UPDATE: Chris Brown looking at nine years

February 9th, 2009 // 162 Comments

Chris Brown is looking at nine years in prison for allegedly assaulted R&B singer Rihanna Saturday night. TMZ reports he was booked for the more serious crime of making criminal threats instead of just domestic abuse:

Law enforcement sources tell us they typically book a suspect for the most serious crime they can be charged with — it’s then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.
Given there were allegedly visible injuries, the crime of making criminal threats is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Domestic abuse is four years.

The police report also cited Chris for assault with a deadly weapon, but TMZ has now confirmed there was no weapon. Like a gentleman, he just used his fists:

Law enforcement sources tell us even though the police report in the Chris Brown arrest refers to assault with a deadly weapon, there was no weapon involved in the alleged attack.
The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 — Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, we’re told there was no weapon involved.

So, apparently, Chris Brown decided hitting Rihanna wasn’t enough and threatened to kill her. Which probably won’t have him dancing for gum commercials or Sesame Street anytime soon. Then again, I did see an episode featuring Dr. Phil, so let’s not rule anything out.

UPDATE: Wrigley’s has officially suspended their Doublemint gum ad campaign featuring Chris Brown.

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  1. bootlips

    Has there ever been a neighborhood that improved when negroes moved in? Negroes are the cause of bad neighborhoods. The monkeys can’t figure out why they have to live in ghettos. It’s because they make ghettos. You could fill Hawaii with neegers and it would be third world in a year. It’s all about simian behavior.

  2. kate

    She is really very hot on the ***sugarmingle. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  3. RasputinsLiver


    …man, I don’t even know who the li’l punk is. Just another in an endless line of wannabes.

    As for beating on Rihanna, well, sounds like he’s a real tough guy, gotta beat up a female.

    Guys like that, beating on a female feeds his insecurities. But get him in front of another guy and suddenly he’s all “gee, can’t we just sit down and talk this out?”


    Throw the book at ‘im.

  4. S

    You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but not the ghetto out of the boy! I bet this was over NOTHING…..Rhianna please do not take this man back!

  5. S

    You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but not the ghetto out of the boy! I bet this was over NOTHING…..Rhianna please do not take this man back!

  6. S

    You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but not the ghetto out of the boy! I bet this was over NOTHING…..Rhianna please do not take this man back!

  7. Queefer Bukakke

    Hey S! We get it, dumbfuck, you don’t have to post three times to get your message across. You must be an ignorant ghetto monkey yourself.

  8. Viv

    Michael Phelps should send Chris Brown a thank you note for officially knocking him off front page

  9. In my little town

    Where I live now it used to be a nice neighborhood. All white. Now it is mostly black kids at the school bus stop. They misbehave so badly the cops show up every morning to observe them. They throw candy and potatoe chip wrappers in the ground and are extremely loud especially after school when they are walking home. In the mornings the black girls talk so loudly and sometimes scream their vulgar exhortations such that I will run out the front door thinking something is happening.
    I would imagine this is the fault of the white man and the fact that 150 years ago they were slaves. Sure, why not. Let’s face it, they are crude and savage and grab their genitals when they speak much like Italians use their hands to communicate these persons need to grab their penises I would assume because they are aware of the incredible statistic of their possessing larger penises. Are black women in possession of larger genitalia as well? Thank God they don’t finger themselves as they pontificate during discussions of welfare entitlement.
    I guess the solution is for us to mate with them and melt away our heritage and embrace theirs otherwise they will eradicate us on the “streets”.

    Pull up your pants you fucking animals.

  10. John Fisher

    Chris Brown is a fellon-ellon-ellon-eh-eh

  11. Natty Dread

    I’ve always hated that bastard…

  12. Cartman

    Punk ass bitch is what he is.

  13. Racists blow dick

    #101 — Pennsylvania Ave. has improved considerably since “negroes moved in.” Fucker.

  14. Missystar

    Headline: “BLACK DUDE SMACKS HIS BITCH UP”. Oh wait, that would never be a headline, because it happens, oh, about every other minute. Don’t you people watch “Cops”?

  15. Emily

    Hitting a woman is definitely wrong, but I cannot believe how many racist comments there are in response to this story. It makes me fucking sick.

  16. This is definitely better than ten, folks!!

  17. Lisa Turtle

    109., Really? Because my Black neighbors are very polite and nice. The only thing they do that annoys me is that they play basketball at like 6am, but the father is a pro-basketball player, so it’s kind of expected.

    On the other hand, growing up, my white neighbors had spoiled WHITE kids that acted in the same way. She were loud, obnoxious and most ended up having to go to private school because the public system refused to deal with them anymore.

    Whether or not kids are brats, has NOTHING to do with color, and EVERYTHING to do with how they are raised.

  18. Looks like Chris Brown is following in Michael Phelps’ footsteps with losing endorsements. Read more about it here: http://ology.com/2009/02/09/wrigleys-suspends-chris-brown-ads/

  19. me

    115# your surprised by the racist comments but the sexist women bashing ones you don’t blink an eyelash too, interesting.
    I’m sick of everyone taking “racism’ as sooo offensive and barbaric that it has no place in our society and to be called a fuckin ‘racist’ is the worst thing in the world! FUCK YOU there are so many things that are offensive to me and no one cares

    so why is it when a bunch of black muslim leaders get together they just bitch and demand shit and if you don’t give in your not tolerant
    Black ppl got a bad rep cz of themselves no one else they can blame.

  20. John Walker

    why do nigga always blame the white man?

    reverse racism is here or did you just not notice? I sure as hell did.

  21. I can’t believe people are actually making jokes about a woman being hit or abused yo….

    what if it where your mother?? or sister, or lil cousin???

    I know it’s fun to make lil comments as such, but dayum, no woman should be hit on by a man for whatever reason……

  22. whatever

    the only reason this is a big deal is coz shes rihanna. girls get abused by their bfs all the damn time, no one ever does shit about it if shes not hot or famous. considering what a pussy chris brown is, i doubt she got anything even borderline traumatic anyways

  23. friendlyfires

    Nine years? He won’t do nine hours of community service. He’ll get another sponsor in two years, then he’ll rape Jennifer Hudson’s dog with with a Burmese Tiger and throw the remains into Lake Michigan and set it on fire – top o’ the world, ma’!

  24. sin

    9 years is the most he will get because he can’t count to 10.
    Just how dumb is this guy? They are followed constantly by papparazzi. Anything that they do goes either on the net or to a magazine. So he ups and hits her knowing the photographers are there. Is he trying to get “street cred”?
    I think he went off because they showed up for a pre-Grammy party and all of the attention went to Rhianna. They probably had no idea who he was. A major blow to a fragile ego. He thought he was the shit and he found out no one gave a shit.

  25. josie

    @95 – Atavistic, I think you need to check yourself into a psychiatric hospital sometime soon, no? Forget to take your meds today? Fucken psycho

  26. Jay-Z

    I love how no one even mentions Rihanna’s history of abuse toward men. She once hit her brother over the head with a bottle, and he still has the scar from it. Chris was most likely just tired of her shit.

  27. Atavistic

    To all you America haters out there like Josie @125:

    I know you like being righteous and saying the politically correct thing is hip and cool and dating awesome black dudes is very in these days. But where I am from they are mostly vile, underwear revealing thugs. Not all of them by any means and we are not discussing those who act civilized. Anyone who dismisses the emphasis of gangsta rap and hip hop and the violence and disregards for living peacefully is clearly not a white American. Unless of course you wake up with a nice black cock in your mouth and love it.
    As for the shrink and the meds, sounds good whose gonna foot the bill? I would love to have some nice pills to pop for any time I don’t feel good and having some dufus to talk to who is gonna tell me not only what my problems are (as though I don’t know that) and how my attitude needs to be altered chemically is in essence modern day bullshit.
    Is my shrink gonna make my wife give me sex when I want?
    My kids behave like saints?
    Raise at work and better workmates?
    Fix the crumbling economy which stresses out non-rich types like me?
    Make the idiots like you in this country grow up and realize that calling someone like me a racist pig does not mean that I do not have my points?

    Sign me up!

    As for you, go back to sleep. Waking reality is far too deep.

  28. louie13.5

    Lets go ahead and lock his ass up. That way he can go spend some quality time with his brothers.

  29. booyaaaa

    doublemint didn’t do a very good job of suspending his commercials cuz i saw them twice last night.

  30. Deacon Jones

    @ Black Dragon

    Hahaha, if you got in my face and started one second of that finger waving shit, I’d cock back and punch you so fucking hard you’d shit your pants.

    Have fun with your black snake, instead of a tongue it just drips AIDS and gonorhea

  31. Nigger Presimadent = Hairless Ape

    This behavior is typical amongst the ape class. It will only get worse, as every common porch monkey now believes they’re above the law now that a hairless ape has wandered into the White House. The ape was put here to entertain the white man. Professional sports are just like horse races now. Entertainment for the white man, we watch farm animals compete in races against one another. It’s just a shame that we have allowed these animals to breed uncontrollably and even more of a disgrace that liberals have actually given them human rights. How preposturous. Expecting an ape to act like a human is only conceivable in the twisted mind of a liberal. Simian instinct controls these negro apes. Take the most “sophisticated” or “well spoken” of the negro apes, put them together with other apes in a certain scenario, say, if their favorite sports team wins a title, or if someone in their herd gets prosecuted (same reactions to each), and the apes begin to loot, pillage, rape, and destroy their habitat, the “intellectual” ape will immediately join in, unaware and unable to resist the chance to destroy a community and steal anything it can get it’s hands on. I hope the government is fast at work on another negro controlling agent, since AIDS and the sickle cell haven’t quite done the job they were designed for…..

  32. Nichole

    “The ape class”??? Who speaks like that anymore? I seriously have to stop looking at comment sections.

  33. Grey's Anatomy

    Yes Nichole, melatto makers like you are the wave of the future. Be proud of your open mind and awesome disregard for reality. It aint pretty. Just ask any cop or soldier who has seen the ugly real side of living. That is all shielded from you and you will never have to worry about being bit by a snake, stepping on a land mine, being shot for no good reason, having to work all day for nothing, watching you children suffer radiation sickness, etc.

    I get to watch my hometown turn to shit because of philosophers like you.

  34. OJ's Mom

    I heard Beyonce put a hit out on her because she was spending too much time with Jay Z.

  35. Massa'

    Although she’s still an ape that’s been shaven and taught to speak, she’s definately alot more attractive than the First Monkey, Michelle Oboomba. And I think if the police investigate further, they’ll find that the bruises they found on her was just the White make-up rubbing off of her real Wesley Snipes colored skin. Why do these “Proud” black women constantly try to whiten themselves? Even though it’s understandable that every minority would love to be white, it’s a fruitless pipe dream to think that a farm animal could become a human.

  36. Nichole

    RE: Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, just because I don’t regard African Americans as “apes”, I’m sure I’m sending your hometown to hell in a hand basket. What kind of logic is that? I live near Philadelphia, I know there’s some pretty messed up stuff going on in the world. It’s still not driving me to be racist. And not being racist is a choice that I have made. I agree to disagree.

  37. Deacon Jones


    Where near Philly? So I assume you watch the 10 oclock news on Fox, with the nightly 1-2 murder reports. Theyre not asian or indian.

  38. Sport

    What kind of a douche hits women?
    They can be a pain in the ass sometimes, sure, but no excuse. Ever.

  39. JuliaGulia

    I saw that DoubleMint gum commercial last night at like 8:30 PM…some suspension…

  40. ishi-san

    Guys, aren’t your jail too full already anyway??
    I agree that he should be punished if he really hit the girl, but why do you people keep sending, preferably black and Hispanics to prison for exaggeratedly long times for tiny little stupid things?

    And stop stating these idiotic racist things – What does skin colour have to do with this whole story?!
    I am so happy I don’t life in America, and I’m not even black!

  41. Nichole

    Yes, I know, Deacon Jones. I also read philly.com. And I am still choosing not to be racist. Thanks.

  42. epitomizebeauty

    Oh my God the comments on here regarding the topic and the comments on race is disgusting!!! Seriously!!!!

    People need to realize that every one has flaws, every one makes mistakes you jus have to learn from them and grow from them to be a better person!!!

  43. Aerialgreen

    @139: of course there won’t be a suspension, at least not immediately, and not while this is the hot shit gossip that got the spotlight off Christian Bale’s bitch rant.

  44. pappy smeary

    “You look so dumb right now,
    lying outside my house,
    with a black fucking eye,
    bit your tits and made you cry
    PLEASE!, just hear me out
    please don’t tell ur hurt cause your not
    while i shove my fist deep inside your twat”
    -Chris Brown, Apologize (Remix)

  45. susanist

    109. In my little town

    You are way out of line and a perfect argument for why white racists like you and black misogynists like Brown need to be ducking bullets and landmines in Afghanistan. Together, two losers in the same pile of crap.

  46. susanist

    Inmy town #109

    while I am aware of the human garbage of which you you speak I am also aware of the human trash of whom you reek. This is why we shouldn’t miss the opportunity for cleansing the nation of both you and them. Afghanistan is a perfect opportunity to rid the world of cancers like you.

  47. Darkness

    WOW!!! Some of these comments are way out of line. Why is it that as soon as a black person makes a mistake, they’re n******?? White people make me laugh. What about all the other famous white men who beat their women? Tommy Lee?? What about all the white males who rape and abuse little children? I can go on for days about how many white males have been charged with pedophilia, but no comments about that huh? Listen, the fact is white people are fake, you know how many white females swear up and down that they would never sleep a black man, but in reality all of them do!! LOL!! To all you white males out there who keep on trashing the black male…keep it up…we’ll keep on taking your white women and making little Obama’s!!!!!!

  48. randy

    Racism is retarded. There is not one thing out there that a White Racist can say a black person does, that can’t be said about a thousand white people. We shouldn’t be saying a black musician hit his black musician girlfriend. We should be saying its horrible that any man hits any woman. I don’t blame anyone under the age of say 25 for their racists beliefs. I would put it back on the parents. They came from a generation where racism was rampant. They still carry a lot of hostility, whether they be white, black, hispanic, or anything else. Even if they don’t say the words, their children can still pick up on it and carry it on. Our society has become so scared of confrontation, we’ve taken to nameless blogs or comments on websites to vent our true emotions. Everyone is afraid to say hello to anyone else, for fear of persecution or being called out.

    If you are truly disgusted with the way things are here, be you white or black, just go somewhere like Iraq or Iran. Where you’d be shot for just looking at someone the wrong way. Now our country still has a lot of problems. A lot of them may never be solved. But if we could just stop putting up walls and judging people by how the color of their skin or how they dress or talk, I think it would be a huge step forward.

  49. wtf

    seriously…it’s gotta just be one idiot posting these comments right S.W.? theres no way this many morons read your blog…i mean i get it…it’s the internet…theres freaks out there…but this is sick…i didn’t think people with ideas this outdated would understand how to use the internet…or be able to physically function enough to operate one…i mean at some point your iq has to be so low that you’re just unable to breathe right? why don’t these people just die off?? i am always amazed that american elections are so close even when one candidate is clearly the better choice (i.e. the latest election) i guess if this comment section is a sounding of the average american it all makes sense…

  50. I’d be shocked if he spends extensive time in jail. Too much money. Too many lawyers. He’ll get a plea deal, and do some bogus public service commercials against domestic abuse.

    Needs to get locked up, but won’t.

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