Chris Brown arrested for assaulting Rihanna

February 9th, 2009 // 259 Comments

Chris Brown became this generation’s Ike Turner Saturday night when he assaulted his girlfriend R&B singer Rihanna after both attended the 2009 Pre-Grammy Gala & Salute (above). Chris turned himself Sunday evening after the two canceled their Grammy appearances. Both were nominees. E! News reports:

A spokeswoman for Brown’s label declined comment. Rihanna’s publicist, Amanda Silverman, would only tell E! News that the 20-year-old “Disturbia” singer was involved in an unspecified traffic mishap. “Rihanna is well,” the rep said. “Thank you for concern and support.”
Per department policy, police declined to identify the alleged victim in the incident, which occurred about 12:30 a.m. in the Hancock Park area, apparently as the two were heading home from Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy bash, where they had been all smiles.
In a statement, police say Brown and his companion “became involved in an argument. After stopping his car, Brown and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.”
By the time officers arrived on the scene, Brown had split.

As of this post, Chris Brown has already posted bail and been released, according to TMZ. He should spend this time kissing his career good-bye, but will probably do something retarded instead like dip his Playstation in gold. Because, clearly, Chris Brown is an idiot and a gigantic pussy. “I’m going to smack my insanely famous girlfriend right before the Grammys!” SMART.

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  1. bootlips

    It’s your typical negro behavior. They aren’t wired to live in a civilized world. You see, it’s not about money, it’s about behavior. Every country is suffering from subhuman crime. They are the only race that feels gypped if they’re forced to live with each other.

  2. Lettusaurus

    so, you’re sayin there’s a chance….

  3. danielle

    Jimmy, go scratch your balls. That “stat” is hardly true. Go do some nutbag crazy shit that you and your melanin challenged people are prone to doing.

    Like cooking babies in mircrowaves and sleeping with your sister.

  4. dooley

    Sure, #95 and your comments have no racist overtones at all do they?

  5. #100 – You’re right… I hear they actually led both the Inquisition and the Holocaust. I also hear you’re a cock.

  6. bootlips

    Negroes always bring up ancient history to justify their animal behavior that they commit every day. It doesn’t matter that the black man makes up 8% of the USA but is responsible for more than half of the violent crimes. We all know that negroes don’t have then mental capacity to reason.

  7. danielle

    @104 Actually, they do. It just comes natural to white people. All I’m saying. My comment are posted in–>response.

    I wouldn’t expect you to know what that is. Its an 8 letter word. I know you’re used to those 3 lettered ones. Like cat, dog…

  8. jimmy

    Only thing I care about is USA. Blacks are ruining this country by pumping out bastard children and Black men abandoning their families. Guess who pays for their kids? People who actually work and pay taxes. I’m sick of it.

  9. Hey jimmy, you are aware that “jimmy” is street vernacular for cock, right?

  10. J

    Um…hang on a sec, Fish. Why does the title of your post say that he assaulted Rihanna? From what you posted it doesn’t sound like he attacked her at all. I read a different article which says he assaulted an unknown and unnamed woman. Not that it makes him any less guilty but it seems you’re not reporting the correct story here. What gives?

  11. bootlips

    Neegers who live in white countries get free everything and still behave like monkeys. We should treat them like the negro leaders in African countries. It’s the only way to make them behave.

  12. bootlips

    —”Hey jimmy, you are aware that “jimmy” is street vernacular for cock, right?”—

    and how exactly do you know this?

  13. 504

    i just read somewhere else that the fight started because lil ms rihanna got mad over something chris said so she started hitting him while he was driving and the only way for him to defend himself was to pull the car over and get out but when they got out that lil ms riri wanted to keep arguing and fight which resulted in him trying to push her away to stop from hitting her but after doing that a couple of time he ended up hitting her and those where the words of the someone who witnessed what happened
    i know a lot of you on here are upset and mad that chris hit her and i’m not saying that hitting a woman is good i’ve broke down a a couple of brothas who tried that with me and i took up for a lot of brothas once i found out the whole story of what happened and sometimes you find out that they had to defend themselves against some of these little girls who think that just because their man won’t hit them that it gives them the right to abuse their boyfriend because they figure that he’s not going to hit them back so they can beat on them all they want remember people that women aren’t the only ones that can be abused the only thing is that when the story comes out no matter what the woman is always the victim weather she’s the one being abused or not AND I ALSO READ THAT LIL MS RIRI HAS DECIDED NOT TO COOPERATE WITH LAPD AND HAS DECIDED NOT TO PRESS CHARGES so that might tell ya’lll a lil something about what may have really happened cause if i’m gonna call the police and fill out a report telling them he hit me and have it all in the media then i may as well go ahead and press charges i’ve went this far i might as well finish it

  14. danielle

    …i swear, your originality is amusing. repetitive. dumb.

    go crawl back into your sister’s womb and come out in 4-5 months. grow a couple more braincells. the two that you have already are malfunctioning.

  15. ~*Adrienne*~

    She told him to “shutup and drive” he didn’t like that so he said I’m going to “take you down”

  16. mark

    I’d hit it, then I’d hit it.

  17. ~*Adrienne*~

    #114, stop trying to be witty and come up with epic comebacks/disses, you are clearly as racist as you claim white people to be. Your not going to change the world by calling others racist and your absolutely horrible at trying to come up with comments that actually are the least bit funny or hurtful, and just because a white person makes a racist comment doesnt give you the the right to cry racism and call white people racist and derogatory comments. Also, let me state the practically the only thing any upset and outraged black person can come up with in a diss is the “redneck/hick” comment (you told someone to crawl back into his sisters womb) LOL are you seriously dumb? how the HELL can someone be born from his sisters womb? He couldnt even have a sister if he wasnt born yet? God, are you stupid..

  18. Chas

    She should have blocked him with her umbrella…ella…ellla…hey

  19. Joe

    @113: It would not surprise me. MANY women abuse (physically and verbally) their boyfriends/husbands/partners, and they are just supposed to take it. I see it all the time. Men just either bury it and don’t say anything, as it is viewed as embarrassing, as opposed to a woman, who is always the “victim”.

    I’m not saying that there’s not a violence problem (“domestic” and otherwise), but I think we all know that it cuts both ways and most women who behave like this get away with it, while men, who in many cases, are defending themselves, are vilified for life. As a man, your ONLY option is to (literally) run away from the situation, and hope she can’t catch up.

    In general in our society, women to not respect men. I know conventional wisdom is that it’s the reverse, but I think we all know those “crazy” women that behave badly and then brush it off as “emotions”.

    Let’s have some respect all the way around, people. But let’s not be blind to the fact our society women have power/victim status and abuse it over and over again. (I’m not saying this happened with Rhianna, I’m just saying post 113 would not surprise me.) If she does not press charges, it shows that she was just as much to blame.

  20. mark

    Because they won’t shut up.

  21. ~*Adrienne*~

    #119, I, being a woman COMPLETLEY AGREE WITH YOU. I think it is ridiculous how women tend to think its OK for them to hit and be physically abusive to their husbands/boyfriends and think that they just need to “be men” and “suck it up”. That is just ridiculous. I hope in this case this didn’t happen with rihanna because if it was then thats just plainly retarded…

  22. #112 – bootlips/ jimmy – Uuhhhh… because I grew up in a neighborhood where we used “jimmy” as slang for cock… just like in the sentence “Yo son, bootlips’ mom keeps schemin’ my jimmy. I heard from Tito that gives brain like a magna c um laude…”… or, more colloquially, “that bootlips is a real cyst infested jimmy”… or my personal favorite “why the hell does bootlips always talk like he has a jimmy shoved in his ass?’

    Get it?

  23. The People of America are no longer Intellectuals

    “i’ve broke down a couple of brothas who tried that with me”

    Thanks for lowering the curve for the whole country.

  24. Tankzor

    Shut Up and Drive

  25. Delgo

    I heard he hit her with an umbrella.

    Anyway, I met Rihanna once and it took every ounce of my restraint not to slap her face. I applaud thee, Chris Brown, for having the patience to wait this long.

    PS: Hi Dano!!!

  26. john

    shoulda stayed in the kitchen

  27. Ike Turner's Ghost

    bitch jus’ gotta listen up mo’, an’ deez things wont happen

  28. Delgo Again, Sorry guys - I forgot to add this in my last post.

    ‘Cause if I got you, :SMACK!!!:
    I don’t need money, :SLAP!!!:
    I don’t need cars, :THWUMP!!!:
    Bitch – I’ll break your arrrrrrrrrm, yeah OH!

  29. Amy

    #121, Are you serious? You are a woman, and actually think that it is okay for a woman to be hit if she derserved it? You are a disgrace. Seriously. I am 5’2 and weigh 105 pounds. Not that I hit my boyfriend, but if I did, it would feel a hell of a lot different to him than it would if he hit me with the same force. Women are weaker than men. No exceptions. If a woman is crazy or violent, the man should just leave the relationship, call the proper authorities, or hold her off of himself. In no situation should the man strike back.

    I seriously doubt that Rhianna is trying to play the victim here. I’m sure it was the last possible thing she wanted…to get hit, have to cancel her appearance at the Grammy’s, and deal with the media attention.

    Any man or crazy ass woman on here that posts that she deserved it or that women play the victims–you are a fucking idiot. Sure, every now and again it may involve a psycho girl, but how in the hell can you justify hitting her? There is no justification. We are weaker. Shame on you.

  30. wow

    why are some of you idiots bringing race into this? If chris and rihanna were both caucasian you guys wouldn’t be saying sh*t. You think caucasian guys don’t beat women??? Ever watch the show “cops”??? The term “wife beater” was created because of caucasian men beating thier wives while wearing white tank tops. And still the white guys on those shows don’t rep all white guys and chris brown certainly doesn’t rep all black guys…so enough of that non-sense…in that case i guess all white guys smock pot like michael phelps and all white guys are douche bags who treat their co-workers like crap like christian bale did ! Enough. If chris hit rihanna then he deserves to be punished.

  31. ~*Adrienne*~

    #121 Please tell me where i stated that i think its ok for women, including myself to be hit? i never EVER said that. All i stated was that i dont like it when women take advantage of the fact that their women and think its OK to hit a man because they are the inferior sex and that its just plain abuse when a man hits a women. How is a woman hitting a man not abuse? I have respect for myself and would never let a man hit me and if he did it WOULD be a abuse, and the same with a woman hitting a man, that IS ABUSE. Woman may be weaker, but i gaurantee if a man slapped a girl across the cheek at the SAME force as a woman could then it would still be considered abuse.

  32. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    It’s amazing, the story is about Domestic Abuse and there is still some desperate piece of shit talking about their body stats. Seriously, bitch shut the fuck up.
    A bully is a bully, whether the man hits the woman or the woman hits the man. What about lesbo or homo fighting? Do you take the side of the more effeminate one? What about the women who fight back against their abuser? Shut the fuck up. If you don’t want to get hit, then get out & get help. If it happens more than once, it’s your own fault for sticking around.

  33. ~*Adrienne*~

    #132 AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Massa'

    I was watching this hilarious comedy the other day, it was called “Mississippi Burning”. It made me think how great life in the USA used to be when the negros were kept in controlled environments and were held accountable for their actions. It also reminded me of a great comedy mini-series I saw a long time ago called “Roots”. Now that was some entertaining stuff.

  35. Amy

    #131 Again, I don’t know who the hell you hang out with, but I’m not aware of any women who beat on men while the poor man takes it and cries in the corner. I’ve never met anyone like that. Maybe you know of situations where women beat the piss out of men while the poor distraught man hides his bruises and pain to escape the embarassment, but I do not.

    Be that as it may, I understand that when a woman hits a man, it is considered abuse. I in no way think that it is okay for anyone to hit anybody. But I’m just saying, you make it sound like there are a lot of women beating on men and playing the victims. That is simply not true. That is a rare occurance.

  36. #129 – You’re a duplicitous moron. Your diminutive stature would be no excuse for you trying to be a man and striking your boyfriend. No excuse at all. Just like your time of the month and the emotional blah blah blah is no excuse for you to eat all of my Doritos and claim them as comfort food. Your brain is apparently weaker too. It’s that kind of back-asswards argument that may have gotten Rihanna served in the first place.

  37. ~*Adrienne*~

    #135 I guess from where im around its just different..i see alot of girls who take advantage of their status as a woman

  38. Noel

    STFU @113, how the fuck do YOU know what happened between them in the car? My friend told me this…….., I heard that…….. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Some people are beyoned idiotic.

    And @119. Joe, here is a tissue for your issue, women may slap and even throw couple of things but if men choose to retaliate and go too far by throwing serious and strong bunches and kicks, then they are fucking cowards, plain and simple and deserve a beatdown.

    It is fucking cowards like these that give men a bad reputation.

  39. ~*Adrienne*~

    #135 *sigh* OK, whatever…there’s alot of things people don’t see behind closed doors

  40. ~*Adrienne*~

    #135, oops about the “double post” either one of my posts is what i meant…thought my first one didn’t go through

  41. Amy

    #132, ahem, Mr. Darkwing Duck. Me stating my body stats was not a desperate ploy. I’m married, online, and a lawyer (who is secretly not working and playing on the superficial). I’ve got nothing to prove and would gladly swap bodies with anyone taller and more volumptuous. Trust me. I merely listed my body stats to show that women are much smaller than a man.
    In regards to homo/lesbian fighting, I am not saying that it is right for anyone to beat on anyone. But yes size does matter. I find it appalling for a man to hit a woman, the same as for a woman to beat a child. It’s wrong either way, but you have to be a moron to think that size doesn’t matter. Would it be a fair fight for a body builder to beat up someone from revenge of the nerds? No.

  42. Mandi

    I heard that Brown allegedly assulted some random woman, and then was later in a car accident with Rihanna, not that it was Rihanna he hit. Apparently some stars were talking about it at the Grammy’s and wishing them speedy recoveries. Hm, guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the real story is.

  43. nope

    142 – another website said the story about the car incident was false and made up by chris and rihanna’s publicists. The incident report cites rihanna as the victim.

  44. missywissy

    @26- How old are you, 16? You probably listen to the same style of music that encourages “a bitch to get slapped”. No MAN would EVER hit a woman. I don’t care what she may provoke, a real man can subdue a woman if needed without physical violence. I doubt Rianna “deserved” anything from this poser. I feel sorry for all the women who live with this kind of shit each day because their “lifestyle” encourages it.
    Fuck these rappers. People wisen up! Quit giving these con “artists” your hard-earned or stolen money. Don’t give anymore to Britney either. Well, maybe there is a bitch that needs slapped after all, never mind. If I were president I would give Chris the go-ahead to knock the living shit out of Britney Spears for pimping herself out and her children.

  45. nope

    car accident not incident…typo !

  46. michy

    i really don’t undestand people making jokes about s not funny at all.would you laugh at your mother/sister being beaten?maybe to death?then you need help.not joking.

  47. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Amy, shut up. You posting your own stats IS a desperate ploy for attention and so is your telling us “I’m a lwayer (who cares) I’m married (again, who cares).” I know men who are shorter/thinner than their wives so again shut up. All I said was if you don’t want to get your ass beat, leave. If it happens once it will probably happen again. Besides, have you heard that bitch sing? Christ he should’ve punched her in the throat. Now quit posting Amy, you’re probably getting Cheeto crumbs on your keyboard, and someone might punch you for that.

  48. ummmmm

    #144 – oh please what does being a “rapper” have to do with it? Chris brown isn’t even a rapper ! He’s an r&b singer. Just wondering how many rappers and r&b singers have you heard of physically abusing thier wives/girlfriends? Abuse is common in EVERY race, every type of family, every occupation !

  49. #144 – I wouldn’t beat you… but I would donkey punk your whore ass…

  50. Amy

    Mmmmm…Darkwing Duck. The way you write makes me so….hot. They way you tell me to “shut up” and tell me that I am so “desperate.” Mmmm…. What’s your World of Warcraft character name? Please tell me. I cannot take this incredibly sexy abuse any longer. MMM…and all this talk of cheetos is making me so uncredibly horny, i mean, hungry. Maybe we could top the cheetos off with some chili and tuna. You know what else turns me on? The cartoon darkwing duck. That’s a HUGE turn-on.

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