Chris Brown still eligible for Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards

March 9th, 2009 // 69 Comments

Because getting slimed is a prestigious honor, Nickelodeon will not tamper with the nomination process for its Kids’ Choice Awards, and the network is leaving Chris Brown’s name on the ballots for Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song despite all that stuff about pulverizing Rihanna’s face and being charged with two felonies. Kids love that shit. TMZ reports:

Instead of being responsible adults and taking a stance, Nickelodeon, which airs the award show at the end of the month, is hiding behind their tiny voters. A Nick exec tells TMZ Brown “was nominated by kids several months ago, and the kids who vote will ultimately decide who wins in the category.”

I think it’s important that kids learn a valuable lesson here: If you act like a spoiled punk bitch and knock around your girlfriend, people will still think you’re cool. Also, you get to meet The Rock, so you might want to be writing this down.

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  1. OJ's Mom

    Everyone on this site needs to vote for him. That will make Nic crap their pants when he wins and they have to figure out what to do while he stands on stage trying to hide his bloody nuckles.

  2. b

    Black families can’t afford cable. At least there are no blackies on Spongebob.

  3. fuckin

    fucking ad cancer at the top of the screen that needs to go the fuck away.

  4. jrz

    I can just see it…..
    Little Dakota Fanning standing at the podium…..
    “And the award for Outstanding Pimp Handin’ goes to…………..CHRIS BROWN! for his Pre-Oscar Night beating of Rihanna!!!!!!!” *cue music*
    “Chris can’t be with us tonight because he’s locked up in County for 18 months! Chris! Good job!!!!!!”

  5. justice!

    …and at the same time, rihanna has been expelled from the competition because of her inexcusable efforts to stop with her face the innocent motion of chris brown’s fists in the air…

    the guys at nickelodeon sure know how to serve justice!

  6. Joline

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  7. Make it stop

    Why are people kissing his ass? If I was Rihana’s dad I would have personally knocked this asshole’s teeth out by now…

  8. Jrz

    hey, Joline…I recommend YOU a very interesting place…..the bottom of a fucking lake.

  9. Danielle

    So typical “b”. So typical. You can’t even afford a bar soap, let alone afford to make such a stupid ass comment about a group of people who probably make more $$ than you do.

    Go back to scrubbing dishes at the Rib Shack.

  10. The little squirts are going to vote for him,,,kids are born liberals…

  11. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I heard RIHANNA took him back, no?
    Well, if SHE’S not pissed at him then why should we be????

  12. Jrz

    11: Um, because I think it has something to do with a guy bashing a chick’s face in that kinda might make people react a little negatively. So, tell me…what color is the sky in your warped little world, anyhow?

  13. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I felt bad for her. Til I heard she took him back. How can I feel sorry for her if she finds that acceptable? If anything I’ve lost respect for BOTH of them (Not that I ever had that much to begin with).

    And my sky is black….black as the devil’s heart! mwahahaha!

  14. I would like to punch him in the face for punching her in the face.

  15. Jrz

    #13, don’t incite the rednecks like that… know they’re going to say something like, The sky is black….black like Chris Brown’s blah blah blah blah……sheesh! We’re trying to quell the bigotry

  16. Massa'

    In today’s politically correct media, if a negro ape is nominated for anything, they usually win, because the voters are usually self-loathing America hating guilt-ridden white liberals who don’t want to appear racist by not voting for the darkie, despite whether or not they deserve it.

    Case in point, Denzel Washington winning an Oscar forTraining Day. When Ray Liotta (Narc) and Kurt Russell (Dark Blue) played much better parts in basically the same movies, portraying dirty cops. Why Denzel got the nod is overly obvious, he’s a porch monkey, and it’s up to the Liberal media/hollywood to elevate Negro Apes to the status of white people.

  17. Jrz

    *Points at #16*
    See what I mean??!!

  18. #16 – You bore me..


  19. holey-0

    He probably is the kid’s choice. The American Kid’s choice. American kids are brought up not to tolerate others and if that means beating the crap out of your girlfriend, so be it. But he’s not Caucasian with an abnormal orange tan so I guess that’ll confuse them.

  20. Good job Massa'!

    I really don’t have much to add to Massa’, #16. He did a remarkably good job, which I very much appreciate.


    Again, congratulations on a job well done. I salute your efforts, which are more worthy of a prize than any Oscar winner’s.

    Here’s to you, Massa’! You’re a grand old flogger! : )

  21. Apes in the White House

    Webster’s added a new term to thier scientific dictionary:

    North American Street Ape. From the species (Negroeous Apium Welfarius): A type of farm animal used for physical labor previous to agricultural advances in technology that made them obsolete. The feral North American Street Ape is not native to the United States, and has decimated and destroyed the economic, social, and residential infrastructures of every urban setting in every city in the US. Left to breed uncontrollabley, the North American Street Ape has had a devastating effect on the overall productivity and economic growth of the United States. While exhausting resources at record pace, and offering no marketable skill or use of any kind, and not producing or giving back to the resource pool, the North America Street Ape has the potential to completely destroy the United States and turn it into a third world country. The over-population of the NASA needs to be controlled, as is done with deer and wild turkeys. Hunting seasons for the North American Street Ape is one way to control the population. Keeping them in zoo’s and using the rest for medical/biological testing is another proven method of population control.

  22. The up side is that those kids will be on their best behavior cause Chris don’t take no crap.

  23. Hello 'Tards!

    #20–You confuse intolerance to ignorance and racism with liberalism. I hate liberal bleeding hearts just as much as your staunchest conservative…but I think I hate intolerant douchebags just a little more. There’s a difference in political ideology and racism. But then again, racists aren’t known for logic.

  24. RichPort's Ghost

    #23, sugarcoat your liberalsm as much as you want, but the bottom line is that negros are an inferior race, and everybody knows it.

    Despite having more opportunities to succed in life in America than any other race of people, the negro is still a perpetual failure.

    Negros are given more financial aid, welfare, more programs and plans to help climb out of poverty than any other race, yet still they fail.

    Negros are given their own racist award shows, television channels, magazines, publications, etc….yet no one ever calls them racist. Imagine the White Entertainment Television compared to BET (Black Entertainment TV), the Essence Awards would be countered with the Caucasion Awards…..what a joke and double standard

    Negros have contibuted nothing to the technological advances of Western Civilization

    Look at every Negro run country in Africa/Europe, they’re all in complete chaos. Starving and war torn.

    75% of all black males have been in some phase of the correctional system vs less than 5% of white males.

    Every urban setting in America has been completely overrun and decimated by negros. Most inner-cities resemble war-torn Europe after Hitler’s initial Blitzkreigs.

    So if you’re calling someone “racist” for simply pointing out the truth, then you’re a hypocrite and an idiot, and moslty a mindless brainwashed liberal.

  25. Make up some more statistics

    Wow you right-wing assholes are really upset about Obama, aren’t you? Even by neocon standards you are some ornery, bitter people. It’s time to let it go… he won, now suck it up and get on with your lives!

  26. Suck My Dick

    Look, Wikipedia Master… me whatever you want, the plain truth is that you are a hateful fucking douchebag who dislikes people who are different than you, whether that be a different race, a different religion or even smart and educated–which is the polar opposite of an intolerant biggot fuck up like yourself. It sounds like your anger stems from a deeper sense of rage over failure to achieve, something that you deplore in yourself since you were a child….unable to achieve friendships with other children, not being able to achieve academically and not being able to overcome another obstacle such as a bizarre limp, speech impediment or bed wetting by the time you were 12. I’m sure that watching African-American children achieve success in these areas outraged your fucked up parents even more to your incompetencies and you learned intolerance toward the race from your parents who blamed them for your developmental failures and their shortcomings as parents.

    That’ll be $250 please….

  27. Apes in the White House

    Why do porch monkeys like grape soda so much? Is it because it tastes the most like the grape kool-aid they serve in juvy and in county where most of them grew up?

  28. I love grape soda

    I love grape soda and I’m a middle-aged white mom of three. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!?

  29. Apes in the White House


    actually I was valedictorian of my class, got a masters from the University of Michigan, and am very successful in life and in my career, with a high income and wonderful family. I am very well spoken and am very tolerant of other races and their cultures.

    The fact is, I’ve seen first hand what negros have done to this country, as I have lived in many different cities over the years, and have gotten to witness the plague of negros. Once proud, beautiful, productive cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Ft Lauderdale, NYC, etc have been completely destroyed by black people.

    You’re talking about a race of people who are not only complete failures in every aspect of life, they’re actually proud of it. “Keeping it Real” means no education, illiteracy, and the fashion sense of a 3-year old retard.

    Why has every other race of people on the planet been able to come to America and floursih within a generation, and realize the American Dream, yet blacks seem to be genetically programed to fail. The culture has been bastardized and is comparable to Islamic terrorists who have distorted the koran….little darkies idolize criminals and thier violent acts….

    This is the truth, it’s not made up, it’s not racist, it simply JUST IS… with it….

  30. Yay yay yay!!!

    Yay for Massa’! Yay for Apes in the White House! You are my hero!!!


  31. RichPort's Ghost

    Why do I suddenly feel inspired to watch an episode of my kid’s Curious George cartoon? Or to eat a banana? Or to shoot somebody? Or to wear my pants down around my ankles? Or to get a gold tooth? Or to father 16 children with 6 different women? Or too eat waffles & chicken & wash it down with a bottle of Ripple?

    Too easy. All you crackers just shut da hell up & get jiggy with it. Will Smiff demands it.

  32. Buddy Love

    @Massa, Apes in the White House

    You guys are win. Although I do like Obama. Or at least hate him less. Thus far.

  33. Ashlee

    He is soooooooooooooo ugly. R can do so much better.

  34. RMC

    the best part about Chris Brown is that he keeps it so ral, I cannot beleive he hasn’t made an appearance on yet, he keeps it so ral I cannot even beleive it…

  35. Dear Asshat


    Your own fucking name points out that there’s a black man in the white house, the highest position any American can achieve… so there goes your argument about black people being complete failures. You’re completely delusional, especially considering your being “very tolerant of other races and their cultures”. BTW when was Detroit EVER a proud, beautiful city? You’re an idiot.

  36. @ # 28

    It means you need to stop fucking all the black guys in your neighborhood & at the mall after hours. Thats all.

  37. figures

    #26 If you’re the overachiever you claim to be (which no one here believes for a minute, btw) then you should be doubly ashamed because you certainly should know better. Black people are single handedly responsible for the decline of these (inner) cities, huh? Who knew they had such power? Guess trade deficits since the 1960′s and the slow steady decline of America as a manufacturer due to cheap foreign labor had nothing to do with it.
    The only way you could ever be valedictorian was if you were home-schooled. Tolerant of other cultures and very well spoken? My ass.
    And #35 was right, Detroit was always a sink.

  38. Yeah Yeah

    #29–We’re all valedictorians on the innernet! Shit…we’re all fucking PhD, rocket scientist Rhodes Scholars with fascinating jobs, perfect teeth and HUGE fucking bank accounts on the innernet!

  39. dude_on

    The racist freak isn’t presenting an argument… he is giving a stump speech for the grand wizard election. There is no rational case for superiority in terms of class identification within the human race.

    That said CB is a punk, but so is any male who physically assaults a female under any circumstances. This site doesn’t do debate well – I suggest we stick to cleavage and ass.

  40. Sauron

    I can’t believe this! Just tell me this isn’t true!

  41. eurochicken

    #37 “The only way you (#29) could ever be valedictorian was if you were home-schooled”!
    Good one mate.

  42. Darth

    I’ve read it three times and it looks pretty much true:(

  43. Lowlands

    To all parents who truly love and want the best for their kids! Boycot Nickelodeon!

  44. Apes in the White House

    The only reason Oboombox is president is because the world communist movement, which financially backs the liberal/marxist/democrats, chose him as a figurehead to get more of the military vote. The military vote in Florida & Ohio were two big reasons the dems lost in 2000 & 2004. That’s why he was chosen, it certainly wasn’t due to his experience or track record.

    The military vote always goes about 95% republican, but they knew that black people are the most racist people on the planet, and blacks will vote for black no matter what party they represent. If Oboombox was for the White Power party, blacks would blindly vote for him, because they’re sheep.

  45. "Chuck" Darwin

    I am not sure if overdone compassion benefits the specie or more to the point here our subspecie. Some things may be crudely said but that does not make them incorrect.
    The NASA has a larger body mass due to earlier techniques of animal husbandy and yet they exhibit a smaller brain mass not to mention lower IQs.
    These are facts.

  46. LOL

    The funniest part of the racist racist ranting on fish is this.

    I could never picture a black man frequenting a gossip blog. They’re probably too busy getting sucked off by all these e-soldiers’ sisters. That might explain why these f*ggots hate them so much.

    Life is funny.

  47. me

    It looks like Rihanna gave him a fat lip… or is that natural?

  48. LOL

    LMAO @ 29. What confessed grown man with a family comes to a gossip blog to boast about having a masters from Michigan? Does it occur to you that compared to someone who graduated top of their class from Harvard Law, you’re borderline retarded?

    I believe that tells us all we need to know about a your moniker. It’s not our fault you’re ill-endowed. Hating on black men won’t make you any less of a wimpy white boy.

    ps: It’s spelled “Negroes,” and one of them is your president. LOL.

  49. justifiable

    #44 Are you insane? What “world communist movement”? Is your last name McCarthy? Are you seriouslty suggesting Sri Lanka choose our president? You are a moron.
    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union over 15 years ago, there’s no money to back anything of the sort anymore. (And “democrats”? Double moron.) No one is paying to indoctrinate the next rebel leader at Patrice Lumumba University. Existing Marxist regimes and movements have had to support themselves through capitalistic enterprise – in South America, specifically Colombia, it’s through the drug trade. Their Marxist principles are now so corrupted that they’re only about enriching themselves. And they’re so fragmented by this that the type of monolithic communism you’re ranting about only exists under your bed when the lights are out. Guess you REALLY didn’t study either history, economics or any form of reality at UMich, didja?

  50. Joe Blow

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but what the fuck is up with homeboy’s upper lip?

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