Chris Brown: ‘I ain’t a monster’

May 27th, 2009 // 60 Comments

Here’s Chris Brown talking about his upcoming album while Bow Wow hangs out in the background. What’s notable is Chris actually addressing the Rihanna situation for the first time:

“Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you all. I ain’t a monster.”

Yes, because people who hate you now for beating a woman must’ve always hated you before anyway. That’s some incredible logic, Chris Brown. No, really, I’m surprised Socrates hasn’t crawled out of his grave just to say “Shit, son, can’t argue with that.”

Thanks to Heather! who wonders why this video looks like it was shot at a slumber party. Ditto.


  1. martygras9

    Chris Brown, why won’t you look at me? Is it that digital reflection of yourself that’s keeping your attention?

  2. Que

    Que making me nervous of beatings.

  3. Grrr

    F’ing douchebag.

  4. TQ

    Not a monster, but just a typical filthy —— beating on a woman.

    There is no excuse for his actions.

  5. Erica

    He sounds both illiterate and like a dumbass.

  6. bakinmycake


    I believe you man.


    Ike Turner

  7. Deva

    Sure Chris Brown. You aren’t a monster. I beat my kid with a yard-stick; does that make me a monster?

    And who says black people aren’t ignorant?

    Yeah dude, I hate you. Because you can get any woman you want and take it for granted. But I’m a decent guy and can’t get a woman. Pitiful irony.

  8. p0nk

    i’ve always been a hater and you Chris, have always been a douchebag.

  9. Uncle Eccoli

    He may be a monster and he may not be. Either way, nobody fucking cares.

    While I’m posting, I’d like to say that anybody who ever wails about how women aren’t treated equally to men, that they’re fucking oppressed and such, and then goes on to complain that this guy is especially evil because he hit a woman is a pathetic hypocrite who deserves a beating from Chris Brown. You can’t have it both ways, you greasy cunts, and many of us aren’t going to put up with your bullshit anymore.

  10. Liz

    Wow! You’ve got some pretty ignorant people commenting on your Chris Brown post Superficial. What’s up with the racist/sexist comments?

    Back to the topic…is it possible for Chris Brown to make himself look like more of an idiot!?

  11. Jennifer

    It’s good to see that people are still as back-asswards as ever in these comments.

    7) Yes, because white men don’t use that same–or potentially more moronic–argument, as black people have the market on it. And I can prove it! Your comment would’ve had a lot more credibility had you not resorted to placing unsubstantiated claims into it.
    9) For every greasy cunt, there’s an enabler who allowed her to get away with it. Or worse? There are enablers who allowed their daughters to grow into the future women disparaged as greasy cunts. The rest of your comment…I’ve learned not to discuss power constructs here, as the conversations often dissolve into unnecessary expletive hurling and baseless insults disguised as witticisms.

    Back to Hustler for me, I suppose.

  12. asdf

    I, for one, welcome our expletive hurling overlords.

  13. Maybe that “boom boom boom” crap on the radio now is about his ex-girlfriends.

  14. Ralphie

    Slumber party? Was Michael Jackson there?

  15. Newcastle

    Both Bow-Bow and Chris Brown can eat a dick.

  16. alex

    if he’s not a monster, then why did I see him eating babies

  17. This fellow’s grammar is absolutely atrocious. At first I thought he was speaking another language, a dialect of dumbass maybe.

  18. SMACK

    @ :16 he recreates how he smacked Rihanna up!

  19. nikki

    God he’s such a piece of shit. a real poop dick. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that he is given so much for being such a terrible person. all i gotta say is: KARMAS A BITCH!!!!!

  20. Im hatin on the bowling ally in his house…

  21. Translation of hate sometimes means Jealous, for those not familiar with the latest in urban dialect…

  22. Ralphie

    So putting that translation in the contxt here: We are jealous that we don’t beat up girls.

  23. True2Myself

    I just want 2 say that yeah u were truly wrong but i love your music. I dont like what u did but there is a little thing called business and personal. On the personal side, I dont like you for what you did, but, on the business side I am still a FAN! I am not gonna say that I hate you and will never listen to ur music again because if you are that good and still making some damn good songs I am gonna listen to them. So for all the dumb asses posting comments regardless of how you feel about the PERSONAL situation, Chris still has friends in the BUSINESS and hes still making his money. So to all the hatas: “YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO SEPARATE THE PERSONAL FROM THE BUSINESS”

  24. jim

    It’s funny when tards call people who make racist comments “ignorant”. Most of us racists are the complete opposite of ignorant. Our views come from experience and understanding.

  25. Tom K

    This guy is just stupid. I hope he goes to jail.

  26. Hottie

    Awww. He wants the public’s approval back! Desperate but an A for effort. Good try Chris Breezy. Take it easy. I’m not buying Graffti. But if I don’t he might hunt me down and beat the sh!t outta me! I’m torn.

  27. Hottie

    He and Ike Turner should so make a group called: Women Beaters.

  28. Mister Bored

    Maybe Tommy Lee can teach him how to properly backslap a chick.

  29. Kelsey

    Chris Brown has such a way with words, it’s like poetry. Be still my heart.

  30. I must admit that I resent what Chris Brown did, but I resent what you people do to celebs on a daily basis. Im here so that I can let you know that. You guys are the lowest scum of the earth. You are identical to TMZ.

    In other words…


  31. L

    “Most of us racists are the complete opposite of ignorant. Our views come from experience and understanding”

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Honey, if you think being racist comes from understanding, well perhaps you have the word “understanding” mixed up with something else, cos if you understood the situation you wouldn’t be racist. I mean, what is your supporting argument? What exactly do you think you understand?

  32. Gando

    He isn’t a Montauk Monster?

  33. Jeezy

    @17: Exactly. I have no idea what the fuck this faggot just said in that video.

    @23: You are an awful person.

  34. netstarman

    If he plays tennis, Do you have to watch out for his backhand?

  35. @23: Are you serious? Won’t a guy’s true personality have any bearing on how his “business” runs?

  36. Uncle Eccoli


    Enablers? It’s funny how you double standard-bearing slags have always got an excuse. It’s always somebody else’s fault when you do stupid shit.

    Who’s talking “power constructs?” That was just a feeble attempt at obfuscation and everybody here knows it. Why don’t you explain to us nice and clearly how it’s not contradictory to demand absolute “equality” between men and women whilst simultaneously condemning a man more harshly for having beat a woman than you would if he had beat a man that was the same size as the woman?

    For the record, I’m not just some ignorant jackass raised to hate everybody. Quite the contrary, in fact. For years I made it a special point of pride to give everybody the benefit of the doubt – I was an enlightened world citizen. Unfortunately, that basically amounted to overlooking everybody’s bullshit in the interest of promoting the PC pipe dream. Refusing to lie to myself any further, I have finally abandoned all that. My opinions are now my own, not those foisted upon us by women’s and minority groups, and I am not ashamed of them. The truth of the matter is that it wasn’t woman haters with an agenda that made a misogynist out of me, it was hypocritical women. It wasn’t racists that made a racist out of me, it was bigoted minorities. And don’t give me any shit about generalisations, either – if I should happen to come across a talking cow that doesn’t mean that I should from that point forward reserve judgment on whether every other cow in the world can talk.

    I suppose all of this goes to say that I’m here, I’m far from irrational, and my mind was not made up by the forces you desperately want to believe are responsible. There are millions more like me, and you’re not going to change us or make us go away by simply labeling us as ignorant or backward. If you want us to move, you’ll have to as well.

  37. euotrash

    uncle eccoli; callin women hypocrites cuz they want to be treated equally but don’t wanna get beat up by some jackass is actually pretty ignorant and backward. this particular aspect of womens rights is about respecting someone’s integrity and not taking advantage of the fact that she cant fight back, or of the fact that she trusts/has feelings for you. see this might be news to you, but the whole reason so many women were gettin beat up by assholes in the first place is because they were thought of as inferior human beings or even just property.
    i agree that there are plenty of dumb bitches out there that get themselves into these situations, but even that isnt an excuse for it to be allowed or condoned in the first place. civil rights arguments aside, u just dont hit someone u love (or that loves u) whether it be a partner, family member, or friend. and if u gotta fight pick on someone ur own size. seems pretty simple to me.

  38. Uncle Eccoli

    I’m not arguing that women deserve to be beaten. Please read this again:

    “…condemning a man more harshly for having beat a woman than you would if he had beat a man that was the same size as the woman?”

    I’m arguing that women have no right to scream about wanting to be treated equally while at the same time expecting special treatment because they are women. The feminist crusade has degenerated to the point where it’s disingenuous at best, and downright socially subversive at worst.

  39. Uncle Eccoli

    Not to flog this completely, but this is the sort of thing I’m talking about:

    “…this particular aspect of women’s rights…”

    Women’s rights? What about “men’s rights?” Both concepts are discriminatory and unnecessary. When there are only “rights” with no regard to gender there will be equality, not before.

  40. shakcc

    LOL 2 fucking nigs. BELEEE DAT!

  41. eurotrash

    ‘When there are only “rights” with no regard to gender there will be equality, not before.’

    yup totally agree! (and i do believe that is the goal of all these ‘rights movements’)

    but come on, u know why there are terms like ‘womens rights’ or ‘gay rights’ … because these groups didn’t always have (and often still don’t) have the same rights the average male always had. so yea these movements have to be called something right?
    funny u should mention the big guy vs little guy example, cuz i was gonna say something along those lines too but didn’t want to get too long winded (too late now!). once again, i just say pick on someone ur own size!
    I think that most people would agree that beating up on someone a lot smaller than you is always wrong, but the main difference between two guys fighting and a guy beating up a woman is the motive and manipulation involved; usually in the latter example there is a close relationship and the guy uses that to his advantage. it’s more than just physical violence, its emotional abuse and can destroy the woman in ways beyond cuts and bruises.

  42. Windstorm

    Dang dude, I used to think you were cool and all but come on, beating up on a woman? Not cool. Congradulations, you just lost another fan.

  43. eurotrash

    i don’t really believe that you are mysoginistic or racist. sounds more like u may have had some passive aggressive issues and u got fucked over by some people in the process.. is it easier to blame entire groups than to hold those individuals responsible for their actions?

  44. Truth Hurts


    Wow you are a huge idiot. So with your logic I guess you are still a R. Kelly fan even though he fucked and pissed on a 13 year old girl? … and filmed it. Because afterall, thats personal not business. right? right.

    You are trying to apply the term “keep personal life separate from business” to this situation and Im sorry but thats horribly incorrect. Chris Brown is famous and his music is intended to appeal to the younger female audience. So with that said, when he goes and beats the shit out of a young woman, who he is in a relationship with, and he cant preform at a scheduled performance the next day due to the incident guess what: thats going to directly effect his business reputation, record sales, endorsement opportunities, fans, so on and so forth.

    Sorry but you sound like the type of woman, if I can even call you that you stupid cunt, who stays with a man when he beats the shit out of you. Next time you decide to post Id recommend to just ignore the urge.

  45. Marya

    Eccoli — have you ever heard the term “straw man argument”? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing here. Virtually all feminists condemn unnecessary violence (including women beating up men) but the difference between a woman beating up a man and vice versa is that the average woman is two-thirds the size of the average man. If you have a situation where a bigger, stronger woman is beating up a smaller man, then I’ll agree with you that it’s just as bad. Likewise, I think a man who would beat up a much smaller, weaker man (especially if they were in a romantic relationship) is just as bad as Chris Brown.

    Feminists are fighting for equal OPPORTUNITIES for women, not for everyone to pretend that men and women are exactly the same in every way.

  46. eurotrash

    well look at that, someone who took a critical thinking/argumentation class!
    though there are many other fallacies to be found aside from the ‘straw man’ in this case, im tryin to get this discussion to some sort of agreeable conclusion here.. and yea there is indeed a difference between fighting for equal opportunity and pretending that men and women are equal in every way (read physical strength)… but fuckin aye marya, i was tryin to create a proper discussion here and now he’s just gonna get all pissy about what u said instead of responding properly to my questions.. up to u now Eccoli!

  47. Uncle Eccoli

    Don’t worry, euro, I wasn’t upset at any point and I’m not now. It isn’t as if I’ve never been accused of the straw man tack. Passive aggression? Lol ; ) You may be right, but I don’t think that invalidates my position.

    Marya, I don’t buy that equal ‘opportunities’ rubbish for a minute. Maybe twenty years ago, but not now that many of the double standards these rabid crusaders champion have been codified into law. Notice how the qualifications keep shifting to slap down any criticism of the various movements. I’d hate to oversimplify this, but just as a device, if you criticise feminism, let’s say, you’re a sexist, and so on. And it’s not only women’s groups who are guilty of this – it is my opinion that many minority lobbies and their proponents have become far too accustomed to the role of the victim. It is in their political interest, they think, to perpetuate their cause in that role rather than grow, and despite all the advances such causes have enjoyed to date. The question is, at what point will they stop accusing the world – often baselessly and not without a measure of paranoia – of bias and degradation? I would argue that they can’t even tell you – they honestly believe, or at least implicitly argue, that they will *never* get a fair shake – and that they have no choice but to rail against their oppressors until the end of time. And therein lies the problem. Someone isn’t necessarily discriminated against or oppressed simply because they’ve got an inferiority complex. At the end of the day, you’re never going to be treated the way you’d like if you go round prejudging every individual and every situation.

  48. Uncle Eccoli

    Missed this one:

    “is it easier to blame entire groups than to hold those individuals responsible for their actions?”

    Easier? Probably, but that’s not exactly what got me here. Also, “judge” might fit better than “blame.” Let me put it this way: when I’m faced with the decision of whether to wait out each individual member of a particular group or default to my judgment of the group as whole based on my experiences, it’s a matter of expediency – I’m no longer willing to put forth that much of my time and effort when it’s been wasted so often before. Basically, I’d much rather be surprised than disappointed. To be blunt, I got tired of the PC ideal that had been hammered into me since I was a boy being so consistently betrayed by the behaviour of the people I had always been expected to look on with egalitarian eyes. Call it disillusionment.

  49. Uncle Eccoli

    Now that I’ve read that back, maybe it’d be just as well to say, “easy,” after all. *shrug*

  50. Marya

    “Feminism” is not a monolithic movement. There are lots of different feminists and lots of different versions of feminism — liberal feminism, radical feminism, sex-positive feminism, Marxist feminism, etc. There are feminists who focus on race issues and feminists who focus on class issues and in general it’s just a really huge and diverse group of people who have wildly divergent views on lots of different issues. That’s one reason why people accuse you of sexism when you criticize “feminism” — because, for a lot of people, “feminism” DOES mean the idea that women should have equal opportunities, and many people will get offended if you suggest otherwise. I personally identify as a feminist but I disagree with many other women who describe themselves as feminists on a variety of issues. If you want to avoid being called sexist, stop beginning your arguments by saying “The problem with feminism is that…” and start saying “The problem with people who have X opinion is that…” or something similar. Just attack the point of view you disagree with; don’t unfairly assume that all feminists subscribe to it.

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