Chris Brown hooks up with Kanye’s ex Amber Rose

July 6th, 2009 // 61 Comments

Chris Brown and Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose were reportedly all over each other at Diddy and Ashton Kutcher’s July 4th bash in Beverly Hills. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if Chris Brown didn’t bring 18-year-old Teyana Taylor as his date. NY Daily News reports:

“Diddy announced the deejay would do a tribute to Michael Jackson,” said a guest. “Chris did an amazing impression of Michael’s moonwalk. It wasn’t long before he was dancing with Amber.”
Later, as the party wound down, the pair nestled on a couch in the backyard of the Beverly Hills mansion.
“They were holding hands and making out in the shadows,” said a witness. “She had her hand on his leg.”
Taylor is said to have been irked by the amount of time Brown spent with Rose, but still accompanied him to an after-party at the club Guys.
There, Brown again got upclose and personal with Rose, who is 26.
“They were kissing on the dance floor in front of Teyana,” said a witness. “But he and Amber left separately.”

Wow. Chris Brown’s doing an amazing job cementing his relationship as the music industry’s most eligible bachelor. If he’s not beating the shit out of you, he’s banging another chick on your dress. It’s almost like a magical fairy tale – that punches you in the face. Then again, he’s rich, so who gives a crap? Am I right, ladies? High five!

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  1. scot

    I’m a racist cock.

  2. scot

    Who double posts. Like a bitch.

  3. chuck

    First! she’s a whore

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    soo gross!

  5. scot


  6. scot

    dang mang she looka like a man

  7. devilsrain

    Whats the deal with this chick. Did she have cancer or something? Grow the fucking hair

  8. I agree

    Did he pee on her too? Oh wait…was he the one that punched her out or the one that got shot? It’s so hard to keep up with all of them..they all look and act the same.

  9. Randal

    Love the look Amber! It takes a lot of confidence for a woman to wear her hair style the way you do, so it’s no shock that you attract wealthy men.


  10. Your 15 minutes should be up

    Yuck, floppy side boob.
    Shitty choice in men.
    Sand my ballsack on that head.

  11. sw

    looks like she can take a punch

  12. ACriminalSmile

    She’s got VERY nice facial features and a GORGEOUS smile. I’m surprised.

  13. My imaginary penis is not happy!!

  14. Oh no, not again?

    Another Chris Brown smack down waiting to happen.

    The upside is that this chick looks like she needs a good whuppin’.

  15. GAYDAR

    Randal your swish is showing.
    Shouldn’t you be googling naked pics of Kanye and Chris?
    God bless me.

  16. After you’re done fucking her she can use her head to clean your dishes. Everyone wins.

  17. Turk

    She looks old. I highly doubt this chic is 26. Maybe early 30′s, but not 26.

  18. Ananana

    is it ok that i find her just so fucking gorgeous?

  19. That chic got IT going ON!!!!!

  20. Mr. T

    So both Pee Diddy and Chris Brown are into Shim’s?

  21. mizzty

    She looks better without those stupid sunglasses, but sounds like a gold-digger. It sets back all women when one will hookup with a convicted abuser for fame

  22. SOS

    this chris brown loves the ladies with the dude hairstyles

  23. mizzty

    She should not wear that top with those boobs

  24. doogleberg

    She looks like the little niggra boy that tried to sell me a magazine subscription last week.

  25. Venom

    I don’t give a sh!t about this stupid country nig ger Chris Brown and this street walking whore Amber Rose.

  26. Dr. Levi

    I’m still not sure what Amber “does” for a living… or why she’s “famous”. oh wait, I get it: another sleazebag leach. sigh.

  27. le fag

    miss saggy titties looks like she got that nasty woman’s disease

  28. Dr. Levi

    oh, and judging by some of the posts here (24 and 25), it seems that the American Nazi Party and/or the Klan are now huge fans of the Superficial! Congrats to the editor for all that hard work!

  29. 2for2true

    Who put David Spade in a dress?

  30. Stan Marsh

    Kanye West is a gay fish.

  31. Io

    I guess any dumbass who dates him figures either so the fuck what if he knocks their teeth out, they are fake anyway and can always go get more implants with the money they get off of suing his punk ass, or they can go MAYBE have the plastic surgeon fix the damage off of his dime…win/win in their eyes, free cosmetic surgery

  32. Tracie

    I think she is beautiful! And she has a killer smile! :)

  33. Superbiggerevil

    Sexiest punchingbag I’ve ever seen!

  34. Benabob

    Does this bitch have a golden pussy or what?

  35. Ray Doggy Dogg

    Soooo…Chris Brown gets invited to a bash with Diddy and Kutcher, brings one girl and bags another while there, and gets to mug for the camera with Diddy himself?

    Looks like the statute of limitations for giving a shit about beating up women in Hollywood is only a few months now.

  36. What an idiot this Kanye, he has got to be kicking himself even if he doesnt want this chic…When strippers are tired of stripping, they either walk the streets or go into porn…Why would you make a stripper your girlfriend…Now he looks like a total fool, Jack the Ripper light of our time is diddling your exgirl at a party…

  37. sin

    Chris Brown is fucking a Tranny!! An ugly one at that too.

  38. Matrim

    @26> She’s a model and has done work in music videos, which is why she’s always apparently dating rappers.

  39. Moteeka

    Downgrade. Not that Chris Brown deserves someone as gorgeous as Rihanna ever again. This chick always scared me when she was by Kanye’s side. I guess this is more appropriate?

  40. Sammy the Shank

    I think she’s hot looking, a very pretty gal.

  41. Marie

    Is she really only 26??? Swear to God I thought she was at least 10 years older than that.

  42. Marie

    Is she really only 26??? Swear to God I thought she was at least 10 years older than that.

  43. Initial_G

    Damn this bitch is f’ugly. LOL, Chris Brown should have stuck with the 18 year old.

  44. lol

    model? what did she model? the before pic for plastic surgery ads?

  45. LEB

    Guess there’s no accounting for taste… HER taste in men, that is.

  46. Beavis

    I like Zac’s new haircut.. a bit too much yellow number 5 though

  47. spinal

    She is gorgeous. Amazing lips. Basically, I would dyke out for this chick.

  48. Tom K

    Kanye must have a horrible sex game or something because this is like the 5th time this bitch has cheated on him and then they break up and he takes her back. Grow some fucking balls Kanye. Travis the Chimp aka Chris Brown would never let his woman get out of line and treat him like that.

  49. trizfat

    People are letting Chris Brown into their parties?

  50. what?

    Kanye’s ex as of when? People keep sayin they broke up but we all JUST saw this chick last week at the BET awards with kanye, wtf?

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