Chris Brown pleads not guilty

April 6th, 2009 // 39 Comments

As predicted earlier today, Chris Brown plead not guilty to felony assault and making criminal threats, according to TMZ:

With ex girlfriend Rihanna nowhere in sight, Brown showed up at L.A. County criminal courthouse to face the music for allegedly beating the crap out of her back in February.
Sources inside the courtroom say Chris’ mom spent the entire preliminary hearing either in tears or praying for her 19-year-old son. We’re told a handful of Chris’ friends and four bodyguards were also there to show support.

Praying for her son? Yeah, let’s pray Chris Brown doesn’t have to go to jail and be held responsible for his actions. I’m sure Jesus will hop right on that one just as soon as he’s done answering my prayer that there’ll be no pregnant dancers at the strip club tonight. Don’t let me down, JC.

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  1. It's Me Fuckers

    I’d call him a tard but that would be insulting tards. Fucktard. That’s better.

  2. SoTe

    It’s jail time… I hope. Freaking idiot. And his mother is praying, isn’t she a woman? isn’t she suppose to teach his son not to bit up women? Freakin bitch.

  3. RichPort's Ghost

    If those pictures aren’t proof evolution, I don’t know what is.

  4. Good God, someone give me a Kleenex..

  5. RichPort's Ghost

    Please forgive me…. one time my wife was out of town and I jacked off to images of “Cookie Monster” during an episode of Sesame Street. Hey, don’t give me a hard time, he had those bedroom eyes, who could have resisted?

    I imagined myself stroking that rough blue fur, all the while masturbating furiously with my size 48 BVDs around my ankles.

    In my fantasy, Cookie Monster and I lovingly exchanged crumbs as they gushed out of our respective mouths. I’ll never look at a box of Vanilla Wafers the same again.

    Of course, once it was over, CM’s fur was all matted & stuck together, because you know we IT guys blow huge loads, it’s the best-kept secret in the universe, ladies you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you throw some pity our way, I mean until you give CAPTAIN HUMONGOUS here a try!!!!

    Hey Grover & Elmo!!!! Where the hell did you 2 little bastards run off to?!?!?! Daddy’s got needs, you little brats!!!!

  6. A

    I love the fact that before today, since the beatdown happen, he spent all that time partying and grinning from ear to ear even though the rest of the world truly saw what he did to Rihanna when all those reports and photos came out, yet he never even showed any sense of shame or remorse but now that he had to appear in front of the judge, he acts all cut up about it and makes fake ass “I am acting like I am trying to give a shit to what I did to my girlfriend” faces. FUCKING HYPOCRITE. Chris Brown needs his ass raped and face busted.

    Oh and why the f*ck are people still using the word “allegedly” when we all know and seen the evidence that he did assaulted Rihanna.

  7. Rutty

    “If those pictures aren’t proof evolution, I don’t know what is.”

    Yeah.. thems apes aint evolves like us well learned folks, eh boy?

  8. #7 OJ allegedly killed his exwife and her boyfriend..

    Allegedly seems to work

  9. Trailweed

    This piece of shit needs to go down.

  10. Maggie

    Interesting choice of clothing. Mr. Rogers-esque, + a healthy dose of creepy

  11. bootlips

    They so look like monkeys. It’s the reason why it’s racist to call them monkeys.

  12. justifiable

    In other breaking news, Farah Fawcett’s anal cancer has spread – and is now posting as #12.

  13. justifiable

    In other breaking news, Farah Fawcett’s anal cancer has spread – and is now posting as #12.

  14. suzieq

    What a douche. If he’s at all interested in rehabilitating his image he should have taken a plea; at his age the worst he would have gotten was community service and at least he would look like he had some remorse for his actions. With a NG plea, he may have guaranteed himself a trial when any previous bad behavior might be introduced. If it goes to trial Rihanna can’t not cooperate or not testify. If she’s subpoenaed she had to show up or risk contempt of court. What jury wouldn’t convict him after seeing the pictures of her injuries? He may have left himself open for a much worse scenario – the fool should have made a deal.

  15. Angry Beaver

    I can’t wait until this fuckwad gets into lock up and gets fisted, raped, and beaten on. He’ll be singing “Sore asshole Forever”.

  16. doofus

    Not guilty, eh? …Sooo she did that to herself… or was she just faking those injuries? ???

  17. Melissa

    Keep diggin that hole, dipshit. Everyone hates you.

  18. Jennyjenjen

    @15 it’s just the prelim, he had to enter a plea. His attorney is working on a deal, but as a previous post said, it may include jail time…

  19. Motherload

    God I love you Mr. Superficial!!!!

  20. Sheva

    Judge: How does the defendant plead?

    Lawyer: Your Honor…..

    Chris Brown: I didn’t hit that bitch. But you took my phone and I would’ve. But you know, shit happens.

    Judge: Mr. Brown, your lawyer must submit a plea, nothing more.

    Chris Brown: Man, I’m gong to pummel someone’s ass and wait until I tell Rev. Wright and Barack about this bullshit. Whitey trying to keep a brother down….

    Judge: Mr. Brown be quiet.

    Chirs Brown: Don’t tell me to shut up, I’m not your bitch. I’ll make you my bitch…

    Judge: Mr. Brown if you don’t be quiet you will be held in contempt.

    Chris Brown: Trudat, but ya’ll be in contempt when I ram my dick up your ass…

    And so it goes. The Barack Obama Chronicles.

  21. look at his “i’m sorry” face hahahahah moron ! . I hope every women on this earth will understand that dancing in his videos is a disgrace.

  22. Can’t believe this. The situation is pretty dang sad.

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  23. Angela Flores

    I am saying something ONLY because it’s been such a weird day, and really, it has to be said. That sweater is disgusting!!

  24. Galtacticus

    I don’t trust them,both.

  25. rrrrr

    Mmm, the monochromatic, mournful Mr. Rogers. A time for stylin’…

  26. Corneiliuz

    He could have his own show called everybody hates Chris. Oh wait that one exists. Well the sentiment remains the same

  27. hahaha, everything real currency !

  28. whatever

    yeah right his mom praying for him how about someone kick his ass mess up his face like he did rihanna, and see how he feels,he doesnt need pray he needs his ass kicked, he is not innocent,yeah he should go to jail so they can slap him around like a bitch- ahaahaahhahahahah

  29. Lyn

    Chris Brown’s mother was at the appearance? And so were other supporters? Sounds like those hoodrats need to get a life.

  30. .

    What deppresses me is his army of mindless fangirls who defend him like hes some kind of saint and call Rihanna a slut etc. Who is raising these idiots?

  31. Jane Goodall

    This North American Street Ape seems quite docile in these photos. I hope they have everyone turn off their cell phones and only ask his lawyers direct questions. The N.A. Street Ape is known to lash out violently when confused or startled. If the foreign, unidentifyable sounds eminating from a cell phone were heard by this particularly unevolved specimen, he would assuredly lash out violently at the closest human. And if asked direct questions in the English language, which would confuse it to a point of emminant rage, it would also lash out violently. They should be keeping it in a cage or in a zoo anyway, where it’s behavior can be more soundly controlled.

  32. bootlips

    Nlggers say they are violent because they have no money. They also say they’re violent when giving them too much, too soon. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with their wiring. They were meant to live in the jungle where there is nothing to steal. Where rape is normal. Where murder is normal. We should have kept them in the jungle.

  33. Lawlzzz

    Damn dirty apes.

    You can take the nigger out the hood, you can’t take the hood out the nigger.

  34. Tom K

    I don’t know why everyone is claiming its over for him and that everyone hates him.

    The charges will be dropped and he will put out some shitty dance tune and dumb white girls and boys from America will still continue to buy his shitty music, and the ghetto black girls will still have dreams of one day being his Rihanna because this how America works……….ASS BACKWARDS!!!!!

    Fucking Yellow Chimp I really hope he goes to jail, but it’s not gonna happen!

  35. Tom K

    Oh also his mother needs to suck a dick and stop wasting prayers on bullshit!!!!!!!!

  36. Junglenigga

    33 = booyah

  37. n

    he may be a typical hiphop slimeball but fuck, he dresses well.

  38. Ms_cnttuch

    hold up; wait. before this shit happened everyone loved chris and now yall wanna talk about him like he aint shit!… r u ppl serious. HE’S HUMAN! just like the rest of us n he make mistakes too. get out his fucking business n stop hating on the man.. wat went down between him n rihanna should be between him n rihanna. dont judge him. only God can judge him. he know wat he did n he dont need ppl like yall all on the internet talking bad about him wen everyone was just loving him a few months ago…

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