Chris Brown: ‘Community service is off the hook!’

Chris Brown might be court-ordered to perform community service for beating the shit out of Rihanna but that doesn’t mean he still can’t have a good time tweeting (above) and mixing it up with those crazy paparazzi. Whee! NY Daily News reports:

‘Check out my outfit,’ Brown said in an afternoon Internet ‘tweet’ that included a picture of himself in his work duds.
The California judge who sentenced Brown in August granted his request to do his community labor near his home in Richmond after receiving assurances from Virginia officials that hed’ be doing hard work.
Richmond Police spokesman Gene Lepley said Brown’s schedule will be flexible and include assignments like washing government cars, picking up trash and cleaning up graffiti.
“We’ll just take a look at it day by day and certainly would ask for the cooperation of the public and Chris’ fans so that he is able to satisfy the work requirements.”

While Brown’s work hours were supposed to be secret, he clued the paparazzi in to his whereabouts Wednesday through his missives on Twitter.
“On my way to community service….” he tweeted en route to the Richmond Police stable.

It’s so nice to see Chris Brown is having a romping good time serving his sentence. God knows he needs a break after getting his face punched in right before his big night at the Grammys. Oh wait.

Photos: Twitter