Chris Brown sued for assault – by an idiot

Chris Brown and LA Fitness are being sued by paparazzo Robert Rosen who tried to get a picture of Chris at the gym just days after the Rihanna incident. Robert instead got his ass handed to him by Chris’ bodyguard and is suing for personal injury, according to People:

Rosen claims he was chased by the bodyguard, who yelled at him after taking the picture while Brown was playing basketball, and attempted to run away, but an employee of L.A. Fitness Club allegedly “tried to block [Rosen’s] exit and grabbed his clothing and body.”
Rosen broke free but then fell down a flight of stairs, the lawsuit says. The bodyguard then allegedly “picked [Rosen] up by his shorts, and physically assaulted him,” according to the lawsuit. Rosen adds he was “severely injured and disabled, both internally and externally,” claims he was falsely imprisoned, and is seeking damages covering his medical bills and emotional distress.
Rosen, who’s also suing the fitness club for negligence and other claims, argues its employees did not adequately protect him.

Okay, sounds believable. Except if you watch the video above taken immediately after the “attack,” Robert claims full responsibility for his broken leg, calls Chris Brown “a good guy” and says the bodyguard was just doing his job. If I was Robert’s lawyer and saw this for the first time today, I’m pretty sure I’d have legal grounds to kick my client in the nuts. Or at least give him an Indian burn.