Chris Brown supports Tiger Woods

February 25th, 2010 // 26 Comments

Somewhere Nike just shit a Cross Trainer. Via E! News:

“My hat goes off to him,” Chris says. “I support him. I hope he gets back on the field and does his thing because he is the best at it.”
But the chatter doesn’t stop there. Without prodding, Rihanna’s ex-beau, a self-proclaimed non-troublemaker, offers a comparison to their current dramatic plights.
“I think people always deserve a second chance,” he says. “I know my fans gave me a second chance and people gave me a second chance.”
In Brown’s mind, it’s all about what you do in public, not behind closed doors.
“Whatever his personal life is–and I think this goes for me and him–his personal life is his personal life. Nobody has the right to place judgment or make any judgment on somebody else’s personal life when they’re not directly involved with them,” he continues. “He plays golf. That’s his sport, that’s his hobby, that’s his love, that’s what people love him for. They don’t love him for the other stuff that they talk about. Even with me, I do music, I sing songs, I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer. But people make mistakes.”

So let me see if I got this straight: Millions of dollars in hush money to Tiger’s mistresses, the largest, most painstakingly scripted press conference on the planet, a Sports Illustrated photographer on staff to take pretend candid photos, but no one thought to toss Chris Brown a pair of solid gold high-tops to never say the words Tiger Woods until 2012? Christ. How do you miss that one? At this point you might as well let Tiger bang hookers on C-SPAN like he asked.

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  1. OTP

    Hahahahhahaha! Look how gay he is now!

  2. JR

    Hmmm, I can’t figure out who needs to die in a fire more: Chris Brown or John Mayer? Can’t we just give them both butterfly knives and pit them against each other in a caged death match?

    Preferably televised.

  3. Inmate #2648927

    What a dildo.

  4. Colossal dildo. You are correct sir.

  5. KC

    Why is he so dumb?

  6. Naked Chicks Rule

    Well, “field” as in “play the field,” and “doing what he’s best at” as in banging stupid white sluts.

    Basically, CB is telling Tiger to leave his family & live a life of sexual decadence.

    Way to go, Chris & Tiger!


  7. josh

    Like it or not, he’s 100% right.

    Also, Rihanna is the biggest upfront whore in the music industry by far. She actually goes out of her way to let people know how trashy she is. Its like ever since she got smashed up she thinks she can do no wrong in people’s eyes.

  8. Flower

    He just can’t get through a conversation without it becoming all about HIM, can he?

  9. juiceinla

    Wait. who gave beat down brown “a second chance”? who does he think are his fans?

    On second thought, NO ONE ask him, because we don’t really want to hear him open that yapper again.

  10. you’re not helping chris

  11. Lauren

    He is not so much supporting Tiger Woods as he is just going on about his thing.. AGAIN.

    It doesn’t suprise me that he has an opinion on Tiger- Douchebags UNITE!

  12. The entire human race asks

    Who’s Chris Brown?

  13. Yeap,I also ask ” Who’s Chris Brown?”

  14. Gee

    It’s official. Tiger Woods can kiss his career goodbye. It’s been given the Chris Brown touch of death.

  15. captain america


  16. grace

    Chris brown is definitely right, their personal life is their business, so why are you people losing sleep over him and rihanna, they both acknowledged their mistakes and go over the situation. Let them live.

  17. kas

    Um. It’s a course Chris Brown… not a field. Nice try though.

  18. Joel

    I wonder is Chris leaned over and told Tiger to slap that biotch around she’ll shut up …

  19. No surprise this Chris Brown post didn’t get many hits b/c people on this site come from a higher demographic, fine families, are in college and are cut from a finer cloth than this punk ass 20 yr. old ever had the luxury of knowing. They don’t care about gutter trash. And they’ll probably never read this…

  20. clearly not the right person to be endorsing tiger woods lol

  21. He is not so much supporting Tiger Woods as he is just going on about his thing..

  22. Seriously? How slanted can you sleazy mud-slingers be? You sought CHRIS BROWN’S opinion of Tiger Woods? Simply by choosing Chris Brown, you have openly projected your bias. Why not ask a mass murder what they think about Mr. Woods, I’m sure that won’t influence public opinion either.

  23. Chris Brown is a cool man! I think there are a lot of girls love he.

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  26. PrdBlckMn

    Why won’t people be honest and just admit that
    Chris Brown looks just like a straight-up APE.
    (maybe it’s because of his low eyebrows)

    Seriously — the boy looks exactly like an ape
    (or maybe more like a chimp or something like
    that — but most definitely like some type of a
    monkey — so, you decide which kind of monkey)

    It surprises me that few people
    seem to have ever noticed this.

    It’s not racist to say this either .. because it
    is ‘Chris Brown’ (and not ‘every single black
    person’ on earth) who looks like a monkey.

    His old mentor, P Diddy, looks exactly
    like either ‘a buck-toothed monkey’
    or a ‘close-cropped-afroed horse’

    And with all the money that he has, why hasn’t
    old ‘P’ at least tried to get his goofy, dufus-looking
    gi-normous teeth ’sanded down’ & ‘pushed back’?

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