Chris Brown’s Forgiven, Everybody

June 28th, 2010 // 120 Comments

Apparently we live in a world populated entirely by amnesiacs with Down Syndrome, because people cannot shut up this morning about how Chris Brown is “back” after his teary-eyed Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards last night. Except, surprise, Chris Brown was really crying about how happy he is to not go shit-house poor. Hollywood Life reports:

In addition to his onstage meltdown, the REAL waterworks occurred backstage, can exclusively report. “This night saved my life, and my career. Thank you for everything,” he told pal Ray J backstage. The men hugged twice before Chris started welling up once again. Our eyewitness adds that his tears were genuine, and he seemed both relieved and elated to finally have his career back on track.

If Chris Brown has successfully emulated any of Michael Jackson’s talents, it’s the ability to garner fans so delusional they’d let you shoot them in the face for half an autograph. Thanks to these marvels of the human condition, I now know it’s perfectly acceptable to beat the shit out of a woman provided you bust out a sweet dance number after the fact. It’s almost genius when you think about it, except don’t or your brain will literally light itself on fire. “He danced just like a child molester, therefore he’s innocent. — Could you excuse me for a second?” *foooooossshh*

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  1. mensa

    Rather ironic that Chris Brown is forgiven for wife-beating after crying during a song written by a man who the public has forgiven for his generally bizarre behavior and persistent allegations of child molestation. Also: unsurprising.

    On another note, I have lost all faith in humanity and am going to go away to live on a boat to get away from civilization for awhile. Maybe I’ll acquire a couple dozen cats and take up drinking again, too. *ponders*

  2. ara
    Commented on this photo:

    shes so fugly. first!

  3. RzanaDana

    Rihanna incident aside, simply for the sake of discussion, this tribute was NOT ABOUT CHRIS BROWN, IT WAS A TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON, NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A BLATANT PUBLICITY STUNT, PERIOD.

    It wasn’t supposed to be about him. But everything is about Chris, had he been a little less self-centered perhaps he would have thought about Rihanna’s feelings before throwing his fist.

  4. superficial A-hole

    “He danced just like a child molester, therefore he’s innocent.”

    so NOT funny. MJ’s dead so leave the guy alone.


    that ‘child molester’ donated millions to charity. what have you donated to charity? let me guess: breasts? -_-

  5. Nat Turner

    Can someone please explain why Chris Brown’s teenage mistake overshadows Charlie Sheen holding a knife to his wife’s neck and Mel Gibson punchung his baby mama’s teeth out?

    Is it like fighting in hockey as opposed to basketball where white culture gets a pass? I’m just asking. Or is it like Jeremiah Wright the black preacher that gets called a monster for his history lesson during sermons but white catholic priest that have been molesting little boys gets to go to another parrish? Its seems a trend is going on here.

  6. Milan

    I’m a mixed female, black and PR. So nobody better go there with race. 2nd off, I was a HUGE ass fan of Chris Brown. Had the album, went to concerts, got the T-shirt the whole SHABANG. She beat the shit out of Rihanna, and I broke his fucking cd and half and burned my fucking shirt. Threw out all his posters.

    I refuse to continue to buy anything that HAS anything to do with Chris Brown. I watched my mom get her ass beat, and someone I admired did it to his girlfriend. He could have gotten out of the car and told his secrity who was behind him to get this bitch, and left her to walk to that damn show. But instead he FUCKED her up. I’m over Chris Brown, he hasn’t dropped anything worthy of listening to, no radio-stations play his shit ANYWAY, so he’s just old fucking news. Just because he cried like a fucking bitch to a song he has no business singing, from an artist he has no business imitating, DOESN’T mean that this fucking loser has changed. He doesn’t give a shit about any of you ignorant ass stupid girls like he’s going to drop EVERYTHING and be with your dumbass. He cares about the moolah just like Rihanna does. Fuck off with that bullshit.

  7. RealTalk

    A mistake is a mistake. If you forever view a person based on one mistake in his or her life, its speaks more about you in-compassion and hypocritical ways. CB is young and WAS younger when he made that mistake. Instead of beating a black man down (which you love to do), you should encourage him to change and reform. Think about it, MJ is dead and gone (plus proven innocent of charges) yet you racist still call him a child molested etc. This is the wicked mindset of the racist fans (and editors).

    You people are disgusting!

  8. melodies

    I believe Chris should make a record like MJ did. like the man in the mirror. when he performed on the Bet award it took him over and everyone else. The media has painted him a mad man for getting into the fight with Rihanna. We still fail to realize that Rihanna has power too and that fight was only one sided, because of the bruises she got. period. I got into a nasty fight with a bully when I was young. I may have had the scars. but I whip the hell of that girl. She didn’t dare mess with me after that. It’s not nice to hit anyone. But that could have been what happen with Chris and Rihanna. We come to assumed to quickly that it was one sided. This is something to think about. Little girls can kick ass to. You need to visit Harlem in the summer. lol.

  9. superjman

    when your extremely angry you do not make conscious choice.

    just like my brother and his girlfriend were in a fight last night.
    one she started she went crazy for no reason. my brother called my mom to help stop the fight, when she got there she started fighting my mom too.

    what i’m saying we have no idea what happen in the car before he started hitting her. she could have been hitting him first we just don know.

    you need to learn to forgive but not forget.

    ps. for all the women here who have been thru something, my mother was raped at 16 and she had to learn how to forgive. something she taugh tme and i’m teaching you.

    this is a black man aproved message

  10. LIN

    that’s not chris brown.

  11. Dragon Knight

    For the record, Michael didn’t molest any kids.

  12. Enchanted

    You know what Ri need to step up and speak for Chris. No a man shouldn’t hit a women but they both was fighting each other. Chris suffered enough and people need to leave him alone. We support Chris 100%. People just get over it and stop all the hate. Once you let go of the hate you will feel better. Chris do your thing and we know will see more of you.

  13. LadyDreamer

    Boy, I wish I could beat the fuck out of people a year ago and then be loved by millions again. Only in America, will people accept remorseless woman beaters so easily and quickly. This man could rape a puppy and you dumbass CBstans would try to rationalize his dogfucking mentality. “OH he is a young man he jus wanted 2 sexually expirement i mean we all have our kinks!” He may be sorry for what he did, but time and time after the “incident” he has shown that all he fucking cares about is making money. I don’t know what CB fans do with their spare time but don’t make an ass of yourself by thinking he actually cares if you defend him. He doesn’t want to fuck you,he never has,he never will. He just likes to give you the impression that he wants to fuck you. He is the equivalent of a stripper, so shut the fuck up and get your fucking uniform ready for school tomorrow. Do your homework,too.

  14. love

    Well whoever thinks CB is hated needs to look in the mirror, Many people wish only the best for CB and im one of them..

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