Chris Brown seems remorseful

August 26th, 2009 // 29 Comments

Hours after being sentenced to five years probation for beating Rihanna, here’s a clearly remorseful Chris Brown celebrating last night at a Hollywood club. RadarOnline reports:

Brown — wearing a gray vest with a yellow heart on it — was snapped Tuesday night dancing the night away at a club called Guys and Dolls in Hollywood.
At one point, the Forever singer appears to be on top of a table clapping and singing along with the music. He even had a “dance off” with a guy at the club.
The Forever singer was seen laughing and joking with an entourage of girls, and despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to felony assault, more than a dozen girls took photos with him.

“Hey there’s Chris Brown! He so beat the crap out of Rihanna. Let’s get our picture taken with him and maybe he’ll punch us, too! Tee hee!”

And yet I catch crap for suggesting a post-coital sandwich. I will never understand women.

Photos: Ability Films, Fame

  1. Fonz


  2. Ryan the Canadian

    5 years probation beats being anal fucked by a large man while pressed, face down, on the cement couch.

  3. the infamous danielle

    Ugh, ew.

  4. Inmate #2648927

    Just another thug.

  5. Valerie

    I have to agree with you on that one, Fish. Some chicks are just ig’nant.

  6. Lola

    I would bet anything that the yellow heart bidness is a “secret” message to Rihanna. Losers the both of them.

  7. bobby_da_Perv

    nice fanny pack, what a skinny homo

  8. No surprise, here. He’ll continue to make tons of money, get tons of endorsements, have his own clothing line, buy super exotic cars and be in the top 100 albums. It’s called a vapid, uneducated society. As long as his music “bump”, dat’s all dat count, ninja.

  9. your mom

    whatever. she hit him first.

  10. dk

    Thats because ALL girls are money grubbing fucking fame whores. They wait to rob some poor man of his dignity and soul, then take half his money; all the while getting fat as fuck and whoring.

  11. ROUGH daddy

    Yeah! The media is always looking for that elusive “remorse” when everyone in this country is up to fraud. And they’re the head of the snake.

  12. dk

    Thats because ALL girls are money grubbing fucking fame whores. They wait to rob some poor man of his dignity and soul, then take half his money; all the while getting fat as fuck and whoring.

  13. Josh


  14. Randall

    We shouldn’t be so quick to condemn him entirely. No one knows all the fact about what happened that night. Maybe Rihanna served him his his dinner cold, maybe she mouthed off too much while he was trying to watch Sportscenter. My point is that I believe that there are several reasons that make it o.k. the beat the ever loving shit out of a woman


  15. MS

    David Schwimmer is black now?

  16. Tom K


    Only here could some chimp beat on a girl and be praised for it.

  17. Hands up!

    When asked with what hand he beat Rihanna with Chris Brown quickly answered.

  18. Lactic

    I can’t say I’d blame him – I’d be pretty happy and relieved if I avoided prison too.

  19. buran

    he gets what he technically deserves. i wish he’d get much more than that, of course. he had abused that lovely girl twice: as our beloved fairy, and women. he could have used his hands but never to the degree where she felt some pain. my wishes to you son of good lady to be executed correctly by some powerful man, while cleaning ditches.

  20. jonelovejone

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  21. Ryan the Canadian

    Randall – your comments are a bit weak (sentences are all fucked up). This is not like you. Get some sleep, eat some carrots, leafy greens and get back to being you.

  22. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    What a little fucking faggot.

  23. Darth

    He’s probably relieved now it’s over?

  24. Rhialto

    Despite all he has had his media attention.Didn’t he?

  25. Galtacticus

    Honestly,i had to look for on Wikipedia for Chris Brown before this Rihanna-case.

  26. 2spycey

    i think we all should step back and learn from this , just to see how some women are so wicked , to provoke a man into beating them, i don’t condone a man beating a woman comming from an abusive marriage of 17 years ,there are always 3 sides to a story his,hers, and the truth

  27. He abuses his girlfriend repeatedly and I’m disgusting? Also, I am 22, not so much older that Chris Brown and certainly old enough to know domestic abuse is foul. Never claimed I was perfect, but some things- like beating up someone you love- are pretty disgusting.

  28. There he is again … go away!

  29. This guy just straight up creeps me out.

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