Chris Brown Tweets Support For Trayvon Martin. Oh, Goddammit…

March 30th, 2012 // 112 Comments
Chris Brown Trayvon Martin Hoodie
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Spike Lee being a fucking idiot aside, things were starting to turn around in the Trayvon Martin case. ABC News obtained footage that showed a clearly non-injured George Zimmerman despite conveniently leaked police reports claiming he was punched repeatedly and his skull bashed against the curb. From there, Rush Limbaugh decided to follow-up SlutGate by basically saying this whole story was a carefully contrived narrative to re-elect Obama, so right away people could clearly see which side of this argument had logic and reason on its side. Things couldn’t be better.

And then Chris Brown happened.

In the middle of promoting his new FORTUNE hoodies on his online store, Chris Brown apparently remembered something happened with a dead kid and hoodies because minutes later he tweeted the above pic with the words “Trayvon Martin!” Because just as the life slipped out of him thanks to George Zimmerman’s gun, I’m pretty sure Trayvon’s last thoughts were, “Man, I really hope a millionaire who beats the shit out of women makes even more money from me dying right now while simultaneously torpedoing the remarkable outpouring of goodwill so I don’t see a lick of justice.” It’ll probably be on his tombstone.

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  1. JC

    A later Chris Brown tweet said: “Just heard that Trayvon mighta peeped Zimmerman’s cell phone, so fuck that dead kid.”

  2. Dude of Dudes

    The video doesnt prove or disprove anything. Zimmerman was treated on the scene so there is a medical record of the treatment and someone who can be called as a witness as to the extent and severity of the injuries. You seem like a smart guy. Dont join “Team Moron” over this or allow your political ideology drive your narrative. In other words, more tits.

    • MRF

      Your Sir, are an idiot. Gold Star!

      • Dude of Dudes

        What I am is a purveyor of common sense and reason. Obviously you are a retarded superhero impervious to reason and common sense. Now go fuck yourself.

      • Common sense and reason, what novel concepts.

      • Angie

        Common sense would dictate that if Zimmerman were injured the way he stated, there would be some kind of bandaging and/or blood on his clothing, even if he were cleaned up. He doesn’t even have any dried blood on or around his nose. Either all the facts aren’t in or Zimmerman heals faster then a vampire character out of an Anne Rice novel.

      • rican

        common sense dictates that since it is a grainy video, you really shouldn’t be jumping into conclusions.

      • TheMonkeeyMobile

        Actually enhanced images of the video show what could be a gash about 4 in long by about 1/2 in wide. EMT’s treat wounds like that and if they’re not artierial they stop bleeding almost immediately. I think Treyvon was probably a piece of shit who would have gotten killed or wound up in prison one way or another, and that Zimmerman was a gun happy idiot who would have gotten the same. But it looks like (based on all evidence) they *did* fight and Zimmeman did get a beat down.

        Funny how everyone insists that either one or the other was a saint and the other a demon, when all sources and all human nature point to there being a REALLY good chance that they were both scum.

      • Schmidtler

        let’s all cut out this talk of ‘waiting for the facts’ and ‘being reasonable’, it’s just interfering with all the fun hysteria.

    • What Dude of Dudes said echoes my thoughts exactly. The Superficial writer contradicts himself by saying that Spike Lee is a fucking idiot (which I agree) for promoting vigilante justice then goes on to champion the “smoking gun” theory that the media is spewing over some grainy video that you can’t see anything in. Why don’t we let the criminal investigators do their job? Like DOD mentions, there was obviously medical attention given to Zimmerman and criminal investigators on scene, so there will be medical reports as well as “CLEAR” pictures if there were injuries. Smoking gun, what a fucking stupid thing to say. What, do you think the cops just hauled Zimmerman to the police station with his head covered in blood so the grainy video camera can see the blood dripping from his head? I don’t know if Zimmerman is lying or telling the truth, but I sure as fuck am not going to act so irresponsibly like the media and other black celebs who automatically think they know EXACTLY what happened and that because Zimmerman has not yet been arrested could only be because everyone involved is a racist. What is sad is that the black community is using Trayvon’s death to ignite a race war. Just because that fucktard Geraldo Rivera brought up the stupid fucking idea that a hoody caused Trayvon’s death, doesn’t mean that is the belief of the entire white community. Guilty or not-guilty we should let the investigators do their job and stop acting like we were eye witnesses to the incident.

      • Jo

        Well said. Thank you. and of course the usual suspects/ambulance chasers Jackson and Sharpton are there to add fuel to the fire and serve no purpose but to mug for the cameras as they did at Whitney’s funeral.

      • downdowndown

        Funny how your posts are the ones with all the racial identifications in them. “Black celebs”, “black community”, “race war”. Your terms. Lots of Americans signed the petition at that started the investigation. Several million people signed it. But I guess you can only see color. Wonder who the “racist” is? Got a mirror handy?

      • Funny How That Works


        Funny how your posts are the ones with all the racial identifications in them. “Black celebs”, “black community”, “race war”. Your terms. But I guess you can only see color. Wonder who the “racist” is? Got a mirror handy?

      • downdowndown

        Did quoting me quoting dumbass make you feel better?

    • ny*ny

      common sense and reason would tell me not to bring a gun to a skittle fight… idk, maybe act like a normal human being and mind your own business, george zimmerman, dumb asshole who kills innocent teenagers FOR NO REASON!!!! go to jail already, I don’t want that loser in my neighborhood, EVER. lock him up!! he should not be walking around with the rest of society, bottom line.

      • Schmidtler

        Zimmerman lived in that gated community and volunteered for that community’s neighborhood watch group, so when he sees a teenager skulking around at night and he knows that teenager does not live in that gated community, he is minding his business by finding out who that person is and why they’re in a gated community at night that they do not live in. Since it’s a high crime area, and he’s an American citizen, he has every right to carry a firearm for his own self defense, and if his story that Trayvon jumped him turns out to be true, he had every right to use his gun to defend himself against someone who was attacking him. No one seems to have any problem believing the Trayvon story – that somehow an hispanic dude is such a virulent racist he stalks his streets at night waiting for a black kid to shoot for no reason – yeah, that’s the more likely scenario.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      Natually, in the journalism business, photos can be damaging/deceiving, especially! The pic of the blacky, well published, is from many yrs ago. The so-called victim had gold-plated teeth, 6ft tall and recently suspended from school, POSSESSION OF WACKY TOBACKY!!! And the suspect’s pic, all over the media, is from 2005, after being arrested and acquitted from a skirmish with the law. We have a court system, viable without reason of doubt, ALL YOU ASSES-Sharpton, Jackson, Lee, etc.

      • BOB

        So what if he had gold teeth or he was 10ft tall? Does that justify following him in the dark then killing him. This case is ridiculous! Zimmerman wasn’t “standing ground” he followed the poor kid. Even if Zimmerman got medical attn, it doesnt justify him following and killing Trayvon. Trayvon probably felt threathened when a man was following him around.

  3. i complain a lot

    Why can’t someone shoot him.

  4. Fish:

    Now you know how I feel every fucking time I hear the name “Santorum.”

  5. Deacon Jones

    [Dr. Zaeus reading from the sacred scrolls of the apes]

    Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.

  6. You know who else wears hoodies? Walnut bandits.

  7. mrsmass

    wow, Chris Brown is so cutting edge. fuck this clown. why is anyone still paying attention to him?

  8. Funny how police reports are “conveniently leaked” if they contradict ones point of view, but grainy surveillance video is “clearly” good enough to make a medical diagnosis if it supports ones opinion.

    Recognizing ones own bias is the first step to enlightenment. Or first step to something, what the fuck do I know.

    • MRF

      Conveniently leaked, because it’s abundantly obvious that there is some form of police misconduct at play. The “known” evidence warrants an arrest, regardless of any evidence that might prove Zimmerman’s account, which might, as it goes, get Zimmerman off the hook, but that wasn’t a decision that the police make. So, the fact that they didn’t arrest him so that the courts could decide on the case clearly indicates some form of misconduct. Know, this might simply be a matter of incompetent cops, or it might be a matter of racism, but the police have been negligent in some regard. So, yes, when information is leaked that only the police had access to, and which helps exculpate them from the more serious accusations against them, it was, in fact, conveniently leaked. Which is actually a super polite way of saying what is obvious – the cops fucked up big time, and now they are leaking evidence to try and get themselves off from the worst of it.

      While the specifics of what occurred are unclear, it is entirely clear that a man killed a teenager, and that the police fucked up the investigation, by essentially refusing to have one.

      Being unbiased enough to see that the facts actually prove some things, and then saying those things, doesn’t make you biased. It’s proves your not. So, I’d ask you to take some of your own advice.

      But on a lighter note, your tits related comments crack me up.

      • Dude of Dudes

        Lets see:

        1. Eyewitness that corroborates Zimmerman’s account of the events.

        2. Treatment by medical personnel that will have a paper trail so if its all bullshit we’ll know soon enough.

        3. At least a dozen cops, some of whom are black, conspiring to cover up the murder of a defenseless skittles lover.

        Does oxygen actually penetrate your skull or do you actually think the grainy footage of that video makes this a slam dunk? But since you were there I guess you can just explain to us how shit went down.

        Also there was an investigation dipshit. How do you think they got the eyewitness testimony? An impartial witness at that (as far as we know anyway).

      • MRF

        The only reason any of this is coming out is because of a grassroots campaign to expose what happened – no one knew about any of this, including Trayvon’s parents. That lasted for 30 days, at which point the media finally started paying attention.

        The only reason I’m able to have an argument with knee jerk reactionaries like you is because people were unsatisfied with with the cover up, and pushed to have national media attention on this. If what the police did was satisfactory, this wouldn’t have been an issue at all. They could have simply come forward and said this is the evidence we have, this is why we decided not to arrest Zimmerman, and that’s the end of that.

        But that hasn’t happened. What did happen was that the police looked into it, offered absolutely no answers to anyone (including his family who certainly deserve to know how and why their son was shot), and without his family succeeding in bringing media scrutiny to the case, this would simply have disappeared.

      • Mandi

        George Zimmerman followed someone he thought was sooo suspicious, confronted him, apparently got his ass kicked (even though he looks fine), and then that kid ends up dead. Some self defense story.

      • downdowndown

        I think you are going to be the one that is surprised. The police report says Zimmerman was treated by the SFD in the back of the police car. I’m willing to bet that means not very extensive injuries nor records of such.

        And if Zimmerman’s lawyer had proof of next day treatment, you can bet he would be releasing it to the court of public opinion. This whole things stinks to high heaven of negligent police work and cover-up. Why do you have so much invested in defending Zimmerman in such as extreme fashion? What would you have done if some one-bullet Barney wannabe had approached you in the dark? Or are you just unable to step in the shoes of a young black man in a hoodie walking home with some snacks for the ball game?

      • downdowndown

        Above comment directed at Dude of Dudes, didn’t line up correctly.

      • downdowndown

        Correction: the comment was intended for way up thread to Rusty Duck. Spatial reasoning is not my strong suite. But I can smell an illogical racist at five paces.

      • eatme

        I love the whole skittles angle. Seriously, so fucking funny.

      • ny*ny

        so it doesn’t alarm you that you can be stalked and when you go to stick up for yourself you can get shot and the person can claim self defense?? That is quite alarming to me that someone who is punched can fight back with a gun. I went to law school and what I learned was you fight with EQUAL force– a fist with a fist, a knife with a knife– a gun against a fist is not “self defense”. Then again I didn’t study in Florida but come on…. the guy is clearly a liar and the cops are clearly incompetent. It’s sad !

      • Mike Walker

        If someone punches you, knocking you down and then continues beating on you while you have a concealed weapon, you would be stupid not to use it cause if you are knocked unsonscious and the “attacker” gets your gun, you could be as good as dead. The Stand Your Ground law isn’t even relevant.

      • Burt

        It’s never occurred to any of you to ask why the media keeps publishing an old picture of the kid who was shot, one in which he looks to be 13, and the old mugshot of the guy who shot him? You’re being manipulated.

    • Angie

      The “leaks” are what make me suspicious of the Police in this case. The kids mariujana bust got leaked , but Zimmerman’s assault charge on a Police Officer was conveniently left out, even though the press used his mug shot. The fact of the matter is, racially motivated or not (even though Zimmerman obviously profiled the kid), Zimmerman was the initial pursuer, even though he was specifically told by the dispatcher not to pursue. Also, Zimmerman has a history of calling cops concerning “suspicous black men”. This evidence alone should have warrented a thorough investigation, which then should have been given to the DA to pursue. You cannot pursue someone when you are carrying a weapon and then invoke “stand your ground”. This Zimmerman guy obviously was one of those cop “wannabes” that wouldn’t stop until something like this happened. Why was this case so easily dismissed by the police? Did Zimmerman or one of his family members have connections? Was it racism? You people that want to dismiss this thing don’t seem to realize that this is not about race, it’s about justice. I, for one, want to know the truth, no matter how ugly it may be.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      The supposedly leaked video is from 4hrs AFTER the incident! Zimmerman was treated on the scene. Also, all the 2 pics, everyone has seen, are earlier ones- Zimmerman in 2005, Martin before he had his teeth gold-plared. And I bet your balls, 90% of you have NOT read about Martin being suspended from school, recently, for POSSESSION OF WACKY TOBACKY, on school grounds. No, Martin did not have a halo over his head..

      • Mandi

        How the hell is that relevant at all? You know who else didn’t know about Martin’s suspension? ZIMMERMAN.

  9. Lakeesha Biyonte

    What better time for Chris Brown to launch his new hoodie line than when every respectable person is putting on a hoodie to show support for Trevon Martin. Justice will come for Trevon thanks to Chris Brown, the foundation of our youth today. Thank you Chris Brown.

  10. Let the courts decide, not some jag-off moron who beat his girlfriend.

  11. Richard McBeef

    I don’t give a shit about hoodies or skin color but I hope somebody shoots Chris Brown dead soon.

  12. el

    bla bla bla

  13. El Jefe

    1. Zimmerman, wannabee cop with severe anger issues that assaulted a police officer and had a restraining order from an ex girlfriend among other things.

    2. The video is not grainy at all, if you think so get some fucking glasses. Bashed in head and broken nose, but no bandages, bruising or swelling, walking just fine, clothes in perfect condition and did not go to the hospital.

    3 Funeral home director stated that Martin’s hands had no bruising on them that would indicate a fight.

    4. Zimmerman’s own father stated in his interview that there was no struggle for the gun, contrary to his brother’s interview, the brother who by the way has not spoken to him in years.

    5. Zimmerman’s father stated that the screams were his son’s not Martin’s and at the same time Martin was threatening to kill his son and the reporter interviewing him asked him how come you did not hear Martin’s threats on the 911 call and he had no answer.

    6. In the one minute between the call and the police arriving Martin supposedly bashed in his head and a whole bunch of other stuff and struggle for the gun and get shot and die. Sure…

    • Not grainy??? I mean I can make out that it is in fact a human being getting out of the police car, but you can’t make out any actual details. Once again, there are obviously photos taken of him by medical personnel at the scene, so let’s stop talking about some stupid fucking grainy video and wait for those and the testimony of the medical personnel.

      And you are also crediting the funeral home director??? How about the fucking coroner’s report? I’m going to blindly throw a dart and I bet it lands on “The funeral home director wanted his 15 minutes of fame on E!”

    • Mike Walker

      Zimmerman’s father wasn’t there. Who gives a fuck what he said? I don’t think Zimmerman even claimed to the police that there was a struggle for the gun.

    • I can see it on the video, although it is blurry interlaced video so it’s hard to see detail, not to mention glare from the lights.


      • rican

        That obviously has to be bird shit, or one of those strange tattoos that hispanic jews wear. Surely it can’t be anything else.

      • Bosede

        Okay, let’s say Zimmerman did get into a fight with Trayvon before he killed him, the fact still remains he DID NOT follow the instructions of the 911 operator and had he follow those instructions, chances are none of this would’ve taken place. If a fight is what indeed took place before the murder, I’d agree with the use of the term “self defense” but not on Zimmerman’s behalf. Zimmerman was clearly the aggressor; he was the one who initiated the confrontation with Trayvon. He was the one who was out looking for “trouble”, while Trayvon was just trying to get to his father house. Trayvon had a drink and snack in his possession, Zimmerman was armed and obviously dangerous. And as for the hoodie, all I can do is SMH.

      • Hey Mikey just hope that someone suffering from paranoia or erotomania doesn’t decide to follow you one day!!! We all know he has a legal right to be suspicious of you and follow you without you having said knowledge of that suspicion and if you turn and sock the sicko in the head, face, balls or whatever, he has every right to MURDER you!! You my dear Mikey have no right to “stand your ground” and attack said stalker!! I’d hope that your Mom and Dad would just let it go if something like this happens to you, even if your body was in the morg for three days even though the cops have your cell phone. Hopefully it won’t occur 24 days after your 17 birthday (assuming you aren’t older). Btw last I check strange men kidnap teenages boys as well as girls.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      The pictures of Martin/Zimmerman, being published all over, are ancient! Zimmerman pic was in 2005, where he was finally ACQUITTED! Martin pic was prior to having his teeth GOLD-PLATED. Idiot-Hater/DUFUS, you probably aren’t even aware of the suspension with Martin , recently prior the the incident, of POSSESSION OF WACKY TOBACKY on school grounds…

  14. Dramatic Puddle

    Spike Lee: Racist, hypocritical shit who wants a lynching, not justice. He needs his ass kicked for the stunt he pulled, the useless twat.

    Chris Brown: Racist, woman-hitting shit who wants attention. He’s on my better off dead list just because he’s so fucking stupid.

    All of you who are jumping on the Trayvon band wagon before the facts come out: Idiots who are gonna look like bigger fools than you already are. Martin was not an angel, and this mob mentality is retarded. WTF happened to innocent until proven guilty? And how many of you were there and know WTF happened? If any of you Trayvon supporters were in Zimmerman’s shoes, you’d be damned mad that you’ve been tried and condemned in the court of public opinion. Stop behaving like mindless lemmings and see where the law enforcement chips fall. WTF is WRONG with this country anymore that the majority is so easily manipulated into an angry, blood-thirsty mob? Are you all that fucking stupid?

    • Mandi

      First of all, it doesn’t fucking matter if Martin wasn’t “an angel.” Zimmerman had NO knowledge of him or his prior acts, and he was 17 GODDAMN YEARS OLD. In case you didn’t know, kids make mistakes. They generally don’t deserve to get shot for it.

      And people are allowed to hear what happened and form an opinion about it. I bet you didn’t think one way or the other about Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony, or OJ Simpson. ‘Cause you’re perfect.

      AND I would never be in Zimmerman’s shoes, because I wouldn’t have followed and confronted a stranger that I thought might be dangerous. There would’ve been no reason to “defend” himself if he hadn’t done that.

      • Mike Walker

        >First of all, it doesn’t fucking matter if Martin wasn’t “an angel.” Zimmerman
        >had NO knowledge of him or his prior acts, and he was 17 GODDAMN YEARS OLD. In
        >case you didn’t know, kids make mistakes. They generally don’t deserve to get
        >shot for it.

        He was shot, as the *preliminary* evidence points, for assaulting someone with a concealed weapon, not for his prior acts or walking down the street or for being black or for his skittles. Nobody is claiming he deserved to get shot for his appearance or past behaviour.

        >And people are allowed to hear what happened and form an opinion about it.

        And that’s why the background information on Trayvon matters because it helps us decide if it was possible he was behaving in a suspicious manner, indicating possible criminal activity. Everyone who wasn’t there saw nothing except for the initially released picture of a 13 yr old boy who is who they’re picturing walking down the street, innocently, of course, with a bag of Skittles, because cute little 13 year old boys don’t tend to be doing anything illegal.

        All people have to weigh against Zimmerman’s claim is this image and essentially a statistical model of what a boy like that is likely to do. When we see updated pictures and information about his violent run-in and possession of womens jewelry and a screwdriver, we see that it’s at least **possible** he was up to no good.

      • Angie

        So you are stating that Martin’s past charges should be taken into account, but not Zimmerman’s arrest for assaulting a police officer or the restraining order his ex placed on him?

      • Mike Walker

        No, I think people should use whatever information is available to assess the character of the two parties involved. Zimmerman’s security fetish, history of violence and propensity to phone 911 at the sound of a loud fart are valid reasons to question his judgement in the sequence of events leading up to and including the shooting.

    • downdowndown

      So… that “not an angel” comment was you not juding and you assuming innocence until guilt is established. Careful, your racism is showing better clamp it down quick.

    • “All of you who are jumping on the Trayvon band wagon before the facts come out…”

      It bears pointing out that had there been no “Trayvon band wagon,” the facts may never have come out because the whole matter would have been swept under the rug, which seems to have been the way the local police wanted it. That standard you raised, “innocent until proven guilty,” is indeed the hallmark of a fair trial, but before that bandwagon, there was no prospect of any trial, because George Zimmerman was never even arrested, let alone facing criminal proceedings.

      Not all the facts have come out (if they ever can), but here are two that are undisputed: 1) Zimmerman was told by the police not to take any action against Martin, not even to keep following him; and 2) Zimmerman did so anyway, ignoring the police. Had Zimmerman just left things to the sworn officers of the law (who were on their way themselves), none of this would have happened.

      It’s no wonder, then, that people’s sympathies align more with the 17-year-old who was just walking down the street, minding his own business; and less with the man who instigated the whole affair in the first place, and very possibly because he saw “suspicion” in a young black man walking the streets of a gated community.

      So you’ll excuse me if my heart doesn’t bleed for George Zimmerman. He’s essentially responsible for the situation he finds himself in, and deserves excoriation at the very least for ignoring the police and taking matters into his own hands. And ultimately, Trayvon Martin is dead, and I don’t think Zimmerman, for all he’s going through right now, would prefer to change places.

      • dooood

        i barely know any of the details this case but i will tell you that the south creeps the fuck out of me.

        it is my opinion that weapons are for the weak. as much as i enjoy playing call of duty and recognize that there is something cool about guns, explosives, missiles, etc. deadly firearms in the hands of the most uneducated, backwards, (its the south, what other adjectives do i need?) rednecks.. who have nothing to do except get drunk, prepare for the communist invasion or pretend they’re john wayne or dirty harry. you see what i’m getting at.
        its a recipe for deadly shooting accidents.
        (or murder/manslaughter)

        “…and i dreamed i saw the bomber death planes riding shotgun in the sky turning into butterflies above our nation.”

        pardon my hippie speak. i’m a bit sleep deprived.

      • >deadly firearms in the hands of the most uneducated, backwards, (its the south, what other adjectives do i need?) rednecks<

        Well, that's relevant, considering we're dealing with a college educated hispanic jew.

      • Yo, TomFrank…I’m right there with you. George Zimmerman was trying to be a hero and continued tailing Trayvon Martin despite being specifically told not to.

        I suspect Zimmerman’s “ace in the hole,” his handgun, gave him a bit more “courage” than usual, knowing that if push came to shove he could always shoot the s.o.b.

        Zimmerman, dude, you fucked up big time!

  15. Deacon Jones

    Where’s all the outrage with the 1-3 black men that are shot daily (literally) in Philadelphia alone?

    Is that OK since it was another black punk ass bitch shooting them with a Tec 9?

    Stories like this a ridiculous.

    • But here it was a “white Hispanic,” per the New York Times.

      Arguments concerning our “white African-American” President may now commence.

    • dooood

      you’re absolutely right man. problem is there’s thousands of people, mostly minorities living in borderline poverty, hustling on the black market, (much like the white collars hustling every day on the day trading routine) killing each other over worthless currency and territory that does not even belong to them.

      makes me sick but nothing in the world makes more money than money itself.

      weather its greed, revenge or obsession with social status idk.

      “jealousy be the #1 killer among black folk” – MF Doom

    • Mike Walker

      Non-white aggressors do not make good political currency for the race-obsessed left. If the initial reports of Zimmerman were strictly of him being hispanic, this story would not have been as big.

    • rican

      The lack of outrage for those murders seems to imply, Deacon, that just as only black people are allowed to use the “N” word, only black people are allowed to kill black people.

  16. Cardinal Fang

    They look like such nice boys! I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want them in their neighborhood?

  17. Mitch

    Tawana Brawley. The Duke Lacrosse Rape.

    How about letting the law do it’s job before you convict a guy on hearsay and media fabrications. Remember those high school civics classes where the teacher explained to all of us 14 year old kids that you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Is it really that hard to understand, or does the left wing in this country not want it to be that way anymore.

    Just sayin…

    • dooood

      you are right and that’s all well and good in theory.
      i think the problem is that the majority of us have little or no faith left in the law enforcement community or the judicial system.

      its corrupt as it gets all the way up to the highest level.

      • Mike Walker

        Exactly. What we need is an hysterical mob of self-righteous douchebags and race hustlers to investigate this crime and resolve it based on hearsay, questionable facts, and racial paranoia.

      • prissy

        Addressing Dooood’s comment about faith in the law. Exactly right. the law is bs. I’m from LA and moved to a small town in GA – i have had someone stalking me since september. eye witness accounts, video footage etc – yet the police won’t do anything because ” he hasn’t broken any laws”
        everywhere i go – he’s there – public places – “there’s no law against parking next to you” blocking me in, so I cannot pull away etc. So I guess I am on my own. Yet if I end up shooting the sick idiot I will be the one on trial needing a defense attorney. Crazy. oh and by the way – he’s buddies with the police – so I dare not even tell them WHO this person is. Had I disclosed the man’s identity they would have unleashed the small town wrath on me. I just presented the facts to them and asked them what could be done if brought the evidence in. They dying to know WHO it was, I never told them. Because if they aren’t going to do a damn thing about it what does it matter! Anyway, they blew it off – “Ma’m., he ain’t broke no laws” Souther hospitality is a bunch of bs. The good ole boy system at work. My solutuion, contacted friends out in LA and they’re sending someone to hang out with me for a while until I can get the hell out of here. As if it matters, I’m white.

      • Schmidtler

        Prissy, the answer to your problem is glaringly obvious – drive to Florida, and if your stalker follows you there, shoot him, claim self defense, and there you go! I am of course assuming your stalker is not a white person, the cops might actually bother to investigate a little if the victim is white.

  18. LJ


  19. MarkM

    Just think…If that guy had shot a hoodied Chris Brown instead, he’d now be a national hero…possibly a God!

  20. Mandy

    This is really tacky, even for Chris Brown. There are lots of celebrities who are showing their support to Trayvon’s family, and who are actually urging people to contact government reps to get something done about the situation. But anyone can see that Brown is just posting his name to get more attention for his product. That is so incredibly disrespectful. If he wants to show support for Trayvon and his family, there are a million things he could be doing (especially since he is famous), other than writing his name on Twitter beside a picture of his hoodies. So tacky.

    • Past

      If you followed Chris Brown on twitter you would know that he has been posting pictures trying to get people to buy his clothes all week. No doubt it is working because his fans love him. Furthermore his fans probably could not care less about Trayvon Martin considering what Chris Brown did in the past.

    • Bosede

      I’d like to see him give the family some of the money he makes off of the sales of those hoodies.

  21. Issiah

    So basically all the blacks in America think a person is guilty before going to court. Sounds about right.

    • dooood

      clearly, you don’t remember the O.J. trial.

      but maybe its not so much that they believe whoever is guilty or not and its just that they want some payback for the some 400 years of getting fucked over.

      • Mike Walker

        The OJ trial would be the same, only in reverse, since the defendant was black.

      • Schmidtler

        if the blacks in America want ‘payback’ for slavery, they can go to Africa and do something to free the tens of thousands of their black african brothers and sisters who are held in slavery right now, by other black africans, and do something to end that practice. You can’t fix the past, but since blacks are held as slaves right now, today, that is a problem that could be addressed.

    • Bosede

      If that is the reason black americans are demanding justice, what is the reason the the majority of americans as well as people wordwide are calling for justice?

  22. Why can’t this guy just go the fuck away.

    This manchild is a fucking clown.

  23. mdo

    Trayvon should still be alive people. WEAR THE HOODS

  24. Anon

    Why don’t people just wait until enough information comes out to form a rational, unbiased opinion? Okay, I know that some people will never reach the unbiased part, but we can get closer than where we are now. There have been enough twists in the information that has come out to make it clear that we just need to WAIT and see the whole story, or as much of it that can be pieced together.

    This shouldn’t be a question of Republicans versus Democrats, of non-blacks versus blacks, or of anything like that. Turning it into a political agenda makes everyone who tries to prove their “side” disrespectful towards the actual issue. If we cared about the two people most directly involved (a 17 year old who is dead and a man who has bounties and death threats on his head before ever being charged, let alone found guilty), we would calm down and just let the justice system do its work.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      In the photo-journalism business, pics can be damaging/deceiving. The 2 pics of Martin/Zimmerman are truly fuckin’ ancient! Wearing his hoodie, Martin had had his teeth gold-plated and his was quite tall, 6ft. And what most folk have NOT noticed, about Martin, he was recently suspended from school, POSSESSION OF WACKY TOBACKY on his presence!!!!

      • Well that proves it then…he definitely needed to be shot to death!

      • Master Cherry Plucker

        Zimmerman, being a watchman, protecting a gated-community, if an un-familiar TALL 6ft blacky, wearing a hoodie, gold-plated teeth and being an ASS… I’d be concerned about mine and the community’s welfare! The “innocent” victim ran off, then came back and punched Zimmerman, knocking him down. In the last 14mos, regarding the gated-community, 25 criminal activities including burglary and robbery, ALL DONE BY BLACKS!!! I read more than just the HEADLINES…

  25. “this whole story was a carefully contrived narrative to re-elect Obama”

    Preposterous! Everyone know the media is truthful and trustworthy.

  26. fuck that

    Hi, i am from europa and im pretty concernd about the us of a. i really hope that someone takes this clown chris brown and spike lee down.

  27. The joaker

    Is it racist that I don’t know what the fuck any of this is about?

  28. Two young, minority males (Democrats) with too much testosterone. Do you ever see two young Mormon males going at each other like that? NO! Just thugging morons.

  29. Idiot-Hater

    Who gives a shit what Chris Brown has to say, too bad it wasn’t his dumb ass that got shot. As for Trayvon Martin, it appears he wasn’t the “saint” everyone is trying to make him look like. At the same time Al (Shit-For-Brains) Sharpton and Jesse (Jackass) Jackson are spewing more hate and racists speech saying blacks are under attacks from whites, when in fact Zimmerman is Hispanic!!

    People get you’re heads out of your asses and get the facts before going all psycho about something you see on television. Most network stations are so clueless it’s hardly called “news” by the time they put it on screen.

  30. Superficial Lies

    Nothing about that video shows a “clearly” uninjured Zimmerman. In fact, it shows he has a cut on the back of his head.

  31. Weirdo

    Chris Brown is a chimpanzee look-alike, gangster wannabe punk ass bitch. Somebody should beat his ass to a pulp!

  32. Yaya

    I don’t really care for the judge-mental pigs that post hatred all day long on these posts because they have nothing better to do with their LIVES.

    But just a wake-up call when we judge harshly on the very sins of what the Chris Browns, the George Zimmermans, and Trayvon Martins of the world be prepared for the Lord to turn the tables on us all so that we too can feel what its like for the whole world to judge us and never forgive nor forget our very sins. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing then say something stupid especially in these post rants. Because at the end of the day no matter how extensive your vocabulary is or how well rounded on the case you think your fully knowledgeable on, God knows thirty times greater and he will always be the final judge, so when your angry about how forgiving or sympathetic people are to the Chris Browns, George Zimmermans and Trayvon Martins of the world remember that it is God that decides your fate and he is the one that turns all bad situations into positive ones.

    • Schmidtler

      now now – if people who only have stupid things to say didn’t post, what fun would these threads be?
      As far as your invisible imaginary friend and his day of judgment, I’m not worrying about that.

  33. “Sometimes it’s better to say nothing then(sic) say something stupid…”

    You’re absolutely right. You shoulda kept your pie-hole shut.

  34. PS: Before I forget: Chris Brown, you are a childish, tacky, piece of shit of a human being. How about you go pop a cap in your own ass. And so it shouldn’t be a total loss, take Kanye West with you.

  35. Jimima

    What have we come to in America? Innocent until proven guilty.

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    But here in America the reality is that BLACK racists have become mainstream, and the media is eating it up and spitting out opinions instead of news.

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