Chris Brown arrested for assaulting Rihanna

February 9th, 2009 // 259 Comments

Chris Brown became this generation’s Ike Turner Saturday night when he assaulted his girlfriend R&B singer Rihanna after both attended the 2009 Pre-Grammy Gala & Salute (above). Chris turned himself Sunday evening after the two canceled their Grammy appearances. Both were nominees. E! News reports:

A spokeswoman for Brown’s label declined comment. Rihanna’s publicist, Amanda Silverman, would only tell E! News that the 20-year-old “Disturbia” singer was involved in an unspecified traffic mishap. “Rihanna is well,” the rep said. “Thank you for concern and support.”
Per department policy, police declined to identify the alleged victim in the incident, which occurred about 12:30 a.m. in the Hancock Park area, apparently as the two were heading home from Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy bash, where they had been all smiles.
In a statement, police say Brown and his companion “became involved in an argument. After stopping his car, Brown and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.”
By the time officers arrived on the scene, Brown had split.

As of this post, Chris Brown has already posted bail and been released, according to TMZ. He should spend this time kissing his career good-bye, but will probably do something retarded instead like dip his Playstation in gold. Because, clearly, Chris Brown is an idiot and a gigantic pussy. “I’m going to smack my insanely famous girlfriend right before the Grammys!” SMART.

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  1. Deacon Jones


    Nah, it’s bitches like YOU that give women a bad reputation.

    “Women may slap or throw things…at men”

    You’re nuts. If you have a boyfriend, he’s probably a raging pussy.

  2. Amy

    Mmmmm…Darkwing Duck. The way you write makes me so….hot. They way you tell me to “shut up” and tell me that I am so “desperate.” Mmmm…. What’s your World of Warcraft character name? Please tell me. I cannot take this incredibly sexy abuse any longer. MMM…and all this talk of cheetos is making me so uncredibly horny, i mean, hungry. Maybe we could top the cheetos off with some chili and tuna. You know what else turns me on? The cartoon darkwing duck. That’s a HUGE turn-on.

  3. Noel

    Chris Brown should come to my side of the neighbourhood, I’ll date rape him thirty ways from Sunday. Fucking punk whore pretending to be a man.

  4. #150 – I see things are real slow at the ol’ legal aid office… here’s a thought for some shits and giggles… go hit a random man why in the fucking face, then, when he attempts to retaliate, hold a print out showing your measurements, profession, and marital status in plain view, thus thwarting him like a vampire from the break of dawn. Then when he pauses, even briefly, hit him again then repeat.

  5. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Have you ever been abused? Abusers & those they abuse are members of a disgusting cycle, one that only they have the power to break. Seriously, Abuse is abuse it doesn’t matter who’s doing it so shut the fuck up, go get some tampons & take a nap.

  6. Noel

    @151. Deacon Jones Who said I am a woman you facking fagot, its not my fault that you cant handle couple of small slaps.

  7. Amy

    Legal aid. Haha. But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s lunch time bitch.
    Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that you are really Darkwing. Also, I lied about my status :-(. I’m really single. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I am 4’9 and weigh a staggering 231. :-(. You’re right, I could beat the shit out of most men by glancing/sitting on them; I always play the victim but it rarely works because I am so fat. Also, I don’t have a job. Well, unless you count being a gold spammer on world of warcraft. My life is a sad pit of dispair. I’m eating chili as we speak. Also, I’m 48.

  8. Amy

    If you call being very obese and never getting so much as a smile from a passerby abuse….then yes, I have been abused. Numerous times.

  9. I’m not darkwing. It doesn’t take much to realize that you are exactly the kind of chick that would smack her boyfriend just praying he hits her back. And… lunchtime? So you assume everyone’s in your same fucking time zone… not surprising, since you’ve revealed yourself to be rather self centered. I hope someone puts a roofie in your daiquiri.

  10. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Are you even reading the other posts or are you just picking out the words you know?
    Quote from me:
    “All I said was if you don’t want to get your ass beat, leave. If it happens once it will probably happen again.”
    And, another one:
    “Abusers & those they abuse are members of a disgusting cycle, one that only they have the power to break. Seriously, Abuse is abuse it doesn’t matter who’s doing it.”

  11. streetjustice


  12. KP

    I dont think i’ve ever heard rihanna speak.
    I wonder if you smack rihanna, if she just starts singing songs.
    Like, you smack her in the head and she starts singing “disturbia”
    Hummm…. I wonder.

  13. Penis_Envy_Is_A_Bitch

    I’m just sitting here dying at how pathetically insecure many white boys are.

    So damn predictable.

  14. Danielle

    #1 Cate, You CAN’T trust black men or women….

    …rap is the down fall of society…

  15. Disgusted

    All of you need a life and stop discussing matters that have nothing to do with you.

    And for the racists, whatever color you may be:
    1. You are not better than anyone based on the color of skin. Get over it. Lighter skin does not mean better people, my god!! Its just skin!! Thats it!!
    2. The more you hate on another race, the less that race even gives a damn about yours. Everytime I hear something racist its always white people against black people. When is enough gonna be enough for you people? Black people aren’t even thinking about you!
    3. How dumb is it that you turn an issue of domestic violence into an issue of race? Come on. Please go do something with yourselves.
    4. This is the year 2009! Go out and meet and get to know a black person before you pass judgement on all of them.
    5. And I don’t fear or care for your ignorant comments of retaliation.

  16. Selene

    Very funny, #162

  17. Danielle

    Black people are more racist then white people!! They are always bitching and whining…. THEY need to get over themselves and they are NOT hot shit like they think they are. They have a poor mentality, and plain don’t give a shit about anything other then being “bad ass Gangstas” with hoes, they bitch slap and pimp out. THEY are destroying the world with their attitudes and brain washing the youth. The world would be a more safe and peaceful place with out their crap.
    …I do understand that there are good ones out there but it’s so rare they practically don’t exist…
    …They are always causing problems and killing people for no damn reason other then because they are “thugs” with ridiculous shitty “bling”
    …EVERYDAY a black person is on the news for murdering someone!

  18. figures

    #65/134 “Massa” I see you post the same sort of stupid shit on very day on every single thread here -doesn’t matter if the thread’s about anyone white, there you are.
    What I want to know is this – is yours truly a micropenis or just one of those needledick numbers that never gets harder or thicker than an overcooked egg noodle? Anybody who spends the time you do posting this shit to convince themselves they’re superior must be pathologically inferior both mentally and physically because you’re working overtime. We’ ve seen the proof of your mental shortcomings, so what about the rest. Post pictures – your teeny weenie will get you some sympathy. Once we’re done laughing that is.

  19. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    #165 I like how your post starts by saying:
    “And for the racists, whatever color you may be:
    1. You are not better than anyone based on the color of skin. Get over it. ”
    Then you proceed to bash white people.
    “Lighter skin does not mean better people,”
    ” Everytime I hear something racist its always white people against black people”
    “Go out and meet and get to know a black person before you pass judgement on all of them”
    Very hypocritical of you. And why would you be scared of retaliation? You’re a moron, regardless of your skin color.

  20. RichPort's Ghost

    Black’s are the only race of animals on the planet that haven’t improved their situation in the last 150 years.

    Every other race of people has been able to come to the United States and flourish within a generation, except of course, the poor victimized black person. Well, now you’ve got your black President, and you should have no more self-pitying reasons to stay in the projects and living on gov’t handouts.

    But that will never change, because Democrats want you exactly where you are, completely dependant on them and blindly voting for them in every election, like a bunch of brainwashed cattle. You’re not even as good as cattle, at least cattle serve a purpose on Earth, blacks don’t even have a purpose other than providing votes for Democrats. Suckers.

  21. Crisp Round (formerly Delgo)

    In the eloquent words of this our Great 44th President of Jesus Christ’s United States of America, year twenty hundred and nine . . .

    “I screwed up.”

  22. Ice Tart Fights (formerly Delgo)

    Hey RichPort’s Ghost:

    You wouldn’t be saying that if the actor who played Deebo was in front of you.

    Yo . . . Just sayin’, is all.

  23. Danielle

    applauds #170

    …all they do, do is pop out 10 kids and collect government checks that WE pay for. WE lose money because of their lazy asses! WE put your kids in school and FEED YOUR kids… I think it’s time you stopped taking from everyone and start GIVING!!!

    …know what else I get a kick out of is the United Negro College (whatever it’s called) gotta love a black only college…

    …God forbid we had a whites only college, can’t have that because it’s racist…

  24. 1999

    Bubba will be doing the ass-aulting now.

  25. justifiable

    #173 It’s the United Negro College FUND, ya moron! There is no United Negro COLLEGE! BWAHAHAHAHA! It’s a philanthropic organization – and in your case, they’re wrong because your mind in particular isn’t such a terrible thing to waste. But God forbid listening should get in the way of a good racist rant, huh?

  26. Danielle

    175 But God forbid listening should get in the way of a good racist rant, huh?

    I’m guessing you didn’t read what you wrote before you posted it, huh? BWAHAHAHAHA!

    my point was that black people have all these organizations for just black people…. we’re always saving their asses god forbid we did something to pay us back.

    If we had funds just for white people they’d pull that whiny ass shit of that’s racist dawg.

    Black people really need to learn how to speak correctly.

  27. #172 – You’re right, being as I didn’t say it in the first place.

  28. Danielle

    we’re always saving their asses god forbid THEY did something to pay us back.


  29. justifiable

    #176 You are a complete troll as well as a moron, but what the hell, I’m bored at work today….
    Jeez, you really are a moron – the UNCF is open to all races/ethnicities, not just blacks. Private organizations and charities for Jews, women, Christians, the handicapped, etc. are designed to provide for specific groups and it’s not done directly with your tax dollars, so what the hell is your problem? And all the schools the UNCF is affiliated with are integrated – West Virginai State University is predominantly white.

  30. lola

    Anyone who physically abuses another person should meet the same justice. I don’t think cutting off their hands is fair. They should be restrained and beaten by who they abused or by a larger person where the victim can watch. Some victims may not want to be in this situation, but I think it would help them get revenge and peace. After it is all over then the abuser should have to apologize, beg for forgiveness.

    The same thing would work for sexual abuse and I can imagine the ways

  31. bill jefferson clinton

    I’m sorry. Was this the Vibe Awards?

  32. Err


  33. Brian

    @129 Then many of these smaller women need to keep their hands at their side & watch what they say to a man then! You can’t expect every man to bury every instinct, negative action, & response while (many) women get to act out (sometimes physically) any random negative thought they may have just because their victim happens to be larger. I guess if the man happens to be a dwarf he gets a free pass, if he’s dating a normal size women? We don’t know what happened for sure between Chris Brown & Rihanna, and yes he shouldn’t have hit her, if he did, but If I walk up to another guy who is bigger & stronger then myself, and decide to verbally attack him, provoke him, and/ or physically assault the guy well I can’t turn around and say to him, “Whoa I’m smaller then you bro, I should be allowed to treat you like crap, because you could kick my ass with little effort on your part!” Having a penis and being larger then the average women isn’t pain suppressant ladies their are still plenty of places that men can and do feel pain even when hit by a smaller person, plenty of insults that make the guys (or anyone) want to aggress, and plenty of actions that (some) women engage in just to push buttons! Gender, size, fear of victimization, and bastardized feminism doesn’t diminish fight or flight behavior or the frustration/ aggression theory just saying. All the laws and Lifetime movies of the week won’t change this!

  34. Discovery

    That boy deserves a good beating, so young and foolish.
    To cate: Make sensible comments instead of racist ones.

  35. NastyBedazzler

    I agree completely with #113 and #119.

  36. moron

    Females who hit men are trailer trash hoodrats and dudes who hit women are cowardly boys with low self-esteem. ‘Nuff said.

  37. KKK

    Rihanna, tha’s what you get for dating a Nigga!!

  38. Dede

    da bitch probably deserved it wit ha ugly azz and cate thats really racist um if u new dat

  39. Dede

    da bitch probably deserved it wit ha ugly azz and cate thats really racist um if u new dat

  40. Stranger

    All Americans are fucking stupid and ignorant, white, black, latino i dont give a fuck. Look at this board, shame on you, no wonder the world fuckin hates all of ur dumbasses. Your empire is goin down bitchezzzzzzzzzz and ur stimulus aint gna change shit.

  41. Racism exists on the superficial board

    Stranger is right.
    We screwed up.

  42. tzz

    Richport’s Ghost has a soft spot for black people … must be married to one. just sayin.

  43. William Gopie

    these man
    someone shud stick a stop light up his ass for wad he did rihanna

  44. William Gopie

    LOL Yes he is!
    chris brown = shit!

  45. truth

    This is surprising. You don’t see many irrational, overly emotional, violent, negroes.

  46. Jefferson.

    Its just part of his culture!

    Our new president beats the shit out of his wife and kids. You dont hear them complaining.

  47. gdj

    it’s moments like this when i think that the Net should not protect privacy. I bet that 90% of these stupid comments would not be made in a face to face conversation.

    on the other hand we get to see what people really have in their heads.

    that being said i hope that idiot goes to jail.. that’s all.

  48. Jefferson.

    For the record,

    I like to be beaten up by a beautiful woman!

  49. Tom K

    Who gives a fuck about either of those fucking idiots. What boogles my mind is all this talk about black guys beat there girls. Get fucking real people we all know white men are the king of beating there girls! Like that backstreet boy didn’t beat Paris Hiltons ass. LOL!!!

    The only difference is that big forehead whore Rihanna had the good sense to call the cops on his faggot ass and Paris didn’t. If Rihanna had been a white woman she would have took her ass whoopin like a champ and made him a sandwhich and told her friends, “I make him do this, I make him mad, I love him.” LOL!!! ‘

    America is fucking retarded!!

  50. talea

    A lot of these racist just look for an excuse to spread their hate. They know that domestic abuse happens in all races. They just want a good argument via internet so they can unleash their venom. They would never do this in a public setting out of fear. What pathetic cowards they are hiding behind a computer screen.

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