Chris Brown doesn’t remember beating Rihanna, but still loves her. Aww.

August 31st, 2009 // 43 Comments

In the upcoming Extra Special “Chris Brown, He’s Not So Bad” Issue of People, that’s sure to go over well with housewives, the singer reveals he still has feelings for Rihanna and cried to his mom the night of the attack:

He still loves Rihanna: “I never fell out of love with her. That just wouldn’t go away.”
How he felt right after the assault: “I was distraught … I went to my mom on the same night and told [her] what happened and broke down.”
Why he’s different from his stepfather, who he says regularly abused his mother: “I feel like he enjoyed it. He was an abuser. It was continuous.”

Continuing the non-stop marketing campaign to get his music career back, Chris also appears on Larry King Live tonight where he claims to not even remember beating Rihanna. Of course, most people would probably repress the memory of doing something terrible like when I “supposedly” saw G.I. Joe the other week. Pretty much the same level of awful.

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  1. Aunt Jemima

    He naggs me. That makes him a nagger.

  2. Aunt Jemima

    He nags me. That makes him a nagger.

  3. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    He takes the saying “Hurt the one you love the most” to a whole new level.

  4. Aunt Jemima

    And since I’m all hip hop and shit I can add as many extra g’s to my words as I like. Word.

  5. Max Planck

    How convenient.

  6. Phillynate

    If his career comes back full swing I’m gonna puke. It’s soooooooo sad and pathetic that people will support something like this. Yes, lets pay him millions for his music. He deserves it for the horrible 6 months that people were talking about him. The fact that he got off with what he did is pathetic. Shit. Vick is back. C. Brown is back. R kelly never went anywhere. MJ was never convicted, but mysteriously settled 25 million with the fam of the kid that he apparently “did nothing wrong with” out of court. What is wrong with this people? Such a JOKE!!!!! Sad sad sad sad sad….

  7. mjisdead?

    Wonder if remembers voting for the idiot in the White House? Chinese Americans call this the Year of the Sparkling Wiggle !

  8. Abraham Lincoln

    Pull up your pants, the smell is offensive.

  9. Nice

    Don’t you love how assholes toss “peace signs” around, and the moronic lemmings that follow them believe it?

    Yeah, Chris and the skull tat on his right hand are all about “peace.”

  10. Randall

    I don’t like how the media is demonizing this fine young man. sure he didn’t quite know how to slap a bitch hard enough to make sure she doesn’t talk, but I feel everyone deserves a second chance. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson, and next time he slaps around his old lady he’ll make sure he stresses the importance of discretion (I.E. choke a bitch while screaming “I’ll crush your fucking larynx if you even think about telling anyone about this.”)


  11. ROUGH before dishonor

    So was Distict 9…oh such garbage!

  12. Ah, he remembers. He’s done it before. This isn’t the first time they’ve fought.

  13. stupidass

    this dude has the most punchable face

  14. chick

    What a publicity stunt! Can he be more of a coward? He is going on an easy Larry King interview with his mom! And given all of the preparation for his interview all he can mutter in response to what he did is “wow” and that he doesn’t “remember” beating the crap out of someone. He really should have been locked up for a bit – that would certainly have been a memorable experience. What an idiot.

  15. Howard

    What a crock. You don’t “forget” beating someone up that bad. He’s a jerk!

  16. Howard

    Now wait a minute…he doesn’t remember beating her up but he remembers calling mommie. Him and M.J.’s dad have something in common. Both of them had their cheese slide off their cracker!

  17. Hahahaha

    What a LYING sack of sh*t!..

    Hey Chris..America ain’t buying your attempts at “DAMAGE CONTROL”.

    They ain’t buying your music no mo’ either.

    ANY man {and i use the term loosely}..who would dare put his hands on a woman like you did is a……..Loser.

    Take that..and “run it run it!”.

  18. Agreeing with #17

    -took all my Chris Brown CDs back to the store for refunds as Defective.

  19. n

    fucking douche.

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  21. Carolyn

    What a dorky looking moron.

  22. Pilatunes

    That’s great Chris.

  23. wick

    Yeah and Curious George forgot that he put that tennis shoe in a pot of spaghetti.

    Bullshit, they’re both liars.

    And by “liars” I mean brothers. Although George is a chimp, and Brown is more of an ape. Aren’t apes the ones that sniff their balls and have gay sex in the zoo?

  24. SkipSmith


    No, that would be white people.

  25. Haywood Jayblowme


    No, you’re wrong. That would be the Jungle Bunnies..

  26. Haywood Jayblowme

    Yup…Chris Brown just proves the old adage. You can take a jigaboo out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle of the jigaboo.

  27. Tom K

    I wish this fucking kid would just die already.

    Numbers: 1, 6, 7 23, 25

    It really doesn’t matter because “WHITE” girls and yes I said “WHITE” girls are still going to continue buy his music . Everytime I see a picture of him “WHITE” girls are running to take a picture with him and hugging on him and telling him how much they love his music.

    This new generation of white people are bunch of mudsharks, whores, wannabe rockstars and wiggers with no morals. It’s because of them these idiot chimps are rich and think they can do whatever they want.

  28. alex

    wtfff he has a tail stickin out of his pocket.

  29. obz

    pink highlights on the jacket, turquoise watch strap, yellow hat.
    maybe he beat her because she didn’t have a penis

  30. Asshole

    Oh, but he can claim that she bit him! How in the fuck do you fuck up someone’s face that BAD and NOT remember it? And TOM, black girls are on his ass as well! They support everything and anything he does and it makes me sick. Fuck Chris Brown, the asshole! How dare you beat a woman that beautiful and think you can get away with it! NEVER!!

    And Jiggaboo? What the fuck ia a jiggaboo?

  31. Peter Pumpkin Eater

    What a fucking little bitch.

  32. Haywood Jayblowme

    @31 FYI


    The proper, polite term for a guy of color.

    A person who stands on a street corner yelling “sheee-it!” and “mo fo!” and “gimme some skee-in!”

    A person well-versed in the fine art of shuckin’ an’ jivin’.

    A spade cat. A dinge. A stove lid. An Ace Boon Coon. A soul brother. A shine.
    Here come Cleon out o dat pool hall wif Taleesha. Sheee-it, man, dat Jiggaboo sho know how to pick up de fine ladies, yassuh.

  33. Galtacticus

    The weird thing with abused people is that they intend to act like the abuser.It has an attraction on them like a black hole.Does he have a black hole in his memory?

  34. Rhialto

    Instead of absorbing it they’d rather pass the pain on and that’s the way evil get spread.Weak.

  35. Sam

    I find it surprising that bitches are even agreeing to pose with this “man”. I guess to celeb cock hunters a celeb is always a celeb.

  36. Brit

    I am so sick of lookin at this ugly mother

  37. Charmin

    I just think the media needs to leave this alone. If it wasn’t one of the greatest artist or someone in the limelight this situation would never of been this big. Of course, i dont agree with what he did, but everybody makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. Besides, who are we to judge someone. You all act like your so rightous and never done anything wrong. Just let it go and allow him to make the great music he does.

  38. This man is so cool!

  39. Thanks for the fast shipping

  40. metabolism? haha thats an excuse.. if you were earning millions with the way you look, i think you would consider what you stuff into your mouth..

  41. good article,thank you

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