UPDATE: Chris Brown looking at nine years

February 9th, 2009 // 162 Comments

Chris Brown is looking at nine years in prison for allegedly assaulted R&B singer Rihanna Saturday night. TMZ reports he was booked for the more serious crime of making criminal threats instead of just domestic abuse:

Law enforcement sources tell us they typically book a suspect for the most serious crime they can be charged with — it’s then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.
Given there were allegedly visible injuries, the crime of making criminal threats is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Domestic abuse is four years.

The police report also cited Chris for assault with a deadly weapon, but TMZ has now confirmed there was no weapon. Like a gentleman, he just used his fists:

Law enforcement sources tell us even though the police report in the Chris Brown arrest refers to assault with a deadly weapon, there was no weapon involved in the alleged attack.
The police report cites Penal Code Section 245 — Assault with a Deadly Weapon. However, we’re told there was no weapon involved.

So, apparently, Chris Brown decided hitting Rihanna wasn’t enough and threatened to kill her. Which probably won’t have him dancing for gum commercials or Sesame Street anytime soon. Then again, I did see an episode featuring Dr. Phil, so let’s not rule anything out.

UPDATE: Wrigley’s has officially suspended their Doublemint gum ad campaign featuring Chris Brown.

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  1. jennifer

    Can this be true??

  2. Megabyte

    I can only hope that I’ll never have to see his obnoxious face in that Double Mint commercial ever again now.

  3. beast man

    she probably deserved it

  4. Nichole

    If this is true, she better dump his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cookie


    Wed refreuoi!

    Chris Brown, drowned rat!

  6. kramer

    I want to slide my hand up that skirt.

  7. anthonyOA

    I’m sorry, but no one should take a threat from. Chris. Fucking. Brown. seriously.

    He’s a disney bubblegum fruity dancing man.

  8. vanila

    I bet more than half of people visited Superficial has come to meet hot cougars on ^^^^ AgelessMate.com ^^^^ sincere and sensual people there simply Rock N Rule!!!LOL

  9. Jeezy

    I’m surprised she didn’t win the fight.

    Honestly. Chris Brown is a whiny little bitch.

  10. kristibel


  11. He was just trying to knock some of her excessive forehead off.

  12. p0nk

    that’s a long time with no sammiches.

  13. sirrix

    For those less-than-acquainted with the law (read: not losers like myself), assault actually does not involve any touching. Assault is the threat of force, whereas battery is the actual touching. So if they are charging him with assault with a deadly weapon, all he actually had to do was *threaten* to use a weapon. Even if he had his hand in his jacket pocket in the shape of a gun that would still count. On the same page, a quick little tip: If you rob a bank and tell the teller that you have a gun, even if you don’t, you’re still guilty of *armed* robbery.

  14. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Too bad he didn’t knock any talent into her. But considering he doesn’t have any, I guess he couldn’t have.

  15. Double your pleasure, double your fun, doublemint-double time…

    Wow, this kid is really young to be losing 9 years of his life (and career) to prison. Then again, this is LA, he’ll probably be out in 2 days…

    hilarious video of Larry Flint’s PORNO BAILOUT:


  16. Nelly

    She stepped on his J’s. She deserved it.

  17. BEAM

    From the looks of Chris Brown, she probably could’ve kicked his ass. He’s lucky she didn’t.

  18. Nelly

    She stepped on his J’s. She deserved it.

  19. Amy

    “He’s a disney bubblegum fruity dancing man.”

    LOL. Hilarious. Laughed so hard.

  20. Deacon Jones

    Good, lock the garbage up and throw away the key.

    Maybe he and TI can work on an “Outta Jail YO!” album when they get out.

    He’s got Mark Geragos as an attorney, so this piece of horse shit will probably get 18 months, and be back in no time renting Lamborghini’s, epitomizing the term “****** rich”

  21. JJ

    Who gets their ass beat by Chris Brown? I mean seriously- he’s like 5 feet tall…

  22. p0nk

    todders, stop spamming us with your malware site.

  23. akljklfd

    bobby brown
    chris brown
    whos next?

  24. akljklfd

    bobby brown
    chris brown
    whos next?

  25. akljklfd

    bobby brown
    chris brown
    whos next?

  26. no way 9 years. he’ll get probation.

  27. Gerald_Tarrant

    What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?

    Nothing, you already told her twice.

    Seriously though, Chris is just trying for some street cred. Now he can ditch his R&B/Pop image and in a few months be a hardcore gangsta rapper.

  28. mu

    didnt rihana give him herpes? That’s why he beat her ass. HERPES

  29. I’m SO not over this! Chris Brown, you’re too young to completely wreck your career! Tsk tsk tsk.

  30. JHeart

    I honestly doubt he’ll go to jail. With a star of his size, he def get fined and like probabtion or something. But I cant believe he did this! :( I snapped this when the both of them were leaving Fashion Week last year… I cant believe it!


  31. effyeray

    If I dated a “girl” for months and found out she had a cock when she finally gave some up I’d try and kill that tranny too.

  32. Dëlgo

    Damn, its futile sending him to Arizona’s Maricopa tent jail…


  33. Binky

    Well I hope she at least got in some whacks back at him with her umbrella.
    Eh..Eh…Eh ?

  34. Danielle

    poor girl

  35. My Name is D-Nice

    *~* *~* *~* If he gets convicted, he’ll be holding some gangster cock in his hand just like that microphone in the picture. *~* *~* *~*

  36. Me

    A black man beating on his woman? so this is what the world has come to.

  37. 1jaxstate1

    Well the rumors are that she gave him herpes, so ummmm….yeah.

  38. Deacon Jones

    @36 LOL. Exactly, I was wondering myself.

    Man, now the whole world knows he has herpes. I’d be more worried about that than the jailtime I’d be facing.

  39. and he looked like such a nice guy (jerry seinfeld eye-roll)

  40. Bmurphy72

    Its the new Ike & Tina show…….

  41. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    If he’s lucky, that will keep the homo prison masses off his ass. Herpes? Eeewww.

  42. jan

    The sad probable truth is that he’ll hardly serve a wink of that time. I’m guessing 6 months in jail TOPS. Probably get out sooner on probation, for good behavior of course.

  43. tweety

    Found this in his Wikipedia article:

    “From the ages seven to thirteen, Brown was scarred by the domestic violence his mother endured from her boyfriend. He claims to ‘hate him to this day’.”

    Wow, irony’s a bitch isn’t it?

  44. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Irony is a bitch, and soon Chris Brown may be as well.

  45. getoverit

    fish, looks like you turned into a pussy yourself for getting all soft over this drama.You don’t know both sides of the story and already crying over some hoe.Get your act together and get your staff to line up and bitch slap you.tricks are for kids.

  46. Alec Baldwin

    When I say I would hit that I meant it sexually, Chris meant it literally.

  47. They’re gonna make him dance alot in the big house…

  48. Mal Gusto

    …wow…a black couple involved in a domestic dispute that got physical. No news there. He probably will not do any time. Or should I say “He prolly won do no time, cause hiz girl will say nuffin happened!”

  49. Deacon Jones



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