not defending him at all, but a lot of this bashing seems very biased.

  40. @#43
    Here! Here!

  41. anna

    THE LAW ALREADY PUNISHED HIM, SO DID THE HATERS AND HURT FANS! now leave him alone! I don’t think what he did was right, I know it wasn’t, and mtv is crazy about asking him about dating again! at least he says he’s now working on him, it’s too soon for him to date again, the girl would be crazy..and by the “I’m Chris Brown”it sounds egotistical but it probably means he knows it’s because of his money and looks that the girls will come.

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