Chris Brown Got Drunk And Made A Video About How Much He Loves Rihanna

Yesterday, Chris Brown felt the need to make a huge spectacle out of dumping his girlfriend Karrueche Tran so he can spend more time with Rihanna which prompted her to tweet the following last night:

Ain’t nobody bidness….. But mine and my baby!

Except these two are already off to a great start because Chris Brown read that as, “Don’t tell me my business, debbil woman!” and not even two hours later he tweeted the above video titled “The Real Chris Brown” where he spends a minute and a half drunkenly rambling in the backseat of a car about how much he loves both Rihanna and Karrueche. Even more ridiculous, he says he doesn’t want to hurt either one of them, but then doesn’t dive out the door into oncoming traffic which seems like the logical solution to that problem. That or mailing them both live grenades instead of taking them out to dinner. You gotta at least give them a chance at survival.