Chris Brown’s Forgiven, Everybody

June 28th, 2010 // 120 Comments

Apparently we live in a world populated entirely by amnesiacs with Down Syndrome, because people cannot shut up this morning about how Chris Brown is “back” after his teary-eyed Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards last night. Except, surprise, Chris Brown was really crying about how happy he is to not go shit-house poor. Hollywood Life reports:

In addition to his onstage meltdown, the REAL waterworks occurred backstage, can exclusively report. “This night saved my life, and my career. Thank you for everything,” he told pal Ray J backstage. The men hugged twice before Chris started welling up once again. Our eyewitness adds that his tears were genuine, and he seemed both relieved and elated to finally have his career back on track.

If Chris Brown has successfully emulated any of Michael Jackson’s talents, it’s the ability to garner fans so delusional they’d let you shoot them in the face for half an autograph. Thanks to these marvels of the human condition, I now know it’s perfectly acceptable to beat the shit out of a woman provided you bust out a sweet dance number after the fact. It’s almost genius when you think about it, except don’t or your brain will literally light itself on fire. “He danced just like a child molester, therefore he’s innocent. — Could you excuse me for a second?” *foooooossshh*

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  1. Ann

    hos dis nuz? CB da nu king o poop.

  2. The Matador

    Rihanna needs to redistribute that bright lipstick onto my shaft.

  3. Sizzle

    People are stupid. Pure and simple. The fact that this douche actually has “fans” proves it. The world is doomed.

  4. kj

    He probably just forgot the words and decided to make it an impromtu cry session.

    • Ann

      I just watched the vid and that is exactly what happend. He forgot the words and started to cry like “Oh shit, there goes my career for good.”

      • Oh! You’re a mind reader now, huh? Give me a break! You don’t have any idea what this guy was thinking and you’re a liar if you say otherwise.

        What are you, 12 years old?

      • Ego

        you’re right we have no idea what he was thinking and apparently neither did he cause he forgot the words.

    • JazzyMaze

      WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!
      Michael Jackson was Chris browns idol ! and because jay Z has such a huge ego Chris wasn’t allowed to perform at the BET awards last year . that must have been heart breaking for him.
      Chris has been through so much lately and you just say oh he forgot the words ? thats crazy. that was one of the most emotional and genuine performances that i have ever seen. and those definitely were some real tears. Chris isn’t perfect. neither are you. he deserves a break . and even after that performance some people refuse to let him move on with his life.

  5. ZigZagZoey

    Oh please, he was crying because he is hated and nobody is forgetting what he did.

  6. Chris, it’s good to see you facing the demons that brought you to this point in your life and you’ve struggled and fought them like a true warrior in the heat of battle.

    I’ve got to say, the show was fantastic and ran on an emotional high well after you had sung to the energized crowd. Your music speaks volumes and has broken so many barriers in the industry that you’re saving it, it’s not saving you. Don’t forget that.

    Forgiveness is a strength that each and everyone of us should learn to embrace.


    • Cindy Elmwood

      Good to see Randal at the top of his game.

    • Man

      No forgiveness for a woman beater. What barriers has this little bitch broken in the “industry?” Freak.

    • Drew

      I love Randals almost generated responses. I actually click the comments links just to see what Randal has to say.

      That said, the past is the past. He fucked up, bad… but get over it already. Nothing can forgive what he did, but we at least make an attempt to move past it. Believe it or not, some people simply make poor decisions in life, but only the truly ignorant deem them forever shamed.

      • snarkyscreenname

        I click just to read Randal’s comments also. If there are no Randal comments, I come back later. Funny, funny man!


    Chris Brown is back? I don’t think so. Sizzle is right…there are a lot of stupid people in the world, and Chris Brown’s “fans” are no exception.

  8. Michelle

    Does anyone actually know someone who will admit to being a Chris Brown fan? If I was I certainly would acknowledge the fact in public. I will never be a fan of any woman beater. Check your head Chris – only Rihanna can forgive you – the rest of us just want to forget you.

  9. Michelle

    That was suppose to be “wouldn’t acknowledge”

  10. Savalas

    Only in America…can a woman-beating thug be forgiven after crying while singing the song of a dead child molester.

    • DKNY likes this.

      • Truthteller

        Here we go again, so typical of your kind…. why don’t you say something a little unexpected for once in your life!

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Savalas – your post should be considered the “final word” on this putz. Simple. To the point. And 100% correct. Thank you!

    • bleeding heart

      exactly. imagine all the children going to bed crying because they are hungry or sick without the health care to even see a doctor. that would make me cry. asshole godless media.

    • BONTON

      WTF???? R U INSANE???? You think Chris Brown is the only man who has hit a woman….here are thousands of men who has done this and still have lucrative jobs and /or careers…Can you say “‘Charlie Sheen” he gets a cool mill per episode and has been violent wife both his wives…get a grip…Are yall trying to crucify Chris cause he is black> You won’t win…Let it go fool

      • Anna C.

        first off, I don’t like Charlie Sheen. I don’t watch his shows or movies. I think he’s a douche. but he certainly didn’t beat his wife to a bloody pulp. Chris Brown beats Rihanna bloody, then goes jet skiing the next day? Then cries to the media about how sorry he was? In that order mind you. This isn’t a black or white thing. If Charlie Sheen beats his wife bloody, goes skiing the next day and cries to the media.. I think he’d get the same amount of flack. GET OVER IT! Chris Brown is THE biggest douche! He outdouches all the douches out there.

    • Tippy

      Look just shut up savalas and all u haters out there. just caus u dont got a life dont mean u can criticize others. everyone messes up. people seem to forgive micheal vick but he beat and KILLED innocent animals. i know this reply is a little late but that dont matter. chris deserves another chance let god judge him


  11. You’re usually pretty snarky but you’re startlingly accurate on this.

    Look at all the assholes who’ll defend this dick.

    Jesus – the world is fucked.

  12. hellokittylover

    Chris Brown is awesome…He did a great job..I mean, im not saying what he did in 2009 was okay, but im not going to keep on bringing it up. the boy apologized so many times..WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM HIM?..jeez…like seriously. RIHANNA GOT BACK WIITH HIM A COUPLE OF DAYS AFTER THE BEATING(she obviously had forgiven him)..the only reason she broke up with him after the beating was because she didn’t want to lose money from her fans knowing she was still with this was the way to keep her fans and her pay check.

    • RealTalk

      it no need to explain reason to ignorant fans. Once a young black man makes a mistake, he is forever guilty. this is in the nature of racist people on post on these articles.

      Bush lie abotu a war, killed 1000′s of honest Iraqies kids, but fans dont say shit. Their mind are full of racist views. Cb will forever be guilty to them because he is a young blackman. This is nothing new.

      • Ann

        So it is our fault that he beat his woman and then acted like it was not a big thing on Larry King? Talk about a racist statement.

      • Jimmy Fury

        yeah because the former president and the war come up sooooo damn often on SF…

        And jesusfingerbangingchrist did you at least have the decency to slip the English Language a roofie before you raped it?

      • Ann? As in Colture. WTF????

        No wonder?

      • YeahHeDid

        This is a celebrity gossip site. Not Huffington Post.

        Tell me a white celeb that is off the hook for beating his girlfriend?

      • Brooke

        God, I fucking hate think-they-know-shit cocksuckers like RealTalk who make everything about race or about the war. I didn’t even know who this little fucker was until I heard he beat his girlfriend senseless. I am not judging him based on his looks, I’m judging him based on his actions. What he needs to do is drop out of the scene for a year or so and then come back, but the asshole just kept on truckin’ like beating your girl is no big thing.

        Why don’t we discuss Bush on a site about boobs and celebrity goofs? Do I hate Bush? Yeah. Do I discuss it here? On a bikini site? Are you fucking retarded?

  13. ryry
    Commented on this photo:

    ya wtf, i saw about 10 black chicks post “i still love you chris that was amazing” last night on facebook, cuz he fuckin did michael jackson dance moves? smh.

  14. me

    fuck chris brown

  15. bar room hero

    can you say “handler love?”

    • ShowYaRightTruthteller

      You are absolutely right, the same racist white people that don’t like Obama are the same people talking about Chris Brown. Face the fact that Chris is a show stopper and you can’t hold him back. Chris still has his fans and these suckas on here never bought his music so don’t waste your time Truthteller on racist hating @ss suckas… “Hate is for Suckas”

  16. Franksinatrastein
    Commented on this photo:

    All things are allowed when you’re a liberal.

    Beat your wife? No problem.

    Pedophile? Don’t let us catch you for the 20th time.

    Drunk driving Senator? Take a number.

    Drunk driving Senator who kills a woman and later is too drunk to stop a rape in his own house? We can get behind that.

    Former Grand Kleagle or Uber Cyclops or whatever in the KKK? Where do I vote for such a fine man?

    If Mel Gibson would just announce that he was pro abortion, or hated Sarah Palin or something like that, he’d be a fucking hero. Liberals would line up to punch the rest of his ex’s teeth out, just to show how progressive they are…

  17. Truthteller

    Here we go again, beat the brotha down and don’t EVER let him up! Fuck all you cracka-ass muthafuckas! How many times did your White rock heroes beat the shit out of some women and you cocksuckers though it was cool?

    Tommy Jones, comes to mind, hell he beat the shit out of that big-titted bitch 3-4 times and not one word about that!

    Let’s not forget your main hero ELVIS, this fat, drug addicted cock sucker was world famous for beating women while singing gospel songs for Christ’s sake, yet HE’S the KING?

    Fuck all of you devils!!!!! CB did wrong and has paid the price, it’s too bad if you stinkin’ racist pieces of shit don’t like it! We’ll put him back on top where he can rub shoulders with all the White pieces of shit you assholes worship!

    Should I start naming THEM off????????

    • Sizzle

      Why is it always about race? For the record I’m pretty convinced that Elvis and Tommy Lee are equally as big of pieces of shit as Chris Brown is. I don’t dislike CB because he’s black. I dislike him because he beat the shit out of a woman and then whines about how mad everyone is at him, like it was no big deal. It IS a big deal, and you can’t change your character. He is, by character, a bad human being. Not to mention his music sucks.

      • Bull, fucking, shit!!!!!!! I think more than 90% of what goes on here is racial, it’s just that it’s no longer politically correct to say it aloud! It goes right up your ass that these Black kids have more money than you’ll ever see in your life and that’s the genesis of all this anger towards Black entertainers in general.

        You can deny it all you want, but we know better. If it wasn’t about race, what’s with all the ebonic-type shit coming from White folks? Why is language, spelling and grammar always bought up?

        I wonder if Whites could have even survived the shit our forefathers went through, something that’s so easy for you cock sucker’s to forget. No big deal, the reckoning will be upon you and your children. Then we’ll see!

    • Hank Hill

      I’m not condoning any of their actions, but Tommy Lee and Elvis could play instruments and actually make real music.

    • White E

      Ha ha ha ha you pathetic genetic loser! Black men are the worst woman beaters in the world. They amputate their women’s clits in Africa. Savages.

      • Actually, the women do it themselves. Something you might know had you ever took the time to read any literature besides the comics, jerk.

        If it wasn’t for forums like this, you would know anything more then the TV schedule.

        I won’t even respond to you any more Whitey, your name tells me all I need to know. Now turn off the computer before your mother throws you out of her basement for wasting electricity!

      • Amy

        Ha, yes women perform the amputations, but it is FOR the men. Don’t be ignorant. Also, read “literature” books? Lol…literature book denotes literature– as in poetry, Shakespeare, etc. Perhaps you mean that we should read investigative journals or books dealing with certain African village cultures.

        Also, nobody likes Tommy Lee and I’m pretty sure Elvis was not a “renouned woman-beater.” He was never arrested, there were never any photos, etc. It is not the same. The one violent act (that I am aware of) surfaced after his death with not collaborating evidence. I’m not condoning his alleged actions, but it is NOT the same as the Chris Brown incident. Not by a long shot.

    • Brooke

      Fuck you! Tommy didn’t beat Pamela anywhere close to the way Chris Beat Rihanna. And given Pamela’s history, I wouldn’t doubt she made it into a bigger thing than it was. He said he didn’t mean to, that he pushed her and she tripped. I remember thinking he was an asshole at the time, but Tommy called Pam every day from jail to tell her he was sorry and she cheated on him while he was in jail, then slapped him with divorce papers when he got out. From what I’ve read, I think Pam threw things at Tommy’s head and stuff, so who knows. She never produced proof that she was beaten anywhere close to what Rihanna faced, if at all, really. But I don’t think the poster remembers how big a deal that thing was– it was all over the news and Tommy was recognized by people who didn’t know what Motley Crue was as a “woman beater”. So… I think there was equal amounts of hate, the big difference was that Tommy’s career had already taken a dive, whereas Chris Brown was just getting going.

      Rihanna, by the way, is a piece of shit herself for wanting to forgive Chris Brown after that level of abuse. This is one of the only times I can remember there being clear proof a celebrity beat his celebrity girlfriend (the jury is still out on Mel Gibson, but if they do prove he beat his girlfriend whatever remaining fans he has will be gone, too). It’s not about race, it’s about facts and evidence. And those photos of Rihanna are hard to dispute.

  18. Modwild

    Perhaps you don’t remember the feel good movie of the year from a few years back. The ever cheerful slumdog millionaire. Everyone can beat you and mistreat you and all it takes is a dance number and you’re the feel good movie of the year.

    A few tears for a dead man should be of no surprise. Chris Brown is an asshole. His career will never be back on track because it was never much to begin with. His crime made him a household name, certainly not his “talent.”

  19. How’s this, the next 5 assholes to comment, are lining up to suck my big, black dick!

    The REAL reason you guys from the tiny, pink, pecker department really hate me!

    Ha, Ha, Ha!!!! I’ve had 5 -6 of your White women tell me this over the years, so I know it’s true! You motherfucker’s got penis envy, big time!!!!!! What a way to go through life, with a 4 inch dick!

    No wonder you bastards are so angry!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  20. RealTalk

    @Ann – It not your fault for anything CB does. Nor can you (or the SF fans) determine who should be forgiven for a mistake and who should not. But to act like this ongoing ridicule of CB for ONE mistake is not racially motivate is dumb. SF fans are calling him a thug. A dude who have NO PRIORS is forever now a thug?

    Let does to a survey and you will see how much of SF fans that are posting these negative comments about CB are white in comparison to minority? It is the racist white SF fans posting this (who are prejudice consciously or sub-consciously). The reason why is because we black people get treated like how CB is getting treated right now DAILY. We are always forever guilty in your eyes. But we black folks are way more forgiven especially to young people because they are young, and will make mistake.

    But to you white racist SF fans (and editor), it doesn’t matter. If it was up to you racist SF fans, people like Malcom X wouldn’t be what he was because of his mistakes. Sh*t, even Obama would be what he is for his past mistake. You people are disgusting!

    • Amy

      How can you call us racist for calling him a thug? His career is based on him dressing like and hanging with thugs. Not only that, but he has been arrested. He is the definition of a thug…granted he’s no mafia member or Snoop-Dog, but I think he fits the criteria.

      Oh, and Obama isn’t black. Neither is Tiger. Nice try though.

      • Brooke

        I don’t think African-Americans are claiming Tiger anymore…

        Obama isn’t black? Or are you being clever and saying “he’s just as white as he is black”, which is true, but he identifies as black.

      • Amy

        What I mean is that he isn’t black. Just because someone has one black parent doesn’t make them black. Especially since he was raised by white people in a while different country. Sorry, Obama is not black. I don’t care what he “Identifies” himself as.

    • Brooke

      Dude, seriously, do you know why white people don’t associate with black people? Because every time we do, we are terrified of people like you, who before we can open our mouths will tear us down with reminders that we are white and you are black. I am half Iranian, but I look white, so people have called me “cracker” or “whitey” in order to remind me that I am not like them, not black. Of course, if I was to respond with any racist name-calling, I would really get it, but you guys can do it because you’re angry about something that ended a long time ago.

      I have made friends with black people who were wise enough not to mention they were black and that I was “white”. Race was never an issue and I really enjoyed being around those friends. Then there are black people who rub it in my face that they feel discriminated against, and nothing I say or do is ever right. I lived in Savannah, GA for two years, and though I had never viewed black people as any different from myself before, I was suddenly the minority and constantly reminded that I’m “Not better than us just because you’re white” or “You have no idea what it’s like because you’re a rich little cracker” (I’m not rich… I worked three part-time jobs just to make ends meet!). So for the first time in my life, I became racist. I was tired of being treated like shit for something I didn’t do, and I avoided places where black people went to hang out. I had a black roommate who used the N word constantly and forced me to watch Black History Month specials so she could lecture me on all the wrongs I’ve done in the past… and by me she meant white people in the fifties. And BTW, I have NEVER seen a black person mistreated for being black. I’ve known black people who have gotten turned down because they wore thug clothes to an interview, and of course they took it as “it’s because I’m black!”, but OBVIOUSLY the same thing would have happened if a white guy went to an interview in a wife beater and holed jeans.

      I bet I have lived through more racist bullshit than you ever have, from either black people or from the entire country I live in right now, which constantly reminds me that I have no rights and will never have the right to vote, etc etc. I am reminded every single day that I am white and people assume I am only here to teach English, and on TV white people and black people (anyone foreign looking) are satirized and insulted. I have been turned away from businesses because of the way I look, being flat-out told “We don’t serve foreigners here.”

      Yeah, maybe your grandparents had it tough, and maybe your parents dealt with some shit, but the only people setting African-Americans back are people like you, who continue to make every issue a subject for race. You would be surprised how many non-African-Americans REALLY view race. We want to treat you equally because we ARE equal, but for whatever reason people like you keep that divide going. Give it a rest. Move to an Asian country for a few years and THEN tell me what racism is like.

  21. Mike Walker

    Go back to Bossip, dick lips.

  22. RealTalk

    @Jimmy Fury – why is it that when a someone speaks the truth about racial motives for editorials and fan base, there is always a denier who chooses focus on minor typos that the truth of the message? Oh, I know why, it call spin.

  23. Ann

    @ Real Talk, Racism runs both ways. Don’t be a hypocrite, nobody gives a shit about your racist rant in defense of CB. Buy his music, by all means, support the man who beat a black woman unconcious.

  24. A. Blackman

    YOU RACISS BABY! I wit’ de troot tella! She know where it at!

    -A. Blackman

  25. tineke
    Commented on this photo:

    Rihanna’s new boyfriend is very goodlooking! Gorgious guy…..
    Good for her! (i hate men who hit women)

  26. Nameless

    Ha! Called in the the comments of the other blog about Chris Brown crying. It’s not about MJ but about himself. This dude is selfish.

  27. Tom

    Absolutely disgusting the way black women rally around this abusive black man who beat the living fuck out of a black woman. Despite arrogant protests to the contrary, most black women think they deserve a good beating, apparently.

  28. RealTalk

    @Ann – Surely you believe CB will forever be a beater when you make comments like “support the man who beat a black woman.” Last time I check, CB was beating a black woman since his mistake with Rihanna. But like I said, in your blue eyes, he will forever be beating black women. He is forever guilty. Everyone should have the right and opportunity to reform after a mistake. When it comes to young black man, and its misguide fans like you simply refuse to believe such a thing is possible.

    As a warming, you should be careful who you accuse of supporting domestic violence to black women. Beside the fact the white salves master raped black woman for over 400+ yrs (and the whites generation have profited from salvery til this day), I am sure if I was was to look at your music collect, movies collect, and all the celebrities you like and expose their mistakes and crime history, you will be guilty of supporting people who like drugs, rape, violence, crimes.

  29. JR

    Wow. Just wow. SF criticizes Chris Brown for his actions and suddenly it’s racist?

    Everyone, let’s try a little exercise. Let’s stop and pretend that Chris Brown is not a black guy. Let’s pretend he’s white or whatever. Had he done the exact same things (i.e. beating a woman, flaunting the justice system, showing no remorse for his actions beyond hollow apologies), he will be seen just as low in the public eye. If people criticize Charlie Sheen for beating his wife, nobody seems to come to his defense under the guise that “He’s a repressed white man. HE JUST MADE A MISTAKE, YOU GUYS!” No, that doesn’t happen. 

    The prime criticism against Chris Brown is not that hr’s black and made a mistake. It’s that he shows no remorse for his actions. He is not interested in atoning for his mistakes (which would’ve been accomplished through not fighting his sentence, not laughing at his trial, not constantly groaning about the hit that his career has taken). All he wants to do is keep making piles of money by cashing in on a dead man’s act and, regardless of color, THAT is wrong. 

  30. Adam

    Anyone with hair like that deserves a fist to the mouth.

  31. RealTalk

    @JR. You say “It’s that he shows no remorse for his actions.” No remorse?!? What about his countless apologies on interviews (BET, King, CNN, Twitter. Website, etc). Would that be enough for you to consider him remorseful? What about the hours of community services and criminal record he has. Would that be enough for you to consider him remorseful? What about if he told you personally he was sorry, will that be enough? Let us assume that CB crying at MJ tribute was him expressing his remorse for his mistake (which I dont think he did, but more of a mental break down). Would that be enough for you to consider him remorseful? No, it wouldn’t and it ISNT enough for you. Thats the point! As far as you and prejudice fans are concern, with black people there is not such thing as being remorseful after a mistake because NOTHING is acceptable as a form of regretful expression. In your blue eyes, he have and forever will be a woman beater.

    What is amazing and exposes the hypocrisy of you racist fans, you criticizes CB and refuse to give him the opportunity to reform (keeping the black-man down). On the flip side you celebrate the pimping of the black woman. Since Rihanna situation with CB, she as been pimped out, exposing more of her body and sexuality for money since her career started. Do you prejudice people say anything or speak against that. No, you like when black woman are exploited, it in your history (google “venus hottentot” to learn how you been doing this through time). Its your agenda, keep the black man down while exploit his woman. You did in slavery and now in modern times.

    You guys are disgusting!

  32. LOL



  33. JR

    @RealTalk: Don’t you think you’re getting too wound up over defending Chris Brown? But if I must further clarify, then so be it.

    I already listed a few ways CB can actually show remorse for his actions. Sure, he apologized on various media and served community service, but as I recall, he spent a lot of time mouthing off and partying and overall not taking his circumstances seriously. Honestly, did he have to go clubbing with a bunch of girls the very night on the day he got sentenced for abusing a woman? That was really in bad taste. I don’t pay attention to what he says, so much as what he does. 

    As for the exploitation of black women, you’ll notice I said nothing of the sort in my comment. I like that Rihanna is out there getting attention for her beauty and her music, but that’s not because I want to nail her. It’s because (here’s the M. Night Shyamalan twist!) I am a woman of color and I think we should celebrate the beauty of all women in the media, not just the skinny white girls. 

    Again, I’m not interested in keeping black men down. I have no problem with men of any color. I have a problem with arrogant people who laugh at the system while putting on a show of apology rather than just quietly doing their sentence and not complaining.

    If it’s of any consolation to you, I’m just as annoyed with Lindsay Lohan’s antics.

    • CBHater

      So good to know there are black women who can state this…it’s not about race people…sheesh…actions speak far louder than words…

  34. RealTalk

    @JR – Since you are a woman, you are most-likely being a bit more subjective in the way you are judging CB. It also explain a bit your inability to give him the opportunity to reform (which is understandable). But please reminder this, CB is currently 21 years old. If you truly believe that a black man (any man) will forever be what he did when he was a teenager at 18-20 years old, you are sadly misguided. No one including yourself shouldn’t be held to that standard. I am sure you will not want be held to that standard either.

    Regarding the “M. Night Shyamalan twist,” it really isnt a twist at all. Like I said before, young black man never given a chance to reform and is always keep down. Not only by racist white folks (like these fans) but even people within our own community. The mere fact that you view Rihanna exploitation physically and sexually by the music industry “celebrate(s) the beauty of all women” says alot about your mentally perspective in comparison to the reality of the world. Contrary to your misguide view, I dont need my beautiful black woman (or any woman period) to be exploited in the media, music industry and strip damn near naked to celebrate their beauty.

    • JR

      Last one. I promise.

      “you are most-likely being a bit more subjective in the way you are judging CB. It also explain a bit your inability to give him the opportunity to reform.”

      He’s had an entire year to stop gloating. I’ve yet to see the end of it.

      ” If you truly believe that a black man (any man) will forever be what he did when he was a teenager at 18-20 years old, you are sadly misguided.”

      I never said I was going to judge him forever. I just said based on his recent actions, he seems more sorry this ordeal hurt his career than the effects it had on his girlfriend and her family. Will he be like this in 10 years? I don’t know. For all we know, he could turn his life around and advocate for abuser therapy, but that hasn’t happened yet. He’s still the same smug brat he’s always been so I’ll judge him based on the present thankyouverymuch.

      “The mere fact that you view Rihanna exploitation physically and sexually by the music industry “celebrate(s) the beauty of all women” says alot about your mentally perspective in comparison to the reality of the world. ”

      WTF are you calling “exploitation?” Because she wears bikinis and mini skirts that means she’s being exploited? Sorry, Real, but outside Amish country, women can wear whatever they please. I certainly won’t wear a burqa to accommodate YOUR skewed perspective of “unexploited” so kiss off.

      There’s no getting through to you. You just want to wallow in your own grievances and play victim rather than hold people responsible for their actions. You are part of the problem. Get over yourself.

    • fanofRealTalk

      RealTalk – Great job!!! I agree with so much of what you’ve been saying. I’m not a fan of Chris Brown, but his entire performance was exceptional last night. I do believe that this young man should be allowed to move on with his life. Everyone makes a very poor decision(s) at some point. It was awful and unfortunate but He has apologized for his actions and there is nothing he can do to turn back the hands of time. He can, however, live his life from this point on without incidence and I believe he will. Most of these people on this blog havent lived long enough and they apparently come from perfect families and have perfect friends and are perfect themselves. One day they will be begging for forgiveness from someone for something and this will come back to them. Experience is a teacher. Chris Brown is a human being and a very young person. He will be fine. RealTalk – thanks for standing up!!

    • Josephine T.

      you’re suck a fucking racist. get over it!

    • Josephine T.

      2nd, seriously… do you just go around looking for articles on Chris Brown? Coz if is a racist site, wtf are you doing here?

      I hope to be reincarnated as a black man coz apparently, I can do whatever I want and just say: I was 21 when I fucking beat the shit out of that woman! don’t keep the black man down! wait.. *moonwalk moonwalk* ALL IS FORGIVEN!” Give me my money for singing mediocre songs! WEEEeeeee

  35. RealTalk


  36. CJ

    What would MJ say if he saw this woman-beater using his life’s work to get his weak ass career back that he ruined by his own doing! ???

  37. Mojojojo
    Commented on this photo:

    That was pretty impressive the way you took something totally apolitical and made it into a vitriolic anti-liberal rant.

  38. LOL

    LOL, I think Chris Brown is a complete ass for what he did to Rihanna. & he’s the best performer right now but nowhere near as good as Michael. His perfomance was cool & the crying was a bit much. BUT you’re cracking me up over here with your description of a thug LOL. Where the hell are you from?

    LOL, you must come from the most wholesome & whitest place on earth because Chris does not dress like a thug AT ALL (he dresses trendy not in one solid color gang color & extremely big pants (although thats also a stereotype, his pants by the way are getting tighter everyday!) he doesn’t talk like a thug or hang out with any thugs ( since when are pop stars thugs?) LOL Not to condone his criminal actions against Rihanna but having a police record doesn’t make him a thug either. If that were the case then 80% of celebrities would be considered thugs…BOTH black & white!!
    I’m sure you have access to a dictionary or a thesaurus to find the words your looking for…because that wasn’t it!! LMFAO
    Please find a new argument because that just made you sound completely stupid and small minded. Oh and I’m not black by the way, so save the racist defense for someone else.
    P.S. I hope the Wizard of OZ finalyy grants you a brain!

  39. Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Let’s all quit racist rabble rousing for just a moment & take a nice look at this fine chocolate princess.
    I’m so happy that she seems to have hooked up with a better class of beau.

  40. M

    I am definitely a minority and I fucking HATE Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson..ect ect.

    Why on earth do people take something and go that far. This is racist and that is racist…
    Im pretty positive that if people are as racist as you say, Chris Brown would have gotten a little more punishment than COMMUNITY SERVICE. He would have been in jail.
    I know that its a fact that Mel Gibson will never live his shit down and he is VERY white.

    And fuck Charlie Sheen. Piece of shit.

    …And Michael Jackson. You’re dead, mmkay? Just fuck off now!

  41. laurenneverleavesacomment
    Commented on this photo:

    goddamn thats a hot man. damn.

  42. chill

    He chewed on his girlfriend! He not only savagley beat her with his bare hands he CHEWED ON HER! He is psychotic and he will hurt someone again then even the morons can’t justify it. I put money on him hurting another woman. (Now he thinks he can get away with it)

  43. heeey

    I dont think he was faking. on what song he was singing (man in the mirror) I think it was partly about regret on what he did and about his idol dying. he probably misses having alot of fans like that . people need to just leave him alone if they dont like him.

  44. heeey

    that whole thing happened a year ago people need to get over it

  45. Wew! cool right? …. guess it is…

  46. captain america

    ………….meet the TRICKY ABUSER in her new boy, folks!!

  47. Michelle

    Can we quit calling what CB did a “mistake”?!!?!?!?! A mistake is to confuse. A mistake is to blunder. A mistake is to misunderstand the meaning or intention. A mistake is NOT hitting someone until their eyes swell shut. What he did was not a mistake it was deliberate. He made a conscious choice to hit Rihanna repeatedly. Have your ridiculous race discussions all you want just stop calling what he did a mistake because it simply wasn’t.

  48. Matt Kemp

    You know that’s not Chris Brown in either of those pictures, right?

  49. Chris Brown's Vagina

    I bet Chris cried when he saw this picture. He’s always the victim!! Oh, and CB fans need to get out of his butthole already!

  50. Darrin

    Only a coward hits a Woman – period.

    Nothing forgiven here, I’d rather shove cash up Spencer Pratt’s man-snatch than give $.01 to Chris Brown.

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