Chris Brown’s Selling Pit Bulls Online Now

April 27th, 2012 // 87 Comments
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Chris Brown
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I’ll be frank, I don’t know a lot about dogs or puppy mills or the SPCA, but I do know a lot about Chris Brown being a fucking idiot which brings us to his latest online venture: Selling pit bulls online for $1,000 a pop which just made Michael Vick go, “People are going to bring up me now, aren’t they? Goddammit.” The Huffington Post reports:

A release from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) called Brown a “backyard breeder” and encouraged the singer to use his celebrity to encourage shelter adoptions.
“There is no reason to breed and produce more Pit Bull puppies when there are Pit puppies waiting for homes in every shelter in America,” said spcaLA President, Madeline Bernstein in the statement. “The $1000 price tag for a Chris Brown puppy could be better spent money saving the lives of shelter animals.”
Brown’s reps told the Associated Press that the site wasn’t a new side-business for the singer. Instead, Brown is simply trying to sell a litter of puppies that his family’s dog had given birth to two months ago.

Also, as much as I hate to defend Chris Brown, these are highly-skilled pit bulls trained to maul the hell out of Rihanna because you never know when she might peep your phone. That’s how people almost die. In an ideal word, we’d all have quick, lightning fast punching reflexes like Chris Brown, but we don’t, so why don’t you back off, SPCA? Some of are just trying to survive Rihanna looking at our shit if that’s alright with you.

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  1. Chico the Man

    Wow!! He’s so Gangsta !!

  2. JC

    What happened to putting puppies in a box with a sign that says, “Free to a good home”?

    Oh, right. Douchebag happened.

    • mel

      this dangerous fool clearly has no regard for the welfare of animals. consider all the shelter animals that get put down if they can’t find a home for them quickly enough. it’s terrible! but revolting, horrid and disgusting antics and chris brown go hand and hand. stupid nitwit…i hope one of them goes for his neck!

  3. EricLr

    That dog is thinking “I bet he thinks I’m going to protect his little bitch ass when he picks a fight.”

  4. Star Droppings

    “We accept visa, mastercard, cartoon bags of money…”

  5. I guess his “Chris Brown’s Harvested Walnuts” venture wasn’t as popular with the public as it was on the down low.

  6. El Jefe

    Only ghetto gutter trash own pit bulls. Just a dangerous dog to be around. The only decent person I know that owns one is my buddy that owns a liquor store in the hood and he has one kept there for protection and that dog is straight up crazy and psychotic. Even on the chain it still scares the shit out of me. He had a Chow before and that had a completely different demeanor to the pit bull.

    • BarB

      I wouldn’t exactly call a person who keeps a dog on a chain for their own personal use decent. Your friend is the reason why you have such an uneducated view of pit bulls. I know some pits who have been raised by actual decent people and dangerous is one of the last words I’d use to describe them.

    • KFisher

      Breed discrimination is about as appropriate as racial discrimination. Get your head out of your ass.

      • Please

        Making a false, repellant and intellectually specious analogy between skin color in humans and bred-in gameness for fighting other animals (meaning, fighting through pain and to the death) and bite power (and yes, I know that no dog’s jaws technically ‘lock’) is unbelievably inappropriate.

        Grow up. You will never convince someone with any actual concerns about bully breeds with that fucktard ‘breedism’ bullshit.

    • kimmykimkim

      El Jefe: obviously you know dick about pits and dogs in general. Your friend’s dog is crazy and psychotic because your friend is crazy and psychotic and you’re scared because you’re a pussy. Or just ignorant. Pits are the most gentle dogs when they’re raised correctly. All bully breeds are. You’re more likely to get snapped in the face by an over active lab than you are a pit bull. I say this from experience. I own a pit. And shes a way more relaxed dog than my greyhound mix, obviously. Two different breeds. And no, Jefe, I am not trash, I own a home that is not mobile, I have a job and I don’t have any non working cars or old sofas in my front yard. I do not use my pit for protection. I adopted her because she’s an awesome fucking dog. And after four years, she still is, because I know what I’m doing.

      • Okay, kimmy, but I still want to lock the dogs out of the room while we’re doing it.

      • LordViperScorpion

        Pits are dangerous and deadly dogs. Every single one of them should be put down and the breed should be made illegal. There is no good reason for anyone to ever own one. The only people who own them are trash with inferiority complexes because it makes them feel like a badass.

      • Ranish

        Wow. I am a white professional female. Not a thug, not a gangsta, not white trailer trash. I and many of my friends have rescued pit bulls, and I have to tell you that these dogs are awesome, loyal and loving.
        Look up their history; they were once babysitters for royal children. Better yet, go hang out with a well raised pit bull. You will be completely won over!

      • kimmykimkim

        @LordViperScorpion: YOU should be put down, ignorant ass bag!

      • LordViperScorpion

        Typical white trash behavior – making threats of violence against someone who doesn’t agree with you. I feel sorry for your mother.

      • kimmykimkim

        Oh, you’re taking that as a threat of violence? But saying that an entire breed of animal that you’re too ignorant to understand should all be put down is not at all violent is it? Why not? Because it would be a “humane” killing? Wow. Call me trash all you want. You don’t know me. And you shouldn’t feel sorry for my mother at all. She’s got it fucking made. You should feel sorry for yourself for being such an asshole.

      • LordViperScorpion

        No, it’s just that as an non-hillbilly, I am able to distinguish between “human” and “animal”. Putting killer dogs down isn’t violent, it’s for the good and protection of society. Let’s all work together to make sure this murderous attack breed is extinct before the end of the decade!

      • kimmykimkim

        Wow. You’re a dog nazi. How sad.

      • LordViperScorpion

        You know how you know when you’re dealing with an idiot? When they pull the “nazi” card. Pit Bulls are already illegal in several cities and counties. It’s only a matter of time before the police are allowed to shoot them on sight. This will be a good thing.

      • Stupid

        Ontarians are free to own these dogs, provided the animals have been neutered and kept muzzled in public. Given the danger they present, pit bulls can’t be legally bred or imported into the province.

      • yyunki

        I agree with lord viporscorpion or whatever his name is. Where I live they are illegal because one attached a little girl. Some idiot decided to still get one illegally and the same thing happened. Now because of that human idiot who doesn’t know how to follow the law, they put that dog down.
        Pitbulls are dangers and its true that only thugs and gangstas wannabes seem to be attracted to those dogs. If you want a nice dog, get a german sheppard and stfu

      • yyunki

        attacked ***

      • yyunki

        dangerous ***

      • No, he’s an ignorant-ass troll, don’t let him play you. Not that that isn’t equally as sad and pathetic as being a dog Nazi. I have friends who have an awesome pitt bull, when he was a puppy he used to teethe on my hand.

      • dooood

        i think it is a mistake that you would “distinguish” humans from animals. humans ARE animals!!
        i mean, we are not plants, fungus or bacteria.
        we may have evolved a bit but we act every bit as uncivilized, backwards and fucked up as any beasts.

        this sort of human pride and human centrism has contributed to the destruction of thousands of square miles of natural eco systems and the extinction of many species.

        the natural world is undeniably brutal and unforgiving but at least there are no plants or animals that are hypocrites. none that i’ve encountered anyway.

      • muahahah

        You’re fighting about pitbulls on a celebrity gossip website. Of course you’re trash. Accept it and move on.

  7. Chris Brown Supafest Pit Bulls
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    You can’t look at this picture and tell me this guy isn’t a “Peter Bumper”.

  8. Jonas Grumby

    Hey Chris, if they don’t sell, try marketing them as “Mitt Romney Hood Ornaments” or maybe “Obama Burgers (raw)”.

  9. El Jefe are you crazy? ghetto gutter trash? They are only dangerous because of the people that raise them. I have two. I also have two kids. Did you know back in the 1920s (before people discovered pits could be bred to be used as fighting dogs) pitbulls were nicknamed “nanny dogs”? and that is why Pete from the Little Rascals was a pitbull? Mine are the most silly, lazy, loyal dogs on the planet. The only time a person has ever been “hurt” by one of mine is by her crazy wagging love tail. but thanks for building up that damn pit stereotype even more.

    • El Jefe

      I stand by what I said. I still remember when I was a kid there was a story about a couple of pit bulls that killed some cows. Just a couple of months ago in the town just north of me, one of your “nanny” dogs ripped a guy’s horse to shreds, killed it. So yeah, keep your kids around a couple of killing machines with lockjaws, what could possibly go wrong?

      Hell it is not just pit bulls, when I was in middle school, one of my friends had a doberman, had it for about 7 years and then one day it just snapped and tried to attack and kill anything and anyone in its way and had to be put down. Get a lab like a normal human being in decent society.

      • BarB

        It’s all media hype. More often than not these dog attacks were committed by some other breed that’s mistaken for a pit bull.

        Like in the case of that moron Vanessa Carlton who claimed to be bit by a pit but forensics found that the bite marks didn’t match up to a mold of the dogs teeth.

      • Cori

        So you wouldn’t be a follower of facts then. More people are bitten by Labs than any other dog.

      • dooood

        @cori that might be true but people also own labs more than any other dog.
        if you want to get technical, the grey wolf has one of the strongest bites pound for pound in the whole animal kingdom with upwards of 1,500 pounds per square inch. thats more than a white shark.
        wolves are highly intelligent and social but are not bred to tolerate or co-operate with humans.

      • Please

        Exactly – but the throngs that come out to describe how pit-mixes can only cause injury through their wildly wagging tails (‘the only flaw those dogs have is loving too much and being too loyal!!!!’ – as if that’s a trait no other kind of dog can have to that degree) will not acknowledge that while Labs are the most popular dogs and bite more people than any other in the U.S., the breed percentages with the highest incidence of grievous injuries to children *and adults* come from Rottweilers and bully breeds. Pretty important goddamn distinction.

      • kimmykimkim

        El Jefe: Their jaws do not lock. There’s no such thing. They are determined and can have a stubborn streak so they just don’t want to let go.

      • Keks

        You are SO ignorant, the lockjaw thing is a MYTH.

        Go educate yourself, dirtbag.

    • dooood

      you’re both right.
      the biggest factor by far is their owners and their environment.
      if an animal is raised by a loving family without stress, the animal will grow up to be an affectionate, friendly member of that family.
      however, that’s not to say that dogs are not frequently bred for certain desired traits and characteristics.
      dogs are naturally very territorial pack animals and can respond to their owners attitude(s) to an almost clairvoyant degree.

  10. Bonky

    He is trying to sell them to “thug wannabe’s”, lame dudes who think they got game because they buy fake gold teeth caps and take photos of themselves holding “stacks” of dollar bills or pretending to be “packing” with a water pistol in their waist band.

    There is no other reason for a rapper to be selling pit bulls. This guy is playing off the stupidity of some of his fans.

  11. That dog is so gay.

  12. Keks

    El Jefe, you’re an asshole, pit bulls are what their tutors make of them. I have a pit bull and she is more docile than my boston terrier. Maybe you only know stupid assholes who are violent and raise violent dogs.

    • dooood

      that’s true also, little jack russell terriers were bred to eradicate rats and pests in grain silos, dachshunds were bred to hunt rabbits.
      little cute dogs can be some of the most tenacious bastards you ever meet.

      • zzz

        A-men! I own a Jack Russell – most stubborn little hunter I ever met. Sweet, but stubborn! I’ve also owned a Rott (sweetest dog you could ever hope to meet), a lab (kinda crazy! Definitely more likely to snap than the Rott) and a Retriever (almost as sweet as the Rott). OH – and I volunteer in a shelter, so have known hundreds of pitts, among other breeds. Incredibly loyal, loving dogs. As so many others here (like dooood) have pointed out – dogs are a reflection of their owners and how they are raised. Breed personality plays a part, but the so-called “bully breeds” are among the most loving and loyal of all dogs. They can be mean when owners exploit their sense of loyalty and use it to train the dogs to be vicious.

      • “They can be mean when owners exploit their sense of loyalty and use it to train the dogs to be vicious.”

        Kudos for one of the more succinct. rational and accurate statements of the day. Since kimmykimkim and dooood know what the fuck they’re talking about and have presented that knowledge in an awesome fashion, those who have only beliefs and don’t want to be confused with facts will have to work twice as hard to keep themselves in ignorance.

        And yes, terriers will literally try to dig to the other side of the earth to get whatever burrowing animal they’re going after (hence the name), but you gotta wonder what the fuck they were thinking of when they bred dachshunds to go after bunnies.

  13. Alinka

    He’s so ghetto! Selling dogs? Really?

  14. Okay and...

    His dogs had puppies and he’s selling them because he can. Big deal is what again? Is there a reason this story is all over when it could be replaced with something relevant? I really don’t understand the anger behind this…

    • Be responsible and spay or neuter your pet – because you can! And he can certainly afford to. Go to a shelter sometime and look at all the animals that are due to be euthanized in the next 24 because they can find no homes for them – then you’ll see what the “big deal” is. It’ll fucking break your heart.

      There are so many dogs out there that need to be rescued already, and since the breed is much maligned by the ignorant, the chances of shelter pitt bulls going to good and loving homes that won’t exploit them is already slim. So for him to reduce their chances by letting his dog breed in order to make a grand per puppy is exceptionally douchey.

  15. mel

    everything this nitwit does is reprehensible! EVERYTHING!

    the man is useless, obviously brainless and quite frankly, doesn’t deserve the gift of human existence. there are only a few individuals who i hope die both soon and painfully. chris brown is one of them.

    i will exhuberantly celebrate this fool’s death and hope desperately that the event takes place in the very near future.

    • dooood

      while i would not disagree with you, it’s really not cool to wish death and pain on anyone.
      hatred can be just as destructive for the hater as it can be for the hated.

  16. dooood

    why couldn’t the dark princess of ass (kardashian) have ended up with this dirtbag? that woulda be like balancing out the universe.

    plus kanye and riri would be perfect for each other too.
    i mean they’re both idiots, their music is terrible, and they both still have just a bit of humanity left so you don’t hate them completely.

  17. lcthewolf

    who ever you are writing this artical your a ass hole

    • Jim Jones

      Whomever wrote this post, you’re a moron if you’re not familiar with the style and content of this site. Could have at least picked a better article to call the writer an asshole.

    • grobpilot

      Hey Wolf, learn to spell and put together a fucking sentence that makes some sense.

  18. Jim Jones

    What moron would pay for a pitbull, when there are so many in shelters? And one bred by Chris Brown no less? I’d be afraid, just by association, that the dog would be dumber than the average dog.

  19. kimmykimkim

    I fucking love pit bulls. I’ve owned a full bred and I now have a pit mix that I RESCUED! Motherfucking, Chris Brown, you little punk ass bitch! Pits are put down everyday because of shelter space and because no one will adopt them due to the stigma that retarded fucking pit owners have caused everyone to put on the dogs themselves. Fuck you, Chris Brown! Fuck you in your self-loathing homosexual face. And anybody else who is still breeding dogs and not rescuing them, fuck you, too! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you – I’m out!

    • Mat

      I think it’s the Stigma that Pitbulls earned for themselves:

      • kimmykimkim

        Sure. Pitbulls are out to ruin themselves. I don’t need to read your little link you’ve posted there and I really don’t care if you don’t agree with me.

      • Yeah, kimmy, everyone knows they’re self-destructive fools whose jaws lock with a key so you have to cut their heads off with a chainsaw before they let go. They love being badasses and only have themselves to blame.

        This message brought to you by the Buy Labradors Instead Committee

    • KFisher

      kimmykimkim: I think I love you! Thank you for standing up and lending your voice against pit bull discrimination. Let the asshats say what they want as there is only so much you can do to sway a one-track mind. You know what’s right and someday others will see the light as well. There’s always going to be something out there that will be the target of misguided hatred or discrimination, so they’ll move on in due time.

    • I’ve not been a supporter of Pit Bulls in the past, and just the other day I asked my adult daughter when was the last time she had heard of a person mauled to death by a cocker spaniel. But I admit I know very little about the breed other than some of them are really nice looking animals.

      Kimmykimkim makes a persuasive argument, and because she is one of my fantasy chicks, I’ll withhold further judgment for the time being.

    • muahahah

      eww you’re probably into bestiality…weirdo

      you are way too passionate about a freaking dog

  20. Mia

    Wow…. when you thought he couldn’t sink any lower, he does! Bravo with impressing us on how big of a scum bag you can be!

  21. kimmykimkim

    Hahaha! TomFrank!!

  22. kimmykimkim

    Well shit, that didn’t work out.

  23. grobpilot

    A few months ago, I was at Dog Beach in San Diego. A group of five guys showed up with t-shirts that said “Top Dog”. Each of these guys had two of the biggest fucking pit bulls I’d ever seen. The dogs all wore harnesses and were leashed. Just about everyone was giving them a wide berth as they walked around, basically showing off. But I’ll tell you, these were the most well-behaved dogs on the beach. They walked next to their owners, did not pull on the leashes and did not fight with each other. Some people were asking to take pictures of the group and the dogs would sit when they were told and wouldn’t move until the group moved. Even though I’d never own a Pit, it really does come down to how the dogs are raised and treated that will determine how they act around people and other pets. Sure, there’s the occasional loose cannon and the consequences can be severe. But that can happen with just about any breed.

    • muahahah

      dogs are stupid

      people who love dogs are stupid

      • dooood

        Smithers: “People like dogs, Mr. Burns.”

        C. Montgomerey Burns: “Nonsense, dogs are idiots.
        Think about it Smithers, if I came into your room and started sniffing at your crotch and slobbering all over your face, what would you say?”

        Smithers: “Umm…if you did it, sir?”

  24. Randal

    Pit bulls are animals but their owners are subhuman.

  25. I hope one of them tears his throat out.

  26. Ana

    Great. This is JUST what the breed needed. -.-

  27. Burt

    “A release from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) called Brown a “backyard breeder”…”

    “Brown’s reps told the Associated Press that the site wasn’t a new side-business for the singer. Instead, Brown is simply trying to sell a litter of puppies that his family’s dog had given birth to two months ago.”

    I’d have my lawyers get in touch with the SPCA if I were him.

  28. Chris Brown Supafest Pit Bulls
    Commented on this photo:

    his dick sings too?

  29. Chris Brown Supafest Pit Bulls
    Little Tongue
    Commented on this photo:

    Those crabs are being real nasty tonight! Sorry, people, can’t wait to get off stage to scratch!

  30. Chris Brown Supafest Pit Bulls
    Commented on this photo:


  31. Chris Brown Supafest Pit Bulls
    Commented on this photo:


  32. Chris Brown Supafest Pit Bulls
    Commented on this photo:

    petite little hands, actually

  33. Yoyoma

    Omfg you can get a shelter pit for a 10th of that. Also most people couldn’t identify an APBT if their lives depended on it. Those steroid-pumped looking ‘bluenose’ things have mastiff crossbreed bloodlines; that color is not natural to them, also why they’re dog AND human aggressive. Asshole dogs are there because of ignorant asshole owners and the backyard breeders who sell to said assholes.

  34. Ian Burke

    I’d like to fight him. Can anyone arrange this for me? If he wins I will donate $10,000.00 to the charity of his choice, but if I win he must donate $1,000,000.00 to a battered women group of my choice.

    I’m talking cage fight MMA style, not a pussy boxing match. I seriously want to beat him down.

    Can anyone help????

  35. bd

    I work at a shelter where pits are illegal and I wish they’d repeal the ban. Banning one breed of dog really isn’t going to stop people from training dogs to be vicious. People will always find an alternative breed. It’s really a problem with idiot owners, and they need to ban them from owning dogs of any kind. I love pits and this Chris Brown thing is ridiculous. He is obviously very ignorant about how many pit bulls get euthanized every year – a lot of them very sweet dogs. He couldn’t even afford a real website…a free website?? Really??

  36. Chris Brown Supafest Pit Bulls
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks gay to me i think he’s showing us his moves in the bed with his gay boyfriends ..??!!lol

  37. jono

    hey maahn how can i get pity in new zealand?
    id really like one…. how much if youd sell it?

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