Chris Brown isn’t dating anyone

April 14th, 2009 // 24 Comments

Chris Brown is reportedly not dating Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia or his ex Erica Jackson, according to MTV News:

“Chris was in a Hollywood tattoo parlor with a woman from the recording studio named Dean, who was getting a tattoo. (Chris did not get a tattoo),” Brown’s rep reportedly told People magazine. A spokesperson for Brown did not return requests for comment from MTV News.
“Natalie Mejia was there with Dean,” the source added. “[Reports in other media] that Natalie Mejia is Chris’ new girlfriend are also false.” The rep also said that reports claiming Brown is back together with a former hometown Virginia girlfriend, University of Mary Washington student Erica Jackson, are also false.

Chris Brown has issued the following exclusive statement to The Superficial:

“At this time, I’m currently pursuing my music career and rebuilding my relationship with Rihanna. I am not involved with Natalie or Erica, and due to constant scrutiny by the media, they’ve been moved to a secure location which I guarantee is not the trunk of my car. So, please, refrain from coming near it with flash photography or, more importantly, a search warrant. God bless.”

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  1. donny

    super douche

  2. Whos keep track of this jackasses love life? come on already….

  3. He should be treated like the clubs on this site, if hes not with a good looking babe, dont post him…

  4. Barney Frank

    He’ll have to go back to beating regular hood-rats like the rest of the brothers.

  5. Inmate #1027820

    Gives time for his knuckles to heal.

  6. Richard McBeef

    I gives a fuck.

    Are not there rednecks in tennessee that beat the shit out of their girlfriends you can post about? they are more relevant than this sack of rabid dog shit.

  7. Objection sustained

    Hey man the racist retards of the world need celebrity gossip too. Any second now….

  8. g

    Sure he’s not…what a joke! Bad attempt to spin it!

  9. That guy behind him looks like he’s gonna stab somebody.

  10. RichPort's Ghost

    Like me, I’m afraid old Curious George, I mean Chris Brown, is going to be dating Rosey Palm and her 5 sisters for the foreseeable future.

  11. ambidextrous handjob

    #10 Seriously, how old are you? The only people I know who think that Rosey Palm shit is hysterically clever are my dad and my 10 year old nephew – both are hopelessly lame with the funny. Just like you.

  12. LPB


    What about beating the shit out of women?

  13. Italian Stallion

    What did Chris Brown say to Rihanna as he choked her?

    Bitch how you gonna breathe with no air air…….

  14. That’s so sad. He seems like a respectable young man.

  15. @ 9 – “kill my landlord, kill my landlord”

  16. sweeta

    stupid pig

  17. sweeta

    stupid pig

  18. sweeta

    stupid pig

  19. nicole

    lmao. not in my trunk. i love chris brown. big fan always and forever.

  20. Italian Stallion

    Nicole loves cock in her ass always and forever……………….

  21. raison

    I don’t believe this is a statement from Chris Brown especially the part about Erica and Natalie being moved to secure locations and he stating that he could guarantee it not the trunk of my car.

    It is unbelievable that people can be so insensitive about this incident. It appears to be a joke to a lot of people making comments about Chris and Rhianna. You ought to be ashame of yourselves.

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  24. I fear that the old Curious George, I mean Chris Brown, will be dating Rosey Palm and her five sisters in the near future.

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