Chris Rock on Racism

February 18th, 2011 // 90 Comments
Chris Rock Tea Party

You got kids? Kids always act up the most before they go to sleep. And when I see the Tea Party and all this stuff, it actually feels like racism’s almost over. Because this is the last — this is the act up before the sleep. They’re going crazy. They’re insane. You want to get rid of them — and the next thing you know, they’re fucking knocked out. And that’s what’s going on in the country right now.

- Chris Rock inadvertently revealing to Esquire that he doesn’t read Internet comments. On that note, STAY INSIDE, GODDAMMIT! STAY INSIDE! IT’S NOT SAFE! OHMYGAHD!

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  1. Chris Tucker is WAY funnier.

  2. unlike ur crabby keyids teabaggers vote :(

  3. Chinto

    If what he says is true, his racist ass should be getting really sleepy as well.


      If a group doesn’t agree with you and you can’t argue with them logically,
      just start screaming Racism and everything will be a-ok again……

      • Evil

        Or maybe it was all the racist posters above every rally? You idiot.

      • Uh. Yeah, racists posters. You mean the ones Beck offered a million dollars for if someone could provide photographic or video taped evidence of racism at a Tea Party rally, that no one has yet to collect on? Those racist posters, the completely non-existent figments of the left’s fucking imagination racist posters? Got it.

        Yeah I don’t remember those, but I do remember the liberal action groups that said they were going to infiltrate Tea Party groups, and wave racists materials while shouting racist slogans, all to expose the Tea Party as the racists they are. Yeah. That’s the fucking logic the left uses. Think I’m joking? Google that shit, or just go read the dailykos forums from the big DC rally last fall.

      • billabong021

        Naw we know there are racist posters cause we see them with our own eyes at the teabagger rallies.

      • Jeff in St Louis

        Yes, tell a lie enough and people start believing it.

  4. Ksurfiws

    In a mere fifteen years, the future of standup has willingly allowed himself to be grinded down into just another elitist Hollywood overlord, another coward smearing a whole group of people he’s likely never met. You think Rock’s ever stepped out of his limo and attended a Tea Party? You think he’s ever escaped the posse he’s hired to laugh at his jokes to talk to any of us?
    Really, who’s the bigot here? Who sold out?

  5. Balls McCoy

    The Tea Party’s politics never once ever fringed upon a racist theme. They called out government’s lack of strength in protecting our borders against illegal ILLEGAL immigration, they stand for LEGAL immigration. They are not a racist group and the only racism that’s ever come out of a tea party are stories purposely mis-reported and bold faced lies by pundits and activists that were plants. Chris Rock knows about as much about the Tea Party as the idiot that posted this story.

    • Don’t you mean “Goverment”?

      • MD

        Wow Little Richard are you that dumb? Let me guess you’re being “sarcastic” right? Next time you try to correct someone’s spelling you might want to make sure the word is actually spelled correctly so you don’t look like a flaming turd pile of moron. GOVERNNNNNNMENT There is an N there for crying out loud, go back to playing your piano you giant douche! WOOOOO!

      • Flo's flow

        Balls is 100% correct. And CR is a sucker for lapping up the narrative cooked up by the current regime and it’s willing accomplices in the major media outlets.

      • saphkilla

        lil richard…… make sure YOU also understand when to capitalize government. Balls McCoy is right, it is lowercase when using a GENERALIZATION about the government. On the other hand, it is uppercase when the writer is being SPECIFIC, such as: Government House Leader…….The United States Government…..

    • Gallo

      “They called out government’s lack of strength in protecting our borders against illegal ILLEGAL immigration, they stand for LEGAL immigration.”

      As in “we’re cool with brown people coming provided that they’re slowed to a trickle?”

      Know why there’s still an abundance of illegal immigrants despite all this shouting? Because they’re good for business. Who’s going to pick your fruit and wipe your ass? White people? Thank goodness for cheap, undocumented labor– illegals are the reason most of us can afford to eat. Even if you don’t eat fruits and vegetables (admit it– you don’t) the cost of most things that you buy is kept low by undocumented workers who aren’t getting paid legal wages. And people bitch about the cost of social programs going to illegals and whatnot, but the truth is that social spending on illegals is miniscule and absolutely dwarfed by what they add to the economy in terms of productivity and reduced cost of goods.

      So why in the world would people blow a gasket about them if they’re an important (VITAL) part of the economy that are never going away? Because the people doing that are blindly racist and don’t care about facts if it means they might have to deal with more brown people.

      • DFCtomm

        Illegal aliens are good for business owners bottom line, and not much else. They privatize the profits and socialize the costs. Illegal aliens are a huge drain on services with a very small return. Business owners reap the rewards and pass on the costs to the tax payer. Why do we want millions of unskilled, and uneducated peasants when automation is right around the corner. What are we going to do with them when “Watson” is picking strawberries 24/7?

    • MD and Saphkilla, based on your responses I’m going to guess you’re not big fans of subtlety. Please Google the word “Teabonics”. Then kindly eat a bowl of dicks.

      • MD

        I don’t have time for stupid bullshit like googling “Teabonics”, I’m too busy correcting your stupid ass posts, now get back to playing your damn piano bitch. Bowl of dicks, what an asshole….

      • Jeff in St Louis

        Little Richard, had you really been joking or being subtle, you would have used, “guv-ment.” But it turns out you’re a liberal douche-wad who can’t spell and self-failed on a post. Congratulations. Suck it.

    • billabong021

      If it never fringed on racism why do they keep referring to the COMMANDER IN CHIEF, our PRESIDENT, as the ‘nigerian’?

      Do we refer to every teabagger as passive aggressive german neo-nazi scum?

      But then again, nigerian is more polite than nigger i guess.

    • M

      Oy vey – check this out:

      or… redefine racism.


      • Bob

        M, how is that race? That is nationality? If they said he was from Sweden would that have been any different? now the fact that he is a birther is troubling, but not racist.

  6. pessimism

    Chris Rock is still relevant? People still listen to him? Snore. He’s playing the race card in a desperate attention grab to keep his brain dead career on life support/

  7. SuburbanBohemian

    Oh dear God in Heaven, I love me some Chris Rock. I love that everything that comes out of his mouth is intelligent and true. And I love that he makes people uncomfortable.

    Whitey le Femme O’Caucasian

  8. zug

    Wow, asking our elected officials to following that pesky Constitution and take a magnifying glass to out of control spending makes me a Racist? How do you figure?

    • Whitey

      The part that makes everybody suspect that the Tea Party might be racist is the part where nobody complained once when George W Bush was wasting trillions invading random countries and bailing out GM, yet ten minutes after a black dude is in the White House, you’re out in the street with a sign, losing your shit over government spending.

      Just sayin’.

      • DFCtomm

        Then how do you explain so many defections that voted for Obama? If all these people are racist then how could he have carried a majority of the white vote? How do you know they were happy with Bush’s performance after he regained office in 2004? You think these people supported the prescription drug plan, or the amnesty he tried to ram through about 2006? Could it be that the nation has reached a tipping point and a lot of people who previously had no interest in politics decided that they had better start to take an interest in politics. Couldn’t be that could it, nope must be racism.

    • Karina

      What is out of control spending? Is that like putting this country into debt because of a war no one wanted to get involved in? What is out of control spending? Is that like bailing out the banks while they give their unethical employees bonuses? Right……

  9. jojo

    Sounds like Chris Rock just landed his new role. Uncle Tom.

  10. Oh god, here come all the right wing nuts and tea baggers ranting and raving. Its Chris Rock people. He talks shit about everybody. Blacks, Hispanics, whites, nobody is off limits. He is a comedian. Learn to take a damn joke and quit being bitches about it.

  11. znono

    The fact that his movies aren’t good anymore is irrelevant. How much money he has is irrelevant. I think the comment is insightful and simple. What’s so bad about thinking the end of rascism is near? These comments don’t make sense for what the quote says…  People complain to complain… like my bitter, old aunties do.

  12. The tea party movement is not racist! It just happens to be made up primarily of people that happen to be racist. I know the difference is subtle.

    • canechaser

      look here fucktard, have ever been to one of the tea party gatherings? i doubt it… as is usually the case. so you talk about something you have no clue about.. typical for a race bating bigot like yourself.. just so you know, the one that was held near here there were many african americans in the crowd holding their signs about big govt. … so take your right hand and put it on your right ear, and take your left hand and put it on your left ear … and pull your head outta your ass!!!

      • Knippy

        My uncle is a tea bagger and he’s racist as fuck, does that prove anything? Neither does the fact that there were some black people at that tea party. I think they are racists against Muslims/Middle Eastern people, just because someone says racist doesn’t mean it has to be against black people, they are not the only race people can hate.

      • Chase my cane

        Oh, did the O’Reilly factor show you photoshopped pictures of black people at tea party rallies. Where they also holding up signs saying Obama was hitler as well?

      • Nope, never been to a “Tea-Party”, canechaser, but I’m pretty sure If I went I wouldn’t see anything racist (I said that). On the other hand, I work with about 20 typical “Tea-Party” advocates that do attend every rally, and they are racist as hell. They are also near illiterate.

        Speaking of which “race baiting” is inflammatory speech used to anger a person of a certain race. “Race bating” is what you do while you watch “Brutha’s Bangin’ Blondes IV” you arrogant patronizing piece of dog shit.

      • DFCtomm

        -Little Richard

        I love how you accuse others of racism while not so subtly slipping in the “Brutha’s Bangin’ Blondes IV” to suggest the sexual inferiority of white males. Maybe you should remove that big black pole from your eye before you start to remove the little white splinter from the eye of someone else.

      • canechaser

        well for starters, i didnt and dont watch oreilly… so say what you will… i was at one of the tea party gatherings thats how i know they were there.. the fact that folks, black and white and any other race are cautious of muslims means nothing… unless you forgot there was a little thing called september 11th.. last i checked, there were no white people, or black people or mexican or asians flying the planes into buildings… but that makes me raciest…. or anyone else, i forgot.. you stupid bastards need to wake up and live in the real world.. the fact that you would even go to the hitler reference takes balls… since every time you tree hugging lefties protested bush and anyone on the right it is always a hitler reference… that kind of shit is fine when you do it, but when the shoe is on the other foot, it aint funny any more…

        DFCtomm, just think about it a second.. his screen name is “little dick”… apparently he is upset he dont fit in with the rest of the “bruthas” ..

    • I’ve read that frustrated chimpanzees will always attack the genitals when they are losing a fight. I guess it’s true.

      Also, are you telling me you find white males sexually inferior? You have a right to that opinion, of course, but it didn’t really cross my mind when I pointed out a spelling error involving ‘bating.

      I forgot, correct spelling is so elitist.

  13. Yeezy's Son

    LOL! either he’s being sarcastic or he’s really nieve. So queue up the racist comments, let’s prove him wrong!!!

  14. Reddy

    The Birthers make the Tea Party look bad. Most people can’t tell the difference, and think that Tea Partier = Birther (probably because they make the most noise). Chris Rock is wrong to generalize, but so are people who think liberals are socialists. I guess it’s par for the course in America today … which is why we’re all so angry all the time.

  15. uncle phil

    the tea party isn’t racist. they just would like to move society back to a more idyllic time when the only people who had a say were white anglo-saxon protestants. what’s so racist about that? oh and throw some stuff in about govt. spending. it’s been out of control since the 80′s, but, we only noticed when a black guy got the head job in the country. i really don’t see the racial connection……

    • MD

      Hey Phil I think most people noticed when our economy hit an all time low and had enough government overbearing, but thanks for playing.

    • ooz

      Yeah, it had absolutely nothing to do with skyrocketing deficits and the gov’t wrapping their tentacles around another 1/7 of the US economy (heath care) by voting on a massive piece of legislation that NOBODY EVEN READ!
      Think about it. Hillarycare was shot down in ’93, and the dems were roundly defeated in ’94 as a result. The difference is, Clinton didn’t try to ram it through Congress – he too concerned about his legacy. This time around, even though the polls were overwhelmingly against the bill, they passed it, without a single republican vote, and he signed it. If that same scenario played out in ’93 we would have had the same mobilization of protest.

      • i am glen beck's crocodille tear.

        If you guys were ok with the government taking away your rights as a citizen when they passed the Patriot Act, then why should anyone in Washington care what you think now over your tax dollars being misspent? You couldn’t stand up when it really mattered, why bother now?

  16. Deacon Jones

    My local news is racist

  17. Tony Y

    I actually have no idea what he’s saying here. Is he using sleep as a synonym for death? As in “tea partiers are old and are going to die soon”? I guess that makes sense, but old people don’t usually mobilize and act out, and the tea partiers seem to be in their 50′s so maybe he’s just talking about actual sleep? I guess this is just a shitty joke or something.

  18. If only we could all graduate from the Whoopi Goldberg School of Political Discourse.

  19. atomicmug

    Liberals are so damn cute when they get mad.

  20. TSW

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I agree with 99% of everything Chris Rock says. I’m just going to squint and pretend he’s our president. Wait…was that racist? Shit.

  21. I’d just like to suggest that racism is not a condition that afflicts only white people.


  22. j

    the founder of the NY Tea Party affiliate isn’t a honky…as in David “The Grinder” Webb. Anyhow, a continued discussion on the demographic continuity on the “Tea Party” seems to be just a tad bit odd. Why should it matter? Why does open criticism of the current administration immediately open up a debate of race and bigotry? We, the general populous have made colorful criticism of government a national past time. MSNBC(Microsoft No Black Commentators) did it ever day for eight years. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA , G HW Bush called for a new world order. If your immediate reaction to President Sotero/Obama is that an individual is racist, then you can easily be summed up as intellectually impotent.

  23. babooda

    Goddam screwed up Wintel computer and the Microsoft IE browser……WTH does it keep linking me to the Newsvine discussion of racism every time I click on the link for the Superficial website?

    • j

      because it makes for easy headlines and somehow connects a discussion on political parties and a connection to said racist remarks. Even if it comes from the mouth of an elitist, multimillionaire, who hasnt done anything productive in many years.

  24. jen

    It’s good to see he’s an optimist but….racism is alive and well in some pretty deep-seated ways.

    • Bob

      I know racism still exist. To bad it is usually from African Americans that whites. Had a friend who was jumped last year for trying to “act white” when he was only studying trying to go to college. I forgot you can only be racist if you are white…nevermind.

    • Bob

      Also forgot the local Chruches Chicken wont serve me because I am white. True the town is 65% african american and probably 95% in that area, but still no excuse. I waited and waited. After a while and several other people coming and going, I checked on my order and they said they dont serve white people. I asked for the manager and the woman who said it was the manager. I tried one other time with the same results. It has been a while so I forget about it some.

      Wierd part bout racism, if you find racist out there either way, avoid them. If they dont want you in their store, you dont want to give them your money. Ignorance and stupidity wont thrive in the business environment of today and they will soon close.

      • McCock

        I had the same thing happen to me at a Friendly’s restaruant in New Jersey, near Camden. We sat there for about 15-20 minutes, while the entire black staff ignored us and seated and served black customers. Our waitress never came to our table and I asked the cashier where the manager was, she simply replied “She gone”….we left, that’s the last time I’ll ever go to Friendly’s, or Camden for that matter.

        I know some blacks had it tough a hundred years ago, but blacks today have no real reason to be so racist. There a more government aid programs in place to help the advancement of blacks than any other race, by a landslide. 95% of blacks are on some form of welfare, yet they insist that they are the victims of racism. It’s ridiculous. No black person in this country was ever a slave, they have more opportunties to advance their lives, yet the overwhelming majority of blacks simply cry “racism” as the cause of their plight and the failure of their race as a whole.

  25. Bob

    Having been to a tea party, most of you have no clue. I stood next to african americans at each of the rallies I went to (3 total). All 3 of them were over the state spending, so it isnt a race thing as the governor is white. I never heard a single racist comment or saw any racist sign either. I am sure there are some in the crowd, but that is not the normal (the same in any crowd.)

    The main issue is a lot of people have hit the tipping point. When things were going well, no one payed attention. Now that things have turned, I started paying attention. It is coincidence that the president is African American. I don’t care if he is purple. The waste is absurd on all levels of government and from both sides of the isle. It is easier to keep people blind when things are going well. I know I plan on paying attention and becoming active from here on regardless of the president.

  26. Monty83

    Eddie Murphy needs to shut his face.

  27. R.A.

    To point the finger of racism at natural born citizens who are irate that while many suffer from unemployment, millions of undocumented workers stream into the country is in itself a racist concept when one’s argument is “white people” wouldn’t work those jobs anyway. It isn’t only “white people” who are Americans, and unemployment and poverty are being felt at this very moment by people of all races, cultures, and ethnicities. To specifically point out “white people” as being too arrogant to work the earth in lieu of this fact points out the crushing ignorance of this insult.

    Secondly, it does not make one a bigot to fear Muslim Extremists. We are and have been consistently attacked by this group for many years now, and they have made it clear to all of us Non-Muslims that they want us dead and our infrastructure destroyed. The common factor between all of them is not their color, or their mother tongue, but their devotion to a twisted ideal.

    To all of you trolls, to all of you naysayers and ignorant children, you’ve spent too much time on the goddamn internet. Anyone can google anything, and in case you haven’t noticed, all politicians lie. To raise your proverbial fist over your fellow countrymen wielding hatred and dissonance over ideals and illusions rings clear the truth that you, yes you, are as easily susceptible to manipulation by the authority as those famous hijackers.

    We don’t all have to agree, but we can at least treat each other with respect.
    Wake up.

  28. dadada

    wow the crazies have descended.

  29. McCock

    Blacks are the most racist people on the planet. Yet they are still slaves to the Democratic party, who keeps them dependant upon the welfare system and locked up in voting factories (housing projects). Wake up.

  30. Steve

    Comedians should just make jokes. Nobody takes the Chris Rocks, Whoopi’s, etc seriously. AND YES, that includes the white comedians too. Easy with your grandstanding and posturing.

  31. Joy

    This just might be the sanest comment on here….

  32. You know, he’s right. It took having an honest conversation with my mother for me to realize it..but yeah, he hit it right on the head.

    My mother, bless her heart, goes on and on about how the country is going to shit and like most white people in her age group (60′s), they really don’t seem to have any perspective on history even though they were the same people out there in the late sixties..gasp..protesting.

    “Oh he’ll help the blacks”…”Oh well you know…that guy….(sidways look)..”

    It made me profoundly sad to have to admit this about my own flesh and blood, but yeah that’s the way it is. White people in this country and, by extension, the power structure has never really had to grapple with the fact that someone non-white took the reigns to the biggest show on earth.

    …The Dude pulled off the greatest combo breaker in history at a time that no one..and I mean no one..thought he could pull it off..and he did against a war veteran and a fetching white woman (granted, she’s a moron, but I’d probably stick my dick in her..yeah, I would.)

    So yeah, maybe white people are going through a bit of reckoning at the moment. All this goings on about welfare and spending and such, but nobody wants to touch defense? Why? Because educated white people get their handout through the department of defense and you can take that to the bank.

    Sad, but true.

    If it wasn’t there would have been much more uproar in 2003…and maybe in 2004…and 2007…and 2008..but there wasn’t because the ‘out’ group wasn’t the one benefitting at the trough.

    Or something like that. Don’t worry though, it gets better from here.

    • Bob

      To those others that say we only noticed cause it is a black guy, you are just plain wrong and grasping for excuses. Yes it SUCKED when Bush increased spending. There were a few vocal then (even fringe right wingers like Beck spoke out.) However when you increase another 1.4 Trillion more, that will perk a few more ears. Take this scenario: Hey that guy stole a candy bar. Well that is wrong. In comparison; hey that guy stole a candy truck, candy, and the driver… send him to jail for 20 years! Both are WRONG, but one is defiantly going to get more attention.

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