Chris Brown’s Mom Is Tired Of His Bullsh*t

In the immediate aftermath of his attack on Rihanna, Chris Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins, herself a victim of domestic abuse, basically held his hand through the whole ordeal and told everyone how he’s such a good kid so go easy on him. Surprisingly, this turned Chris into an even bigger spoiled brat with a complete lack of remorse, and now his mom’s mad about it because, clearly, she taught him better by helping him duck all the responsibility. It just doesn’t make any sense. RadarOnline reports:

The Tweets have since been removed, and a source close to the singer tells “Brown didn’t Tweet that, someone does his postings to Twitter and when he saw that he ordered it taken down immediately.”

Meanwhile, “Joyce is absolutely livid that those vile words and rants were posted on Chris’ Twitter page. She isn’t buying his excuse that he didn’t post it and she has told him that it is his Twitter page, and only he should be posting to it, period,” a source close to the situation tells
“She feels like people were just waiting for a negative reaction to what others were saying about him. She had begged Chris to just ignore it and she is just beside herself that after such successful performances at the Grammys and winning the award, people are now talking about this Twitter controversy. … It’s time for Chris to grow up, and his mother told him that. Chris is his own worst enemy at times and she constantly worries about how he is going to react to stressful situations.”

Yes, if only we had some sort of indicator of how Chris will react to stressful situations. Some sort of sign. Just a hint of foreshadowing, for God’s sake. I guess we’ll just have to settle for the wise words of Anessia PrettyGiirl Armstrong and hope they can guide us through this time of confusion and unrest:

idc , iAlways was and always will be a Chris Brown fan no matter what . y’all act like everyone’s perfect , we all make mistakes . that’s life . deal with it &&’d move tha hell on . cusz if youu think about it whether youu hate him or not he’s still makin millions and doin his thinq . youu think he cares about what anybody has to say about him ? iThink not . N0 he’s N0T perfect but who tha fuck is ?! -___- iWish people would qet off his case and worry about their damn selves .

“cusz if youu think about it whether youu hate him or not he’s still makin millions and doin his thinq.” Wow, I guess I never really thought of that way. Beating woman is sort of okay if you’re rich. I suddenly feel a lot better about all this. Who wants ice cream?

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