Chris Brown & Rihanna working on a duet

March 10th, 2009 // 55 Comments

Four weeks after being severely beaten by Chris Brown, Rihanna is already holed up in the studio with him recording a duet, according to E! News:

The seemingly reconciled duo have been working on a duet that Brown is hoping to include on his new album, due out later this year, a studio source tells E! News. “They’ve been working on it together,” the insider says.
We have also learned that award-winning record producer Polow Da Don, who has worked with Brown in the past, has been holed up with them at a Santa Monica recording studio for the past several days.

The Superficial has obtained a tentative list of song titles penned by Chris Brown:

“Don’t Sing Better than Me, Girl.”
“Chris Brown SMASH”
“Woman, Don’t Be Touching My Mic”
“I’m the Black Michael Jackson”
“What Did I Just Say About the Mic?”
“Doublemint Gum Tastes Like Judas”
“I F*cked a Jet Ski. Let’s Talk About It.”

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  1. Banagu

    It looks like he’s straining himself there.

  2. Archibald Tuttle

    Message to the children: Beating women pays off! Good work Chris Brown.

  3. Not First


  4. Rihanna

    I’ll be the FIRST to say all you worthless bitches deserve to be beat down.

  5. groan

    I bet Chris Brown will get a big hit out of this.

  6. Iran Forever!

    Fuck these two. I hope he fucking belts her harder next time. And does anyone but me think that this “duet” is nothing more than a ruse to keep Brown out of prison? I hope the judge sees right through this bullshit.
    Congrats America, Chris and Rhianna have proved once again how stupid you all truly are.

  7. Jason

    “Learning to Listen” by Rihanna and Chris Brown.

  8. Max Planck

    It’s a cover of “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.”

  9. Part 2 of “Shut Up and Drive”

    Shut Up or get a face full of dashboard


  10. Jrz

    You say tomato
    I say toe-mahto
    You say potato
    I say poe-tahto
    Bitch shut yo mouf ‘fo I gives you a fresh one.

  11. Mdiz

    I bet Ike Turner is rolling in his grave…. Sorry Ike…Gotta hand over the woman beater of the century crown to this kid! What a Spin!

    “Hit me baby one more time the remix overdubbed with Rick James Give it to me baby” Thats the ticket!

  12. Jeezy

    #7 – Right on the money…

  13. Rihanna

    Someone’s knocking down the door, somebody’s ringing my bell,
    someone’s knocking down the door, somebody’s ringing my bell,
    do me a favor, call 911…no wait, open the door and let ‘em in.

  14. Actually she’ll be doing her rendition of “Ain’t Misbehavin’”, where he’ll record, in response, the new soon to be classic “You Betta Not, Bitch…”

  15. Ed Castillo

    Yay, a happy ending. I’m glad these two are working it out.

  16. Man…fuck Chris Brown!

  17. Crystal

    Don’t he make my brown eyes
    Don’t he make my brown eyes
    Don’t he make my brown eyes black and blue

  18. Jake

    I wish they could be honest. For example, make the song title “Another Shitty Unoriginal Song Using Parts from Good Songs and Written on an iBook”.

  19. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    This is just disgusting, and a complete shame if they aren’t ashamed of themselves they should be, I hope they fall flat on their faces.

  20. Ummm...yeah...

    Why doesn’t he just kill the stupid bitch and go to fucking jail …so he can officially become the bitch he is?
    Stop posting about these two fucking morons!

  21. Ted

    I admire the guy. He can totally lose it while putting the bitch in her place, but he’s got such total control over her that she’s doing everything she can to make him stay with her. That’s one well trained bitch. Kudos, Mr. Brown, well played.

  22. Ike Turner

    More titles:

    “You got my money bitch?”
    “Make sure you wash that ass!”
    “Fried chicken for me, beatings for you”
    “More concealer next time”
    “Yeah I’m black, and I’ll get away with it”
    “She’s my bitch now dad!”
    “four punches and seven years ago”
    “Clean the dishes, or else”

  23. GreatestHits

    A cover of Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” seems appropriate

  24. havoc

    Don’t Make Me Get Out My Pimp Hand Redux….


  25. Is that like the only picture of the two of them together??

  26. Dr. Phil

    The truth is, people have a hard time facing reality. It’s a fact that women have much greater ability than men when it comes to manipulating emotions, and often men have no option but to use their own advantage: much greater physical strength. It’s a dance between the sexes that’s been going on for millions of years. Society can try to impose all the rules that it wants, but when it’s clear that both sides are doing their thing (yap/hit), everybody knows what the deal is and serious punishment won’t take place. Instead, you just hear constant shrill condemnation, especially from fundamentally dishonest people who completely ignore the woman’s responsibility in triggering and escalating conflicts. But I suppose daytime TV talk shows needs something to whine about…

  27. I think they’re a lovely couple.

  28. Jane Goodall

    This isn’t uncommon in the ape world. It’s normal for ape couples to savagely beat each other and then resume normal behavior, grooming each other, picking ticks out of their fur, etc… Although very strong physically, the ape class is severely deficient in intelligence, mostly in the self-control area of the brain, which is virtually non-existant in the North American Street Ape. In some cases, when the ape class has successfully breeded with real Humans, then some characteristics of humans can be obtained by the apes, but their basic instinct to lash out violently when confused or overwhelmed emotionally is not subdued in all the cases I’ve observed. My conclusion is that the North American Street Ape should not be allowed to roam freely amongst humans, but rather should be kept in zoos for observation and used in medical and biological testing and research facilities where they can be the most useful to humans.

  29. Diane Fossey

    I concur Jane, my conclusion is that the apes should not be allowed to roam freely amongst humans as well. I would have been able to publish this in my reports, but unfortunately I was hacked to pieces by a machette weilded by a South African Street Ape.

  30. sbad

    Up your lily white asses, ladies

  31. dude_on

    It may be a dysfunctional message to young women that physical abuse is ok and should be tolerated in a relationship. Perhaps that is debatable, but I have not heard one bad word about the make up sex.

    From what I hear there is nothing like a good make up romp after a quality beat down. Why is it that young women aren’t getting this message? You guessed it. It’s the media – they are keeping this secret from so many out there.

    Kissy-kissy on black eyes and sutures is a romantic theme that many may be turned away from by this onslaught of media good-two-shoes, who have never experienced that kind of passion.

  32. Jane Goodall

    Yes, in some tribes of North American Street Apes as well as South African Street Apes, they have been known to use tools such as spears, knives, machettes, and even firearms. Unfortunately, none of the apes have learned to use tools for anything other than violence, instead of using tools for cultural and technological advancement. It seems that the evolution process has halted with the ape class, and this is as far as they will advance. I believe it to be their lack of self-control and inability to keep order of any kind within their herds. Which is understandable, since no other wild animal seems to be able to display sound judgement either.

  33. Hey Pencil Dick

    I was wondering when the “valedictorian” would show up. You need some new material, dude.

  34. The National Geographic Channel

    A common trait among the North American Street Apes is their attempt to imitate human beings.

    Note how the female of the species has straightened and then recurled her hair, which in its natural state is like a greasy brillo pad.

    In contrast, the male of the species has shaved its head, and donned a T-shirt with a light bulb logo of a brain detached from its socket, which in the North American Street Ape pictured above’s case, is ironically fitting . . .

  35. jazmin

    rihanna u r stupid listen to oprah! hes not worth it girl!

  36. jazmin

    rihanna u r stupid listen to oprah! hes not worth it girl!

  37. Mr. Jones

    They don’t need to record anything new. Just bootleg the soundtrack off of one of those cheap Chinese chop-socky movies from the 70s. Lots of smacks, bone crunching, screams of rage…

  38. firstimer

    i never comment, but this…

    “I F*cked a Jet Ski. Let’s Talk About It.”

    was too funny!

  39. Juss Sayin'

    Hey, Jazmin, if you switch the a and the i around in your name you’re jizman.

  40. Spunkbob Sploogepants

    …and that’s not all music lovers! Dig these new grooves by Chris Brown.

    “Pez Headed Woman” (co-written w/OJ Simpson)
    “Momma said knock you out again!”
    “School of Hard Knocks”
    “Shut Up Bitch!”
    “It wasn’t me…”
    “Layin’ of da hands”
    “Me, You and Everlast”
    “Do the Rocky!”
    “Tell ‘im you fell down bitch”
    “Here come Mista Backhand”
    “Three Times a Lady”
    “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”

  41. lola

    I am F*KING AWESOME AT ARGUMENTS and persuasion, but my guy is just as good. He actually learned from me and it is not fun. Maybe it is because he is a leftie, but men can be good manipulators as well.. If a guy is dumb then call him DUMB. You should never hit your partner, leave them or walk away. If you have an overwhelming desire to do so then the relationship isn’t working.

    I think many of these problems arise from the way society has forced us to conform to a “modern society”: desk jobs, sensitive men, women must be strong working women to be appreciated, etc. and go against human nature. A sexy fit, tough man is confident, not a sensitive guy who is 10 pounds overweight. Everyone is taken out of their element and see how much crime arises.

  42. OJ's Mom

    It’s called:

    “I love the way your unshaven fist feels when it pounds me in the talentless face, you uneducated porch monkey.”

    Watch for it on i-tunes.

  43. Ally

    Rihanana, don`t make me disappoint, leave Chris and start with your new life, he is dating on “C e l e b M i n g l e. C 0 M” with a young model!!

  44. Oprah says that he will hit her again, and that is probably true in 98% of the cases, but the most important thing is that she should make sure that Chris Brown has to spend as much time as allowed by law in jail as the consequences for his actions. That is the way true love works.

  45. Dan

    Anyone hit more than once deserves it.

  46. drewski2u

    She is a perfect example of why they invented the word “twat”. Especially when used in conjunction with the word “stupid”.

    Makes me laugh to think of all the people that actually felt bad for her. SUCKERS!

  47. carly

    rhiannas a stupid slut to stay w a fin loser like chris brown. LOW

  48. Chelle

    I wonder if it’ll be hard for her to sing when she’s missing a few teeth?

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