UPDATE: Chris Brown looking at nine years

February 9th, 2009 // 162 Comments

Chris Brown is looking at nine years in prison for allegedly assaulted R&B singer Rihanna Saturday night. TMZ reports he was booked for the more serious crime of making criminal threats instead of just domestic abuse:

Law enforcement sources tell us they typically book a suspect for the most serious crime they can be charged with — it’s then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.
Given there were allegedly visible injuries, the crime of making criminal threats is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Domestic abuse is four years.

The police report also cited Chris for assault with a deadly weapon, but TMZ has now confirmed there was no weapon. Like a gentleman, he just used his fists:

Law enforcement sources tell us even though the police report in the Chris Brown arrest refers to assault with a deadly weapon, there was no weapon involved in the alleged attack.
The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 — Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, we’re told there was no weapon involved.

So, apparently, Chris Brown decided hitting Rihanna wasn’t enough and threatened to kill her. Which probably won’t have him dancing for gum commercials or Sesame Street anytime soon. Then again, I did see an episode featuring Dr. Phil, so let’s not rule anything out.

UPDATE: Wrigley’s has officially suspended their Doublemint gum ad campaign featuring Chris Brown.

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  1. squirrel

    He always reminded of that punk ass pretty-boy from the HBO series, OZ. Now the resemblance is more complete, as he appears to have the looks and character of a wannabe, street-scum piece of waste.

  2. Jrz

    He deserves at least 5-15 for that Lovey Dovey Kiss Kiss bullshit.

  3. bootlips

    Are there any decent neegers? I mean, really. It doesn’t matter how much money they have, they’re all criminals. It’s the reason why they starve on their own.

  4. Black Dragon

    A man and a woman have a argument and leave it to the white man to get in they business like they aint things more important in the world. Why not just leave a brother alone you know how women get?

  5. I guess the bitterness of being a no talent bubblegum dancer finally got the best of him.

  6. truth

    You people have to be more tolerant. This is the way apes behave. Stop trying to humanize them. This is how male apes keep their female apes in line. Don’t you people watch Animal Planet? Geez….

  7. Ruthless

    @ 16 = AWESOME!

  8. babygurl

    They’re human. Get over it. In my opinion, no man should ever lay a hand on any woman. Maybe if a girl is asking for it, like going totally psycho and trying to kill a guy. Violence is not the answer. I’m sure there is something deeper to the story that we’ll all find out soon. And as for the herpes thing? As if! How would all of the media know about her giving him herpes. Come on people, think about it. We’ll all figure it out soon. I just hope Rihanna is alright and Chris Brown gets what he deserves, wether he get off easy or doesn’t. I support both, even though I am strictly against men on women violence.

  9. My Name is D-Nice

    He’s gonna be singing “No air, No air” when he’s tossing big Leroy’s salad in prison!

  10. Black Dragon

    Who the fuck you callin a ape bitch? I know you wouldn’t say that to a brutha’s face so why say it here with your little pink rat dick between your ass cheeks, bitch.

  11. truth

    Why do neegers always bring up dicks?

  12. PostmortemG

    “A man and a woman have a argument and leave it to the white man to get in they business like they aint things more important in the world. Why not just leave a brother alone you know how women get?”

    *WOW*. Are you a Black person sincerely typing from the heart? Or someone impersonating a Black person in order to make fun of Black people in general? You’ve stumped me, Black Dragon.

  13. DeezNutz

    Monkey see…monkey do. Chris Brown obviously grew up idolizing Ike Turner.

  14. truth

    I’m getting a little tired of all the monkey jokes. Stop comparing innocent monkeys to neegers.

  15. emily

    What a bitch. i just hope he doesn’t have to do a jail sentence ala paris hilton….if his money buys him out of jail time for hitting a woman..and making death threats?..that’s fucked…

  16. emily

    What a bitch. i just hope he doesn’t have to do a jail sentence ala paris hilton….if his money buys him out of jail time for hitting a woman..and making death threats?..that’s fucked…

  17. Angry Black Dragon

    Black folks always talk about dick because we actually have one unlike whitey who aint. That’s why his women comes to the black man for love.
    You need to mind your own shit and not ours snowflake bitches.

  18. Mal Gusto

    Wow. Black Dragon I ran your comment at #60 through my audible type reader software and the sound it produced was just a bunch of clicks and pops.
    You know ‘clicks and pops’ like the Khoisan language heard in “The god’s must be Crazy”, cause, you know, you are speaking unintelligible “black speak”

    I’m just playin’…..don’t throw your poo at me.

  19. jimmy

    You negros need to work more, talk less, and take care of you chillens.

  20. Deacon Jones


    “Little pink rat dick” ….lol…really?

    How bout “little terd that smells like burnt rubber”

  21. Ronan

    Eh, alleged physical injuries and threatening violence is the more serious of the two? Fuck, that’s backwards.

    There’s some amount of hicks posting on this.

  22. Ronan

    Eh, alleged physical injuries and threatening violence is the more serious of the two? Fuck, that’s backwards.

    There’s some amount of hicks posting on this.

  23. michael

    i really dont feel sorry for her because the full story is taht she gave him herpes thats why he did what he did

  24. 10pound

    He wont do any time despite his blackness.

    I hoped he raised his pimp hand high and brought it down hard on that chick.

  25. diddleysquat

    Wrigley’s suspended it’s ad campaign?
    There goes the male 18-34 “I’ll beat a bitch” demographic.
    When I’m hittin on a ho, I feel better knowing that my breath is fresh!

  26. tahnee

    @ 75

  27. @22 — There’s no malware on Digital Funtown.

    But there IS a hilarious video about Larry Flint’s PORNO BAILOUT!!:



    imma getcha in ya sleep.

  29. trey william

    Chris brown is such an ass why would he hit rihanna when first of all he is just a baby you dont hit a grown woman. I hope he is ready to face 9-13 years in jail for such an idiotic thing. One thing i really don’t get why the HELL WOULD HE DO SUCH A THING RIGHT BEFORE THE GRAMMYS! Chris brown if you ever read this well good cuz you should know how stupid you are and foolish you can kiss you dancing or singing career goodbye! and i hope you do lose it because you don’t deserve it at all.

  30. the big kahuna

    i hope jay z finds him and kicks his ass.

  31. LondonBabe

    He did hit her …. I just saw this on Concrete Loop

    I cannot believe it…such a shame that a young man with a great opportunity has to ruin it like this.

  32. sin

    Black Dragon has plenty of time to ape around here. Its only the 9th of Black History Month and her next Welfare check isn’t due for awhile.

  33. langdon

    maybe someone will rape that disgusting lisp out of him in prison.

  34. PunkA

    Chris Brown is a little bitch. Dude not only punched her, but her bit her. That’s right, the little bitch BIT her. Not sure any man can live down that wimpy stuff. No gangsta bites a woman. What a douchebag.

  35. Balls McCoy

    9 years? C’mon give me a break. Lets attempt to be credible instead of sensationalizing this. He’ll get 9 minutes.

  36. truth

    Neegers are only tough in groups or when the victim is an easy target.

  37. Modwild

    Seriously – who the fuck is Chris Brown?

  38. bootlips

    Is Mariah Carey still alive?

  39. Black Dragon

    Aint no white man ever stood in my face and say this shit you pussy bitches try to say with your little fingers. I betcha I knock some teeth in if you rub against my big toe little bitches here. Just pick the place and the Dragon would be happy to oblige.

    Yeah that’s right little pink ass rat dicks is watcha sportin instead of a full Man sized black snake. Ask your little sister she tell you the truth. That’s one thing the white man cannot do and that is tell the truth.

  40. Tom K

    Who gives a fuck about either of those fucking American idiots. What boogles my mind is all this talk about black guys beat there girls. Get fucking real people we all know white American men are the king of beating there girls! Like that backstreet boy didn’t beat Paris Hiltons ass. LOL!!!

    The only difference is that big forehead whore Rihanna had the good sense to call the cops on his faggot ass and Paris didn’t. If Rihanna had been a white woman she would have took her ass whoopin like a champ and made him a sandwhich and told her friends, “I make him do this, I make him mad, I love him.” LOL!!! ‘

    America is fucking retarded period. White, Black, Latino, it does not matter your all trash and hated by the rest of the world.

  41. bootlips

    Rihanna didn’t call the cops. A bystander did. I bet she won’t press charges because negro culture doesn’t allow it. They have a zoo mentality.

  42. Joe Mahma

    Deadly weapon: he kicked her.

  43. TomK

    LMAO @ 91

    Actually she did call the cops, according news reports, the un-identifed woman that called the cops was in fact Rihanna herself! Typical Americans, don’t know the facts but they are going to give their two cents. Also you mean they have an “American Mentality” because you all act like zoo animals.

    America is the only country I know where everyone has something racist to say but they all love rap music and hip hop made by apes and sung by apes and copy these hoodlum asshole characteristics. You probably typed that statement listening to some fucking rap song or watching that gorilla 50 cent on MTV.

  44. Queefer Bukakke

    Just another frigging criminal working in the music industry. These gangstas are shameful, selfish, ignorant cowards. I hope he goes to jail, gets rammed up the butt a few dozen times then has his throat slashed.

  45. Atavistic

    America has been on a downward spiral for quite some time. Notice that most common scum poor schools no longer teach the violin classes. Classical music is considered “boring” as it does not contain the idiotic accent on beat and simple rhythyms that the lower classes “feel”.
    Now we have negroid music touted as an important part of our culture. It is not “our” culture, it’s “their” culture. But the evil forces that rule this nation want it that way. They want for the white man to just disappear. He is their greatest foe. And they are winning the long term war against us day by day by year by decade. Rest assured our race is doomed. Rant all you want good ole boys and girls but you know you daughters will still fuck these animals and have their ugly children, much to your horror and shame.

    We really shouldn’t judge these poor creatures by the same standards we hold for ourselves. They are just not like us. You can believe whatever you want and pretend that you are ‘enlighten’ by your acceptance of cultural diversity.

  46. chadisrad

    God. Chris Brown sucks ass! No talent at ALL

  47. Tom K

    The smartest thing I have read all day Atavistic! Fucking Brilliant!

    Don’t complain America when you support the apes in every shitty creation they make and buy that shitty rap and hip hop music.

  48. HITLER

    He doesn’t like her big forehead. It reminds him of a beluga whale’s.

    STILL LOVIN’ KIDS IN 2009!!!!

  49. Queefer Bukakke

    All he really needed to do, instead of hitting her, was to bend her over the hood of the car and pound her in front of everybody, show the bitch who’s boss. That way you don’t leave any marks, but you leave behind a sticky reminder of your superiority. Also, make her wear a locking ballgag, taking it off only for meals and blowjobs.

  50. Ha!

    A Doublemint commercial prompted me to come check for updates on this case. Apparently, they haven’t pulled them all yet.

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