Chris Rock Gave A Make-A-Wish Kid A Copy of The Pamela Anderson Sex Tape

I feel pretty confident saying that I will probably never post anything as epic and amazing as this anecdote Chris Rock told Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. In fact, I’ll go so far to say it completely redeems him for Grown Ups AND Grown Ups 2. That’s right I went there. Transcribed via reddit:

CHRIS: I had a Make-A-Wish kid, like 15-year-old kid, dying of cancer. And I snuck him the Pam Anderson sex tape. You know, in between all the other crap, here. [laughs] He’s dead now.
JERRY: But he lived a little more.
CHRIS: He lived a little more. [smiling]

I’m sorry, are you expecting me to follow that? Because you can go fuck yourself.

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