Chris Brown Tweets Support For Trayvon Martin. Oh, Goddammit…

Spike Lee being a fucking idiot aside, things were starting to turn around in the Trayvon Martin case. ABC News obtained footage that showed a clearly non-injured George Zimmerman despite conveniently leaked police reports claiming he was punched repeatedly and his skull bashed against the curb. From there, Rush Limbaugh decided to follow-up SlutGate by basically saying this whole story was a carefully contrived narrative to re-elect Obama, so right away people could clearly see which side of this argument had logic and reason on its side. Things couldn’t be better.

And then Chris Brown happened.

In the middle of promoting his new FORTUNE hoodies on his online store, Chris Brown apparently remembered something happened with a dead kid and hoodies because minutes later he tweeted the above pic with the words “Trayvon Martin!” Because just as the life slipped out of him thanks to George Zimmerman’s gun, I’m pretty sure Trayvon’s last thoughts were, “Man, I really hope a millionaire who beats the shit out of women makes even more money from me dying right now while simultaneously torpedoing the remarkable outpouring of goodwill so I don’t see a lick of justice.” It’ll probably be on his tombstone.

Photo: Instagram