Chris Hemsworth’s Man Meat Washes Ashore on a Beach

For a site that features a tag for the word “nipple” — enjoy that rabbit hole not on your work server, by the way — I’ll admit that I sometimes lose focus on our dedicated female and gay male readership. I have a weekly reminder written in my Lisa Frank day planner to at least attempt to slang some famous dong every once in a while.

Chris Hemsworth is this week’s mancandy quota filler. Objectively, I think this should be a splooshy upgrade from last week’s gallery of Shia LaBeouf holding his dick on a beach and writing his name in the sand with his pee.

With Halloween right around the corner, one has to wonder how ol’ Thor here is going to offend Native Americans with an insensitive costume this year. My sources on the inside (of the Baskin Robins bathroom) tell me that he’s thinking about dressing up as an actual pipeline…

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