Chris Brown looks remorseful

March 1st, 2009 // 97 Comments

Here’s Chris Brown in Miami yesterday where he’s currently patching things up with Rihanna who TMZ reports is being shadowed by one of Jay-Z’s bodyguard. That said, clearly, here’s a young man who’s learned to humble himself – by at least not taking out the speedboat made of diamonds. Now’s not the time.

But tomorrow….

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Wow….He looks like he is enjoying himself

  2. Egg

    typical president behaviour

  3. He look like he is having the time of his life…This will all blow over soon..

  4. @ 46

    Again, you realize the “loud laughter” is all in your head, right? Your idea of what’s funny is so off base, you probably shit your pants listening to Dane Cook, doncha?

  5. Darth

    Chris Brown’s wet farts is the propulsion of the waterjet.

  6. Tom K

    Look at Travis the Chimp go on his little jet skii! Does he do any other tricks?

  7. In full agreement

    @ 45

    Probably because mailing your feces is illegal, and it keeps squishing out the envelope.

  8. Sauron

    Maybe he isn’t as stupid as he looks.Is that a ballistic vest what he’s wearing?

  9. Balack Oboombox, the socialist pig piece of shit

    #40, He’s a nigger because he is a nigger. For choking that run off at the mouth black attitude my body can’t cash check my mouth wants to write, just like the white assholes that have to hit their wives because they are weak pussies that won’t ever hit a man, makes him and them pussy assholes that won’t fight a man because they are weak pieces of shit.

  10. Sauron

    I bet there’re lots of white guys hitting their girl.They hide it better because it’s a nigger thing.

  11. Jacob

    @ 49 She supported Obama you ignorant Cunt lapping mother fucker why do you not eat yourself you little kool-aid guzzling bitch

  12. Tom K


    So if hitting girls is a black thing, then is raping girls is a Latino thing? Because we all know Latinos are the horniest, rapists on the planet. They would rape their own grandmother! I hate Latino Americans I think more then I hate Black Americans.

  13. It’s like Ike and Tina minus the whole talent thing…

  14. KittenGore

    he’s a woman-beater
    Oh Woman-beater
    Oh he’s a Woman-beater Baby
    he, he he is
    he, he he is
    Woman-beater, Woman-beater, Woman-beater!

    In Honor of the Brit Post and Chris’s woman-beat-ery

  15. wildelk27

    Why is there water shooting out of his ass in the first pic? Is this another perk of celebrity? I thought roses were supposed to come out, not Evian. Maybe this is how you can spot an abuser- look for the trail of water….

  16. Wow…are some of you really so stupid you dont know what the water shooting up on the Waverunner is? I fell sorry for you if you dont.

    On another note…Im surprised hes in the water.

    Thats what we on the coast refer to as a “Rockfish”.

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  18. damn #39 no need to be sarcastic.

  19. missywissy

    Are you kidding? This dude got so much publicity , now he’s a household name, everyone will mindlessly forget he knocked the shit out of a chick, he’ll drop a new album and go on to be a big star! And I think to myself, what a wonderful world! Don’t be suprised to see him and Rihanna on the cover of People mag with a new baby and everyone gushing over the sweet couple.

  20. lola

    The only grounds that Rihanna should take Cris back would be if he was on some crazy shit like LSD and thought her face was the Antichrist. I don’t know what happened and she had to take him back for a reason. This is not my personal business. I have only heard “umbrella” once and it was the worst song I have ever heard. If I love an artist’s music then I will keep listening to them regardless of their personal beliefs or lifestyle. It is sad that music has come to this. No more Jimmi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Beatles, Jefferson Airplane… sigh

  21. mafme

    Now that we see him bustin’ a flex, I understand why he feels inferior and needs to beat women.

  22. George W Bush

    Suprising that a guy with no muscles to speak of could even kick ass on that ugly wart hog of a women Rihanna! She could’ve snapped off one of his pitiful match stick arms in her powerful jaws!!!

  23. Jorge

    Coming from a guy that has hit a girlfriend.

    That kinda ass beating don;t come on the first time. It has to build up…. give her a good slap, beg forgiveness and get her back. Next time, maybe a good punch in the gut but say ‘i am so sorry…it will never happen again’….the cycle just gets worse til she get smart and leaves.

    GUARANTEED… this was NOT the first time he smacked her around.

    But Chris Brown has LOADS of money……so….sadly…. no jail for him. But I doubt as weak and submissive as Rihanna appears to be….she won’t even press charges.

  24. lawrence

    It is said Chris Brown is busy with dati&*ng beautiful models at“““ where many girls are more pretty than Rihanna

  25. billirubina

    i’m so in love with chris…wanna fight, honey???

  26. Get out of jail free cards for sale

    America should be sold off at scratch and dent prices. The people here are largely of little virtue. The country isn’t their’s anymore anyway. It is being run by you know who you know what I mean *wink*. American’s have only one thing of value and that is a monstrous military apparatus which is used by you know who to subvert the poor and weak around the world for the profit of you know who *wink*
    Criminals mostly get subjected to a different judicial system than the poor if they can afford it and most lawyers get paid to aid criminals. Our constitution here doesn’t mean anything to the republicans who are anathema to freedom. They love that whole tyranny thing. I hope they know what is going to happen soon.

    This nation is going to enact Marshal Law so ya better behave peasants. Unless you can afford the price of justice.

  27. Lavinia

    I couldn’t agree more with the title of the article.Now he is violent and in 2-3 weeks he is having fun.What a disgusting human being! And Rihanna is sick if she takes him back.And she deserves her fate.I won’t feel sorry for her next time.

  28. Assbestos

    The flex picture screams dooshbag. Looking at that guys physique I think Rihanna should try fighting back, I think that noodle will fold.

  29. @76

    *(twilight zone theme playing)*

    yea man, I know right? and 9/11 was an inside job right?

    the poor and weak around the world? waahhh poor babies.

    Maybe they should get jobs and quit being sparkling wiggles?

  30. Americans should read more

    Chris Browneye @79 you should hit that bong a little harder or your crack pipe. Take a nice soothing swig off your rum bottle. There now change the channel of your idiot box to something you can understand like (dirty perverted) Jerry Springer. The world is a bit too difficult to comprehend for the average common types.
    Hey maybe reruns of Nascar with cars going around in circles hundreds of times is more your speed.

    Oh, don’t worry my silly friend, times are about to get really tough and if you resist FEMA you will be thrown into one of those 600 unmanned prisons they have awaiting you.

    Please tell me you didn’t reproduce? We really don’t need more common grade types thanks unless your daughter is attractive and then perhaps she can be sold into slavery.

    Have a wonderful day!

  31. Like OJ, Marion Barry or R. Kelly…Hell be back…

  32. milio

    fool that kids a straight bitch man honestly what a flaming homo

  33. @80

    Thanks anyways hun. the day we need advice from a fucking weirdo like you is the day we will cease to exist.

    Move along now conspiracy wacko…your time is up here. Just like everywhere else, your drivel is wasted here as well.

  34. Chris uses his browneye as a sex organ

    You poor and tired illiterate homosexual feller. Watchin’ yer nation burn and you cook hotdogs and marshmellows. Fag.

  35. In other news: Rihanna tried to apologize to Chris Brown first but he beat her to the punch.

    Wow, too soon?



  37. I cant believe some of you get so worked up about 2 talentless wastes of space.


    How is the nation burning?

  38. Superevil

    fucking spammers are out of control.

    oh and #59, Shut your cocksucker.

  39. Lavinia

    @86 I’m white and I want to say that your racism is disgusting.You’re a frustrated person that replies with garbage,because you don’t have the mental ability to give rational arguments.

  40. cbrownismyhero

    62. Tom K – March 1, 2009 6:35 PM


    So if hitting girls is a black thing, then is raping girls is a Latino thing? Because we all know Latinos are the horniest, rapists on the planet. They would rape their own grandmother! I hate Latino Americans I think more then I hate Black Americans.

    I rapped your grandmother hahahahahahaha!!!! what a douchebag of the douches!!!! you are chris brown and more power to you!!!!!

  41. Turd Sammich

    Just the thought of battered women makes my stomach turn.

    They’re much better if they’re lightly breaded.

  42. Carolyn

    He’s a piece of shit and she’s just stupid.

  43. NY Ted

    For some reason…a negro boy on a jet ski just don’t look right…!

    Should have never taken them out of the good ole cotton fields back home!

  44. The Bun

    Look at the tough macho pose in the second pic. Yeah Chris your sooo fucking tough I bet you could beat the shit out of an old lady one handed.

  45. #92 I can definately agree with you on that, and thank you for not making this into a black thing too.

    #39 cut the crap why dont cha. All the people on here who are tieing this story, and other black celebrity stories to all black people really need to quit it. You’re only making yourselves seem uneducated, closed minded, as if you have no home training what so ever, or just extremely sheltered. In any case it shows a bad reflection on your parents.

    For those of you who don’t already know of me from this site Im black, and I love people of all races. I think it’s just a shame that in this day in age we still don’t seem to see each other as human beings. I see this with black people too so don’t think Im just pointing the finger at one race.

    I guess if I don’t like it I can just leave, but I just wanted to get that off of my chest.

    Good day.

  46. I am white and I would say that racism is your disgusting.You are a frustrated person who meets the trash because you do not have the mental capacity to make rational arguments.

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