Chris Brown has a new victim lady

Since Rihanna won’t talk to him for some strange reason, Chris Brown has reportedly started dating his ex, Erica Jackson, according to NY Daily News:

And while Jackson is “no Rihanna,” the general consensus among his friends and family is that the new girl is going to be good for him in the long run. “[Erica] has a good head on her shoulders; she’s solid,” says our insider. Chris and his new gal pal were spotted leaving a Sunset Blvd. tattoo parlor on Saturday afternoon.
“She’s more of a plain Jane — cute though,” says our source. At the very least, she’s helping to ease Chris’ pain over Rihanna. He was mad in love with that girl.”
According to pals, the “mad” one in this love trifecta will be Rihanna herself. “She is going to be pissed!” says a pal of the pop starlet. “Ri is going to be so hurt that Chris has moved on so quickly and is parading this new girl around town.”

Of course, this could just be an elaborate ruse to win Rihanna back, and frankly, I don’t see how it won’t work. Nothing sweeps a girl off her feet like domestic abuse followed by banging one of your exes while you’re “on a break.” It’s sort of what Romeo would’ve done had Shakespeare actually known anything about women.

Photo: Getty