Chris Brown taking anger management classes

February 26th, 2009 // 56 Comments

Chris Brown attended his first anger management class on Monday, NY Daily News reports:

According to a source, Brown opted for anger management at the behest of his spin doctor, Michael Sitrick. “Chris doesn’t actually have to go by law,” our insider tells us, “but he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before March 5,” his court date.

Well, at least Chris Brown is getting help for all the right reasons: To look good in the press and serve a lighter sentence. Because had he done it to stop beating women, that just wouldn’t make any sense.

Photo: WENN

  1. I wonder if the Rihanna wallpaper in his room is going to help or hurt?

  2. Captain_Insano

    I’m so fucking sick of seeing this ugly motherfuckers fucking face.

  3. Jesse

    Makes sense, as long as Rihanna is taking listening skills classes.

  4. Teacher

    Ok, class our first lesson in anger management is: never hook up with trannies. Sure, you might be curious, but it always ends up poorly.

  5. mature person

    No matter the motivation, that’s always a good idea to take anger management classes. I still wouldn’t want Rihanna to go back to him, though.

  6. Jrz

    This will work until he punches out the instructor

  7. mary

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  8. So hes taking anger management to look good in front of the judge, not because he really needs it? the judge should throw the book at his head literally…

  9. sallylove23

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  10. Jrz

    Hey, Mary, you think he’s hot? Then you should date him. Maybe he’ll beat your stupid ass to a pulp, too.

  11. Northern Wang

    That’s too bad. Him beating the shit out of Rihanna was the most entertaining thing he ever did as far as I’m concerned.

  12. I’d be angry all the time too if I had to prance around lie a fairy for a living.

  13. Cookie Vanderbilt

    Calling all bullsh*t.

    Domestic Violence courts will ORDER him to take these classes once his charges are finalized and sentencing handed down. He’s just getting a jump start to look good before the judge.

  14. Apes in the White House

    I hear Chris Brown is up for the part of Travis the Chimp in the new Lifetime movie about Travis.

  15. Massa'

    @15 Mom told us we have to get off the computers…… she’s getting horny again…….

  16. Jones

    He is one seriously ugly mutha fucker.

  17. Chris Drown

    I’d hit him. Oh wait…..

  18. p0nk

    #4 Jesse, well done

  19. Chris Brown

    I’d hit me…. oh wait I did

  20. mimi

    I think he kind of cute myself.

  21. Capatin_Insano

    He’s got the kind of face you just want to use as a speed bag. Your fists wouldn’t even get sore with the soft gushyness of those gigantic lips.

  22. me

    Negro men take a long time to mature. It seems the age of 50 is about the age when they calm down and stop acting like savages.

  23. elvira

    What’s the time frame for maturity for retarded ass bigots like you? Let us know when you get to be 70 and dribbling and too old to matter any more. Oh wait, that’s now.

  24. Kelley

    Douchebag … next ? !

  25. Darth

    He’s pretty late with taking anger management classes.He had to take them right away,showing his regret.He’s still a young guy,maybe there’s hope.But some will learn it never.

  26. Kate

    Haha, I think superficial making fun of Chris Brown is my new favorite read.

    It’s easy to make fun of such a d-bag though.

  27. Valerie

    Dude, I’m gonna have to agree with Fish or whatever he’s called on this one: “Because had he done it to stop beating women, that just wouldn’t make any sense” word, up. He truly is a shitty person. I used to enjoy hearing him sing, now I don’t like it. Kinda like when I thought DMX was kinda cool until I found out he mistreated and starved pitbulls–made me mad and disgusted everytime I heard his punk ass BARK on a track. I love pitbulls, whoever fucks with them needs to be tortured to death.

  28. Apes in the White House

    Sending a Porch Monkey to Anger Management is like sending Corky the retard to M.I.T. to teach nuclear fission.

    The problem with liberals, they think that they can solve everyone’s problems with some sort of program. If they were realists, they would see that the common negro ape is not capable of normal human behavior, and no matter how many organizations and programs are created to help, it’s all just a waste of time and money. The negro apes should be kept in zoos and/or used for medical/biological/military testing in research facilities, where they can ultimately useful to society.

  29. daunte

    His mouth looks just like prison pussy. Thats why he is smiling. He knows he is going to be put back in the primate cage and let the alpha gorilla make him his bitch.

  30. wilford brimley

    #29 Just die. Really just fucking die. people on this site who don’t like Brown’s behavior don’t want you siding with us. I’m a conservative McCain voter and I don’t want you in my camp you racist nazi KKK fuck.

  31. me

    Pretty soon no one will be safe from negro behavior. They spread like cockroaches. It’s our fault for keeping them alive by giving them everything.

  32. Danklin24

    #29 you’re a real piece of garbage. Is your problem with liberals or black people because you’re really fucking confusing. You do know that white people have the same programs right? So do conservatives so your argument/racist rant doesnt make any fucking sense. Programs dont do any good, huh? Okay ill tell your alcoholic mother that. Dont bother going to AA, your son says it wont work.

  33. bradm

    Three words: Punk. Ass. Bitch.

  34. Chad

    I hope J-Z ice’s this fuckin punk !!!

  35. fanta

    i could care less about rihanna yet this is the type of face you just wanna shit on when you see

  36. me

    It’s common for male negroes to brutally beat their females. They don’t have the concept of right and wrong. The negro is an emotional species that relies on impulses, not logic. That’s why they demand to be treated differently.

  37. missywissy

    oh boy, now it’s time for damage control! Next, he’ll be a spokesperson against abuse or he’ll take photo ops at battered women’s shelters. He’s got to turn around his public image, and the sad part is….. people will buy it and continue buying these people’s cds that encourage physical violence. Pink even is ready to start a fight! She’s gonna get the white girls going at it and these rappers are going to continue to glamorize slappin up a bitch. Yea celebrities!!! Just keep photo ops handy!

  38. jBiGGs

    whats next bankers going to money mangment classes!>…

  39. I think brown still has a career. This is just a minor speedbump!

  40. guyth

    He is busy with his online dating thing, His profile was seen at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ yesterday.

  41. Fiz

    UMMMMMMM. RIHANNA IN A BIKINI ON TMZ! Hello Fish, why haven’t you posted her today yet? She looks great! I’m glad she’s better. F#*k Chris Brown.

  42. Aja

    lol@37…yeah, white guys never hit women…lmfao!!!! fucking retard

  43. billabong021


    This dude’s career is over, no two ways about it.

    He’s a woman beating cunt and that’s how he’s gonna be forgotten.

  44. lucy

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  45. CandyO

    Chris is so chocolately brown and divine
    I’d love to feel him in my behind
    Pulling my hair and slapping my ass
    Even an angel like me can sometimes be crass

  46. Prof

    Taking anger management AFTER you get caught whippin’ your girlfriends ass & fucking your career up, hmm it’s kinda like buying a condom AFTER you fucked your best friend’s fat slutty sister & now she’s got the baby bump showing! It’s just too little & way too late for that to save your ass Mr. Brown U FAIL.

  47. daunte

    He did not post the Rhianna bikini pic because he is a flaming queer that likes the items about men. He post who he wants to suck dry next. Apparently he has a major chubbie for Chris Brown.

  48. Domestic Violence isn’t about out-of-control anger. It’s about the need to use aggression and fear to control your partner and get what you want out of a relationship.

    Also I’ll say I’ve seen just as many podunk redneck men beat their wives as I have blacks or hispanics. Trash is trash, no matter the color.

  49. Apes in the White House

    @49. You have to look at the percentages. There might be 1%-3% of white people are abusive to their spouse. But it jumps to about 75%-90% for Porch Monkeys and Beaners. It’s just how they are genetically programmed. Like certain types of sharks are more apt to attack people than others. It’s the same with people, there’s no reason, it just is.

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