Chris Brown is a f-cking idiot

January 22nd, 2010 // 44 Comments

To anyone who still thinks people need to stop bringing Rihanna up when talking about Chris Brown, here’s your Retarded Jesus grinning next to a “bruised and bloodied” Jean Paul Gaultier last night. To put things in perspective, this is like Tiger Woods standing on a pile of strippers with his dick out a year from now. — Okay, that would actually be funny.

Photos: Fame, WireImage

  1. Que

    Que preach it sitser.

  2. first fail …


  3. havoc

    Did Chris smack his bitch up again?

    He seems so happy….


  4. angerinside

    Let’s not bother with all of the shit talk and attempts at humor and just hope Mr. Brown gets:

    1- a savage beating
    2- neutered by an epileptic pitbull
    3- lit on fire and allowed to smoulder for many, many hours

    Get to it Karma

  5. Come on he is an idiot?Is this funny now?

  6. bi chick

    I’m confused, obviously Chris Brown is a PRICK, but he didn’t beat up JPG, but who did? It kinda looks like SFX make-up, so if it’s fake, why was he made up that way? Surely not to make fun of the violent incident between CB and Rihanna??


    Chris Brown & Kanye West — DONE — finished! They’re just two more hood boys who need anger management therapy and counseling for their borderline/narcissistic personality disorders. They think they’re irreplaceable. THINK AGAIN boyz — there are about 50,000 more lining up to take your place with as much, if not more, talent.

  8. Chris Brown is indeed an idiot.

  9. How I Rough your mother

    He should be trying to get on Clooney’s good grace…who’s advising this kid, Milo?

  10. Courtyardpigeon

    Seriously, someone should just smack the shit out of him and he’ll understand how funny it is.

  11. Anti-Hero!

    First off. i think that punch bruise and scraps are nothing compared to the un-holy of his cave mouth!! The most scariest thing about him is his CHOMPERS!! HE BITES PEOPLE! Ever since i had that one horrifying experience of seeing his Jaws of Life marks on Rihanna. i thought Great White was now Great BLACK. Someone should lock him up for having that kind of monstrosity. . Seriously!

  12. J

    Maybe if Chris Brown had assaulted a flaming homosexual clothing designer, Mr. Jean Paul Gaultier wouldn’t be so supportive of a lowlife woman- abusing idiot.

  13. Oh, Curious George, what trouble will you get yourself into next???

    Stupid monkey. BAD MONKEY!!!!!

  14. craig


  15. LouR

    Let me have 5 minutes with this MF and he be looking like the WG next to him.

  16. Oh, come on, Halloween is so last year …

  17. Ted

    So what? She went on to hook up with another abuser. Clearly it’s what she wants. But, in the new nanny state, we’re all supposed to go “boo hoo”.

  18. spinal

    What this story doesn’t explain is that he actually got herpes from this guy.

  19. jt

    he thinks beating the crap out of a woman is funny? what a sick mofo

  20. floridagirl

    this is how stupid ppl start stupid rumors…Jean’s theme was the battle of fashion all the male models had blood and bruises during the show including a boxing ring where women fought each other in the ring…the same designer dressed him for this show how would that look if the man that invited and dressed you was he suppose to deny this photo with the hin…not …what is happening at this point any and everything Chris do will be judged heavily…forgiveness from God is all he need…have a great day everyone

  21. Doc Schweinstrudel


  22. Alex

    “Yo yo yo, see, I’ve got a sense of humor.”

    What a lowlife scumbag. He needs to disappear asap. I mean really, who cares about this guy? I never understood how he got to be a mega-millionaire singer anyway. Same with Rhiana. Who are these people? Where’s guy lombardo when you need him…

  23. Lee


    This picture has absolutely NOTHING to do with domestic violence, so stop trying to force a similiarity where there is none.

    Just think what would happen if he REFUSED to take a picture with the designer. He would be accused of being arrogant and egotistical and people would say he’s trying to make it “all about him,” and that he should be grateful the designer himself wanted to take a picture with him. AND ALL OF YOU KNOW THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE WOULD SAY!!!!!

  24. Jesus

    @ 21> Are you fucking kidding? Have you met my dad? He doesn’t forgive shit. Read the Old Testament, that’s what he’s all about. Seriously, first offense and it’s right to the stoning…unless you happen to have several cattle to sacrifice, then you get a pass. The New Testament was me trying to make things a little more clear, but really Dad doesn’t give a shit about what I say. But it’s cool, I’ll invite you up from hell every so often for jello-shots.

    In any case, Dad is fine with Chris Brown beating up his girlfriend, seeing as how Dad doesn’t really care about domestic violence so long as you don’t kill her. However, he’s hell-bound anyway because he wears blended fabrics and has eaten pork.

  25. Alexandre Le Parisien (yeah i'm a french-african...sue me)

    y’all are idiots…JPG’s “make up” was for his fashion show….i know because i’m an intern at a fashion studio in France….smh at this ignorance

  26. Esol Esek

    It should have been clear to anyone at this show what this picture would mean.
    That includes especially the show’s producers, CB’s handlers and CB himself.
    JPG prob had no clue what it would mean. If I was CB, I would have had the brains not to take the shot, but CB’s handlers really fell down if they were there.

    This is just plain stupid considering he nearly ended up in jail. It proves any asshat could be a handler of famous people and do a better job than the douches who get paid bank to do it. That gives me an idea. I’m moving to LA to be a publicist.

  27. jt

    #26 – you’re the ignorant mofo. the fact that chris brown a man who beat up his girlfriend posed with jpg in this shot, just shows how stupid he is.

  28. Tanzarian

    I don’t understand what this is.

  29. Mike

    this website owner is a f-cking idiot.

  30. All of the above is dumb and stupid

    So what? That designer did a boxing theme at his show, You bunch of stupid, low class, uneducated closed minded, misguided morons…

  31. oooh that's what this is

    Chris Brown posed for a pic with Jean-Paul Gaultier at his “pro-fighter” fashion show, featuring models and the designer himself with fake blood and bruises.

  32. JohnD

    ah..this website is hating on another blackman….why am i not surprise that there is no redemption for blackmen on “”

  33. susit5e75ews

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  34. SO RIGHT

    JohnD – you’re sadly mistaken. They’re “hating on” abusive, temperamental, misguided, narcissistic idiots — black, white or purple. Quit playing the race card.

  35. R Dowling

    you ignorant people that picture has nothing to do with him beating Rihanna please educate yourself bc your are very lame

  36. ORK

    What is the context for this picture? Boxing theme at a fashion show? C’mon, let’s provide a bit of background in the text, not just the captions, eh?
    Poor choice for CB to even go to, if he knew the theme, methinks…

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  38. what he really did was beat the crap out of his career

  39. It's just stupid, considering it almost ended up in jail. It shows an asshat could be an act of famous people and make a better job as the receiving bank Showers payments to do so.

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