Hide Your Ovaries: Chris Pratt & Evans Visited Another Children’s Hospital

Last month, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans visited Christopher’s Haven in Boston as part of their Super Bowl bet, and this past Saturday, they visited Seattle Children’s Hospital where this time Chris Evans showed up in full Captain America gear, and goddamn, did they finally nail the costume for Age of Ultron. Anyway, say what you will about the Marvel Cinematic Universe – especially if it’s about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – but try to remember that at the end of the day these are movies made for little kids (and bloggers who can’t laid), and in a sea of self-absorbed shitheads, it’s nice to see the actors involved paying it forward.

… Did I write enough to make it seem like this post isn’t really about Chris Hemsworth’s abs (below)? Ohthankgod.

Photos: Seattle CH/Splash News