Chris Brown seems remorseful

Hours after being sentenced to five years probation for beating Rihanna, here’s a clearly remorseful Chris Brown celebrating last night at a Hollywood club. RadarOnline reports:

Brown — wearing a gray vest with a yellow heart on it — was snapped Tuesday night dancing the night away at a club called Guys and Dolls in Hollywood.
At one point, the Forever singer appears to be on top of a table clapping and singing along with the music. He even had a “dance off” with a guy at the club.
The Forever singer was seen laughing and joking with an entourage of girls, and despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to felony assault, more than a dozen girls took photos with him.

“Hey there’s Chris Brown! He so beat the crap out of Rihanna. Let’s get our picture taken with him and maybe he’ll punch us, too! Tee hee!”

And yet I catch crap for suggesting a post-coital sandwich. I will never understand women.

Photos: Ability Films, Fame