Chris Hemsworth Will Explode Your Ovaries Now

Since we’ve been entirely slacking on the man candy front – Emma Watson’s pubes did it! – here’s an adorable anecdote Chris Hemsworth shared about his twin toddlers. Which based on my limited, barely existent knowledge of women, should waterlog a few chairs.

Did anyone else imagine him saying “little legends” in Thor’s voice? Just me? Perfect.

Speaking of Thor, in case you’re a super thirsty wench unfazed by adorable children, Casey Anthony, here’s the latest Team Thor video full of Chris Hemsworth shirtlessness which should liquify even more pantaloons and sprang a few dicks. (Do gay guys say “sprang a dick?” Because they should. It goes great with jazz hands, and I’ll be doing it all day. – *leaps onto Photo Boy’s desk* – Sprang a dick!)

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Photo: Getty