Thor Shops At Bed Bath & Beyond

Because every once in a while I like to toss the ladies a (Hamm)bone after drowning them in a sea of bikinis, here’s Chris Hemsworth shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond. And in the likely chance I know jackshit about women and this does nothing for them, I added this little scenario to bring the sploosh:

“Now once we get inside, my love, I want nothing more than for you to look at every single item in the store, ask me my opinion on it, and then immediately disagree with me because material items deserve intense emotional scrutiny and residual feelings that last for days.”
“Ohmygod, that is everything that I want to happen… except you didn’t specifically say new throw pillows, so now I know you don’t really care about them. Let’s just forget it.”
“How foolish of me. And now I’m no longer able to find just one moment of contentment in life thus binding our fates in a mutual sea of misery.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto