UPDATE: Chris Klein Busted for DUI

American Pie star/that guy who made that coked out Mamma Mia! video Chris Klein was arrested for DUI this morning after swerving all over the 101 like Lindsay Lohan trying to murder an assistant. (Jury pool tainting, HIYO!) TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us a CHP officer stopped Klein on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles at 3:13AM.
31-year-old Klein was arrested after failing a field sobriety test, we’re told.
According to the police report, Klein was “observed weaving from the #3 lane into the #2 and #4 lane westbound US 101 at Woodman Ave.”

You really have to feel bad for Chris Klein. He used to bang Katie Holmes when she was hot only to find out she’s willing to go years without sexual intercourse because a midget told her aliens give him Jesus powers, and now this. Some might say, he brought it upon himself by drinking and driving, but those people clearly don’t understand how delicious and convincing booze is. Right now it’s telling me I don’t need pants in this Starbucks and that everyone wants to hear my deepest thoughts screamed in their face. “THIS PLACE SHOULD SERVE PANCAKES!”

UPDATE: Police are telling TMZ Chris Klein blew three times the legal limit and had a dog in a car which is just plain stupid. There’s your designated driver right there.

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