Chris Pratt & Chris Evans Visit Children’s Hospital, Make Good On Super Bowl Bet

I was going to write a bullshit post about Kim Kardashian inadvertently showing everyone how much plastic surgery she’s had done, but fuck that because today Chris Pratt (Who you’ll notice is in full costume and has been doing this kind of awesome for months.) and Chris Evans made good on their Super Bowl bet and visited Christopher’s Haven children’s hospital in Boston before making their way to Seattle’s Children Hospital. And while it’s easy to be cynical to say this is cheap and easy marketing for Marvel, and cheap and easy clicks for me, at the end of the day, a bunch of sick kids just had an awesome day meeting Star-Lord and Captain America, and every once in a while it’s nice to give props to that kind of generosity instead of writing about whose vagina I can almost see. Deep inside this chest beats a heart, too, you know. It’s just black and empty and sometimes lets me mock a man’s religion while his daughter is dying. Also, it once spoke of the End Times in Latin, but this is about the kids. This is about the kids.


Photo: Facebook