Chris Brown hooks up with Kanye’s ex Amber Rose

Chris Brown and Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose were reportedly all over each other at Diddy and Ashton Kutcher’s July 4th bash in Beverly Hills. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if Chris Brown didn’t bring 18-year-old Teyana Taylor as his date. NY Daily News reports:

“Diddy announced the deejay would do a tribute to Michael Jackson,” said a guest. “Chris did an amazing impression of Michael’s moonwalk. It wasn’t long before he was dancing with Amber.”
Later, as the party wound down, the pair nestled on a couch in the backyard of the Beverly Hills mansion.
“They were holding hands and making out in the shadows,” said a witness. “She had her hand on his leg.”
Taylor is said to have been irked by the amount of time Brown spent with Rose, but still accompanied him to an after-party at the club Guys.
There, Brown again got upclose and personal with Rose, who is 26.
“They were kissing on the dance floor in front of Teyana,” said a witness. “But he and Amber left separately.”

Wow. Chris Brown’s doing an amazing job cementing his relationship as the music industry’s most eligible bachelor. If he’s not beating the shit out of you, he’s banging another chick on your dress. It’s almost like a magical fairy tale – that punches you in the face. Then again, he’s rich, so who gives a crap? Am I right, ladies? High five!

Photos: Getty